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The Chronicle – September 2011

september 2011
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Zoe-Gen Bridal Opens
Written by: Jared Schehl

Brides in the great South Port area flock to Zoe-Gen Bridal for the grand opening this past weekend. Proprietress Nicole McCarthy took a minute to answer a few questions.

“How did you come up with the name Zoe-Gen Bridal for your boutique?”

“It was difficult that’s for sure. I wanted something that would honor my children and the career I’ve filled as a stay at home mom for past twenty-one years, but I have six kids, and there was no way I could list their names. So I used their initials, sort of. I ended up leaving out my husband, Finn, and my son, Julius. I made sure they wouldn’t mind, and they didn’t.”

“You have quite the turn out, are you running this show on your own or are you looking to hire?”

“I’ll be hiring once I pay off my loan. For now, my oldest son Oliver is helping with a few odds and ends after school. I’m pretty sure he’d rather work at a cooler place than a Bridal Boutique, but he’s been a great help. That is, when he isn’t distracted by all the pretty ladies.”

How has your adjustment been for yourself, leaving the world of diapers, and replacing it with cash registers?”

“Difficult, that’s the truth. I don’t have any issues making the custom formal gowns, I’ve spent most my adult life sewing to save money. But the cash register, well now, that sure can kick my butt. I think the first person I’ll hire is someone who can conquer that register. Or else I might have to look into night classes at the Business College.”

“You were awarded the Best of the Best award, I hear. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

“Yes I was, I couldn’t believe it to be honest. Opening my own boutique has been my dream for years but my husband wanted the kids to all be in school. At last it’s here, and to be given an award. Well it just makes me really proud.”

Local Military Mom buys American Dream
Written by: Jared Schehl

This summer, Cara Grimsley completed basic training for the armed services. She left two daughters (Rachael and Lulu) with her new husband, Charlie in South Port and went to Texas for three months.

“Why did you decide to move to Millwood?”

“When I had to kick the dog outside just to get to the kitchen, I knew we had outgrown the space. Lulu turned one this summer, and that meant even more people needing space to walk and move. As for Millwood, we could afford a nice chunk of land for a reasonable price. South Port just costs more, tax wise too, so it just made the most sense.”

“Charlie suggested we could buy a swing set for the yard, but then we found this home. It’s perfect. Two bedrooms, a large enough living area for all of us, and right across the street is the public pool, and a park. I have to say, Charlie was right to move us out here. The community is much cleaner than the city.”

“I hear you had some sad news after you moved in, would you mind sharing?”

“Yes, we did. Our dog, Duke passed away the day we moved here. We knew he was getting on in his years, he used to Peter Traver’s dog, than his wife, Milla, and then, well me, of course. Really though, Duke belonged to Rachael, they were much more attached to one another, and she took the loss quite hard.”

“Has buying a home, felt like living the American dream?”

“It’s all been surreal that’s for sure. I didn’t even dream of owning a home, or joining the military, but it’s all worked out really nicely. I’m quite happy with the way everything has ended up going, even if the circumstances weren’t always the best.”

Notes: I had these two things going on “behind the scenes” so to speak, and thought Jared could earn some money. The thing is, I took journalism… in high school (ages ago! gulp). I don’t know a lick of it anymore, I do know that I’m terribly awful at “cutting” to the chase as my teacher told me (whose name I don’t even recall, oh my gosh, that’s going to really bother me). She was constantly red-marking my things and saying they were too long for journalism. I excelled in creative writing, two doors down, and it’s still the medium I prefer. So Jared may do something now and then, but don’t expect more than a Teen Beat Q&A style. lol

Nicole’s business is going great, it’s set to only women and no elders. Looks great when it’s busy. And doesn’t she look hawt? I thought she deserved to get dressed up and do her hair pretty, she’s been such a frumpy, run down, thrifty mom for so many years.

Zoe-Gen: Z-Zilla, O-Oliver, E-Elias. G-Grace, E-Emma, N-Nicole (Couldn’t find anything with Julius, Zoe-Jeg? Umm. No.

Oh man! I have to share, Oliver is hilarious! He is going gaga over all the college girls, seriously. He stops working the cash register to heart-fart at them, all the time. I’d say Paloma and their two bolt chemistry might not be enough to make it through college. He didn’t roll any Paloma wants, (nor for others ether, Ill add), but man the way he was swooning for these girls, makes me think he wants to sow some oats. 😉

Lastly, in case anyone is curious how Charlie did with the girls while Cara was at basic…. This is what she came home too when I moved her back in…

(Yep that’s dog pee!)

Charlie, Charlie… all he had to do was call the landlord and he’d repair the broken leak… oi!

But the girls were WELL taken care of, he played with them tons on his own, and he wanted to help Rachael with her homework. So he’s a good Daddy, and a right lousy housekeeper.

I was actually going to see if anyone was interested in downloading the house, cause I built it, but I looked at the CC and it’s quite a bit, and I’m not sure how to remove CC, or what’s allowed to be included… or if anyone even liked it anyway… I do have some maternity shirts I recolored, that I’m going to share. I’ve actually spent a lot of free time recoloring objects for Hazel’s wedding, and then clothes and hair, cause it’s addictive.

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6 thoughts on “The Chronicle – September 2011”

  1. Love Nicole’s store! It’s really easy to remove CC with Clean Installer. I just package the lot up in game and then open it in Clean Installer, untick everything and save.

    Oh, Charlie, what a mess! Cara came back just in time, it looks like! I wouldn’t have been surprised if you had a “death by flies” on your hands after that!

  2. Thank you Carla for explaining the Clean Installer. I use it exclusively for downloading houses, but have never “edited” one before.

    I really, really like the boutique. The inside looks similar to the places I checked for dresses back when it was my special day.

  3. I love the store! It is beautiful and looks so realistic. Her outfit is also beautiful and appropriate. If you upload the shop with clean installer, i’d be interested.

    The house is pretty, too.

    I’m sorry to hear about Duke, though.

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