The Chronicle – April 2012

Loss of Local Matriarch
Written by: Jared Schehl

Faith Goodie, 82, born in 1930 passed away on Friday of natural causes. Faith married Herbert Goodie in 1948 at the age of 18 and welcomed daughter, Francie Goodie in 1968.

She graduate with honors from WSU and began teaching at South Port’s Grammar School in 1954. She continued teaching even after being promoted to Principal in 1980, at the age of 50. She was passionate about education and children, and only retired this past fall when her health began to fail.

She is preceded in death by husband, Herbert Goodie, and survived by daughter, Francie Goodie.


Not Just on TV
Written by: Jared Schehl

Many have heard stories of women who don’t know they are pregnant until they deliver. While some may or may not believe these stories, Millwood can now stake a claim in these stories.

Local Business owner, Nicole McCarthy, mother of six, recently went into labor at her place of business, Zoe-Gen Bridal Boutique. She claims she had no inkling that she was pregnant, and even admits that her and her husband, Finn McCarthy were trying to become pregnant up until the announcement of their oldest daughter’s engagement in November.

The McCarthy family welcome their seventh child, and fourth daughter, Lily-Mae McCarthy.

Color me clueless. I didn’t know that Nicole was pregnant. What is going on in my game?? First Leah is knocked up, and now Nicole. The thing with Nicole though is that if I clicked on InSim, I had the options “Have Baby with” etc. So um… ok. I noticed that the bottom had “pregnancy stage” and then I realized she was pregnant. When she started her business in September, the screen zoomed in on her like she was pregnant, but I only noticed the “have baby with” option, and thought it was a mess up in the game.

Her clothes aren’t maternity friendly, and she works at her own business, so no maternity leave. no puking.

So this works out about perfect. Since it’s been 6 months since September in the game, and she’d be delivering. I have too many girls right now, counting infants/toddlers, I have 7 girls and only 3 boys. Let’s hope Leah has another boy and Caroline (the nurse) has a boy, even though the latter isn’t a playable.

As for Faith, her time was up. Now I need a new teacher at the high school and a teacher at the grammar school. If I had made my lots bigger then I could have them all in one room.

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7 thoughts on “The Chronicle – April 2012

  1. RIP Faith Goodie! I’m sure you will be missed!

    Welcome to little Lily-Mae!

    An unexpected pregnancy, I never had that in my game, but I can imagine that it was a huge surprise!

    I know what you maen about having to many girls! My playable teens are currently all girls! So if I let them have relationship with a boy, it’s always a NPC!

  2. Aw, RIP Faith! Can’t wait to see who you choose as the new teacher.

    Welcome Lily-Mae – I bet she’ll be adorable. My friend had a baby in December and named her Lily May.

    As for surprise pregnancies, I don’t think I’ve ever had one either! I’m kind of crazy about listening for those chimes!

  3. RIP Faith Goodie, she will be sorely missed.
    Lily Mae looks adorable, I love her hat!

    And that surprise pregnancy thing is pretty cool!

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

    I was sad to kill Faith off, she wasn’t the most interesting character to me, and her daughter is pretty blah as well, but man, she filled the roll of principal/teacher nicely, when others couldn’t. Oliver wants to be education minister, but there’s a long time before he can step in for that.

    Carla, I have the chimes turned off on my game (through Inteen’s flavor pack), so I’ve had a few that I didn’t realize. (Like Finn being pregnant with Zilla LOL) that was found out through another lot when I was playing with the ACR adjuster and had the option for “pregnancy scanner” oh the memories of that traumatic event (for me).

    Nicole should be pretty happy, cause there’s NO way I’m letting her have more. Seven McCarthy kids, oh my! I seriously can’t even fathom them all having kids and being married, and the grandkids having kids… . . . . and on and on.

  5. Welcome, little Lily Mae, and I am sorry for the loss to the education profession and community of Millwood.

    I have the same inteen flavor pak, chimes off. I like the bit of ambiguity while waiting for the first signs of morning sickness. With non-maternity clothes, I could definitely see this happening, not realizing a sim was pregnant. what a shock though!

  6. It’s funny that it would be the McCarthys that sneak in a surprise pregnancy. That family breeds like rabbits, even without your knowledge, lol! 😉

    RIP Faith.

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