when it’s time

December 2011
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Kenzie Goss (48 years), Tyler Goss (46 years), Dean Goss (1 year),
(Zeke Traver – 28 years, Morgan Russo – 27 years, Lewis Huffman – 5 years, )

Since the death of Brynn, Kenzie stepped in to babysit her grandson, Lewis. At that point, it was no longer feasible for Zeke to pay the nanny without the child support coming in from Brynn. This left Kenzie’s schedule very full. Zeke dropped Lewis off at his Mom’s house before heading to work the night shift, and after dinner, Kenzie and Lewis walked a block over so Lewis could sleep in his own bed. This left Tyler to lay Dean down at night, and then an empty evening for the both of them.

Kenzie was relieved to find that Zeke was coming around to holding Dean, and being less surly. She didn’t know if she owed the thanks for his girlfriend, Morgan, or just the fact that Dean was older, and much more social. Who could turn down his curly hair, and dimply smile?

Tyler had even whipped out two self-help books in the past year, which was unprecedented for him. Tyler never complained. It was one thing that Kenzie had fallen in love with him for. But Kenzie was beginning to complain, in her heart. She didn’t show it outwardly, but she was growing weary of the difficult schedule, and seeing so little of her husband. Sure her boys at home seemed to get along fine without her in the later evenings, but she began to question if that was ok with her to begin with. Did she really want her youngest son to be ok with her constant absence? First with work all day, then at Zeke’s for the night.

It was supposed to be a short term gig, helping Zeke with the daycare, and making sure she was there for him in his time of grief and need. She didn’t want him to feel that she put him off to adopt and care for Dean, the entire thing had been so messy. But nothing had changed. Zeke hadn’t worked for any promotions, and Kenzie was only there to tuck her growing son, Dean into bed on the weekends.

She didn’t want to squeeze play time with Dean into ten minute segments, once a day. Dean had not only learned, “Dada” first, he seemed to prefer him. It sounded immature, but darn, if it weren’t what she felt.

It was a delicate situation, with Zeke’s temper, he could take it that she didn’t enjoy spending time with her grandson, Lewis. Which was completely untrue. It was one of the highlights of the entire arrangement; she had been able to nurture a very strong relationship with him, that she felt most grandparents didn’t have the opportunity to do.

Kenzie decided to bring her feelings up to Tyler. He made his living writing books for parents and step parents specifically. He had done wonderfully in his role as step father with a very high strung step son; he constantly seemed to have level-headed insight into each situation. So why she hadn’t made mention of her feelings earlier, was beyond her. In a few minutes, he had came up with a solution that should work well for everyone involved. Though it would take time for it all to fall into place.

And now, she had to bring the plan forward to Zeke. He had options of course, but Kenzie was only going to be involved in one of them. As much as she loved her first son, she felt twenty-eight was old enough to be moving in some sort of direction.

On a sunny, unseasonably warm Saturday, she took a walk to Zeke’s house. Lewis was outside jumping rope, and shouted out a greeting, “Hi Grandma!”

“Lewis, honey will you come inside and play with Dean while I speak with your Daddy?”

Lewis eagerly stopped jumping rope, and came up the stairs behind her. The two boys got along wonderfully, and were quite close, just as brothers would be. Which they were in the biological sense. It was uncertain how much of it Lewis really understood, when he was younger, he would explain to people, “This is my brudder-unca.” But now, he just called him Dean.

Zeke came down the stairs, “Oh hey, Mom. Didn’t know you were stopping by this morning.”

“I just need to talk with you about a few things.” She placed Dean on the step, and Lewis pretended to chase him up the stairs with Dean’s gurgly giggle filling the house.

After the door clicked softly upstairs, Kenzie suggested Zeke take a seat. He refused, saying he’d rather stand.

“Well, let’s hear it.” He put his arms on his hips, his face already angry. She didn’t know why her son was always so quick to jump to anger, or how she could have raised him differently to be a reasonable man.

“I love helping you out and watching Lewis..”

“But?” His scowl was much more pronounced now.

“However, I can’t do this forever. I’d like you and Lewis to be self-sufficient, and for you to be working towards something.” She held her hand up when he began to interrupt a second time. “At the same time, I’m not going to abandon you and Lewis. That’s why, I’ve done some looking online, and I think,” She hesitated a moment. His face hadn’t relaxed with the knowledge she wasn’t just jumping ship. “I think you should go to college. Lorelei helped me gather information, you can do a two degree from home for minimal cost.”

Zeke didn’t say anything, so she continued.

“Not only will you be able to finally get a career you’ll enjoy, you would be such a great model for Lewis as he grows up. You tell him all the time, that he needs to go to college like Lorelei, but if you went back, it’d show your dedication. And you’d finally be able to buy the things you want in life.” She was relieved when his face began to relax, even though she was certain her next words would rile him up.

“I will continue to watch Lewis, but only at my home, for a few hours after school gets out. He’s welcome to eat dinner with us. But I would ask that you find a new temporary job while you do your school work. It’s just not feasible for you to continue this odd shift, at a dead end job. If I wait two more years, Dean will be getting ready for kindergarten, I’ll have missed all his baby and toddler years.”

Then Zeke responded how she had anticipated.

“How dare you come in my home, and tell me I have to quit my job! If I go back to college, and that’s an IF, I still need to pay my bills, and provide for my son. Do you expect me to take out two years worth of loans for college AND my bills? A job after college isn’t going to be worth ALL that debt!”

Upstairs in the bedroom, Lewis flew his rocket ship around in the air, making explosion noises. Dean waddled to the door, saying, “Cookie.”

“Not right now Dean, adults are talking right now.” He leaned into the toy box, and grabbed out a matchbox car, and handed it to Dean, who promptly put it in his mouth.

Zeke did calm down, and Kenzie had been able to explain that her and Tyler would like to help financially in anyway they were able to, and to show that Zeke was even eligible for a few grants as well.

When she left the house a few hours later she was quite relieved. Christmas wasn’t going to be ruined, Zeke seemed fine enough when she left. He even promised that he was going to seriously look into going back to college. He wanted to be able to provide for Lewis, and as his mother said, be a good example for the choices he’d like Lewis to make one day.

Zeke will be the second sim to do the college from home gig (Bekah Grimsley was the first), and it should go quite well. I need to find him a new job for the time being, possibly with a business lot. He is in the slacker field, which he wanted originally, but he has no motivation to get promoted, and Kenzie simply can’t be daycare for Lewis for the rest of eternity.

I find that Kenzie’s bigger mistakes with Zeke is that she’s tried over accommodating for a missing Dad, and basically spoiled him rotten. He’s 28 (29 in one month), and should be providing for his own son by now. And Zeke wants to earn 100,000 and he definitely will not see that number without a college degree NOR in the slacker level he’s at right now.

And I just loved this picture… so true to real life. I imagine he really wanted to play in the water.

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5 thoughts on “when it’s time

  1. Awwww! Way to stick it to him Kenzie! I’m sure everything will go fine, after all, this is Sim world for crying out loud 🙂 Good luck in college!

  2. Mothers never get a minute alone! LOL, that picture is adorable!

    I’m glad Zeke calmed down and saw that going back to college might be a good plan for him. If he really wants to make that much money, he’s going to need some credentials!

    It really does sound like it’ll be better for everyone involved. Poor Kenzie is run off her feet!

  3. The picture of Dean toddling up to the tub is so adorable! And it brings back memories from the days when I hardly went in the bathroom without one of my little ones following along.

    McKenzie’s idea was great–I hope Zeke follows through. In gameplay, do you really have Zeke call McKenzie over before he goes to work, and she takes care of Dean?

    It was so cute, too, Lewis giving the rocket to Dean to quiet him down.

  4. Thanks everyone for reading… I swear I posted already but it’s not showing up. Odd…

    Moms rarely get a moment to themselves in the beginning years. I do like that the game has toddlers follow their parents, very realistic.

    Zeke did start his first semester of the college, going off Carla’s rules, I think I adjusted a few minor things but I don’t have my notebook in front of me. I have no clue what his career path will be once he’s done.

    LaurelCrossing, I don’t think Kenzie would ever smack anything, well maybe Brynn… but never her precious son. She’s bent over backwards for that kid of hers, I peg her with the whole one-parent syndrome. Zeke has always been my unique sim, in that he’s way quick tempered. He hated his ex-wife for years, then she died, and he still hates her.

    Francesca, I do pop Kenzie over to actually babysit Lewis. She has a great relationship with him now, and helps him with homework, and they play games. She cleans up the house, makes dinner, and meals for the week for Zeke.

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