out of steam

april 2012
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Finn McCarthy (39 years), Nicole McCarthy (39 years), Oliver McCarthy (15 years), Elias McCarthy (6 years), Julius McCarthy (6 years), Zilla McCarthy (6 years), Lily-Mae McCarthy (1 month), Mulligan (dog)
(Grace McCarthy – 22 years, Emma McCarthy – 21 years, Paloma Creelman – 14 years, )

Nicole had dreamed of owning her own boutique, and it had finally became a reality in September 2011. It didn’t take long for the commerce community to welcome her with open arms, she went from a stay at home mom who clipped coupons, to the wedding dress designer of the metro area. She finally understood Finn’s reluctance for her to begin a business before the kids were all in school. Parenthood and business didn’t fit easily in one hand, and unexpectedly they had found themselves with another little one.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. Nicole found herself helping plan her oldest daughter, Grace’s wedding, as well as designing the dresses. The actual event was even taking place in her own backyard, which put a lot of responsibility on her as well. She didn’t have a complaint in her heart over it though, she just wished the timing had been better before her long awaited daughter, Lily-Mae had come into their lives.

On top of all the spring and summer weddings, there was prom.

Oliver’s girlfriend, Paloma came in frequently to try on gowns, and try to get Oliver’s opinion. It wasn’t hard for Nicole to see how hard Paloma had fallen for her son.

Nicole remembered the anticipation and excitement of new love, and how do-or-die it was in high school to be with your soul mate. Finn and Nicole had pressed the knowledge of protection on all their kids, seeing as they had Grace at seventeen, and they didn’t want their children to follow suit. They both breathed sighs of relief once Grace, and then Emma made it into their twenties without reproducing. Finn preferred to ignore any notion that his son might be taking steps, and left the watchful eye duty to Nicole.

Quickly, Nicole remembered why she had been such a homely housewife all these years. It was difficult enough to get herself fed, let alone showered and presentable. It wasn’t any easier now that the twins and Zilla were six years old. They still required her to make sure they matched, and that their hair lay flat, not to mention that they were fed. Between the younger kids, Lily, and Oliver, she spent most of her day in the kitchen preparing one bottle or sandwich after the next.

It was the moment that Lily had yet another meltdown for no apparent reason, that Nicole decided she had to hire someone to manage Zoe-Gen Bridal. If she could have just a few more days off a week, besides Monday, then maybe she could get her blood pressure lowered.

She had never hired anyone before, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Her sister-in-law, Hazel Woodfolk recommended SPBC graduates, but she hadn’t found one in need of a job. Instead she filled time interviewing under qualified women. Some were single moms trying to get on their feet, and others were just looking to save for a car.

Through word of mouth, a customer had recommended the Mayor’s daughter, Marta for the position. It was a brilliant suggestion. Marta had spent her adult life studying abroad and brought with her a wealth of knowledge and proper manners. She was hired and promoted to manager in one weekend. Nicole didn’t have time to delay.

Nicole was able to have three days off a week, but still had to keep up with custom orders from home.

Oliver volunteered to poor the milk and cereal for the younger kids so Nicole could tend to Lily’s needs, as well as her own hygiene. Zilla wasn’t happy with this arrangement though, she felt the boys excluded her from their conversations, so this arrangement didn’t always go as smoothly as she hoped.

Grace came by on a regular basis to tend to the apple orchard; she usually came alone or brought her shepard, Murphy along for the ride. She would bring dinner some nights, and babysat some afternoons if she didn’t have an appointment at the salon. Her parents were quite proud of their oldest, with her thoughtful and courteous nature.

She also humored Oliver, with his air guitar audition. He desperately wanted to play the music at her wedding, but the job had already been filled, by a rented stereo, and a few songs from Jude Woodfolk as a wedding gift.

On the back burner was her marriage. She knew it sat there, getting dusty, and weak. They’d been together for twenty-three years, and there was nothing to make her suspect that he wouldn’t be there for the next twenty-plus. So she let it stay there, hoping he understood that things were a little out of control right now, but as soon as Lily was a toddler, and Grace’s wedding was over, that things would be a more controlled chaos as they’d always been.

But Finn didn’t seem to understand any of it. Instead he pouted for attention, and accused her of outlandish things, like getting pregnant with Lily-Mae on purpose, just to trap him, and get her way. He’d always said no business with small children, and here she was having it her way. It didn’t matter when she explained that this wasn’t her way, and that she agreed with his whole thought process beforehand.

On top of it all, their mini van broke. Oliver volunteered to watch the younger kids while they grabbed a bite to eat and looked at cars. Finn volunteered to take her to any restaurant she wanted, and she jokingly suggested, The Red Mill. He had grimaced a little, but took her there nonetheless. She had tried to lighten the mood, and flirted a little with him, but his eyes never met her gaze across the table. In fact, he spent his entire evening checking out the back ends of the wait staff.

He did mention his fear of Oliver and Paloma moving too quickly at one point, he said Paloma’s face reminded him of Nicole’s when they were that age. He went into a little rant about how Oliver was too young to settle on one girl for the rest of his life. It seemed to go on a little longer than necessary though, and Nicole wondered if Finn was speaking of himself now instead of their son.

They made it to Juan’s Car Dealership after ten, everything was closed with security lights on, just the way Nicole preferred to shop.

“Want a van like the old one?” Finn asked, pointing out one that was dark blue with wood paneling.

She shook her head no.

She walked over to the newer lot, and looked back at him mischievously. “How about a studly pick up truck? We could have fun in the back of this bad boy.”

“Be realistic, we can’t fit even a fourth of our kids in that.” He walked back across the street towards the older mini van. She stayed behind, looking in the windows of a newer model van. Even though they could afford cash for the price on the window, she could tell Finn would be buying the old style.


Back at the house, Oliver had gotten the kids and baby all into bed. He did one last round through the house making sure no one was faking, or needed anything.

Then he joined Paloma on the sofa downstairs. “Now we only have until eleven, then you need to sneak home,” he whispered before they started kissing, and going farther then they had in the past.

Notes: Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Finn and Nicole. To give you an idea – her wants include things like “Kiss and Make Out” with Finn… His wants include things like “Become BFF with Miriam.” Oh yes.. Miriam. Remember her? She’s the Grammar School teacher who danced with Finn at the Daddy-Daughter Dance, and he made a move on her. After a long day at work, Nicole invites Finn to the shop for their date, and he brings Miriam, and this is how he greets her (While Nicole is inside restocking the shelves), Miriam is engaged as well.

Ugh. I kept my eye on them, and all they did after this was a backrub, dirty joke, and tossed the football. I guess it’s a wait and see kind of thing, to see what Finn decides he actually wants out of life.

Also at the restaurant, he kept heart-farting and watching a particular server walk back and forth… none other than Jessica Picasso. So his eyes really weren’t on Nicole.

I have a few more updates before I finish this round, it will probably take me through the month of April to get it all done. But I’m pretty proud of myself, this round only took me 4-5 real life months, whereas my first round of blogging took me 6-7 months. Maybe I can get this next round down to 3-4.

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6 thoughts on “out of steam

  1. Oh, how sad! Poor Nicole, she deserves better. Finn needs to straighten his act our a little, or he might regret the consequences.
    And Oliver and Paloma… tsk tsk tsk! They’d better hope for no oops babies!

  2. Oh, man…what a thing to say, that Nicole got pregnant to “trap” him. They’ve got six kids already – you’re as trapped as you’re going to get, Finn!

    Funny that Finn’s a Family/Knowledge Sim and he’s flirting and kissing other women. Hope he doesn’t turn out like my Sacha, from the very beginning of Sullivan!

  3. It is so weird with Finn. I would think he would be a little more understanding of all that Nicole’s juggling, and a little more grateful to have such a terrific wife, in love with him. But I guess he’s just feeling a little overwhelmed too, and not handling it gracefully. At all.

    The boutique looks great. Hang in there, Nicole, it gets a lot easier once the kids are out of toddler hood, and even easier when they are all in school.

  4. It looks like Finn might be going through a mid-life crisis, a little early. Hopefully that is all it is an he gets his act together and doesn’t act in an inappropriate ways.

  5. A few real life years ago when Finn was born, he was a favorite of mine. He reminded me of Oliver now. A good kid, he liked his girlfriend Nicole a lot, they had Grace at 17, then Emma the next year in college. He graduated with honors, helped raise the girls… he seemed like this stand out character.

    I’m actually really disappointed in his choices (and lack of particular wants). I expect them from certain ones, but not Finn. It makes me think of him as a guy whose always done the right thing, and it’s just wearing him thin. Maybe he thinks he settled to be with Nicole to begin with, they are a mid-range two bolt pair. But him and Miriam are a one bolt… so maybe he just wants something new and exciting?

    All I can say is he makes a lousy family/knowledge sim, cause he doesn’t roll those wants ever… Neither does his sister Violet-Adele who is also family/knowledge… maybe there’s some bad dna in the mccarthy clan.

  6. Yikes. Finn is not making things look good right now. I feel bad for Nicole, especially for what he said to her. 😦 I was thinking the same thing that you mentioned in the comment above, Maisie, that maybe Finn thinks he wants something new and exciting. Maybe he’s realizing now that he never really got a chance to enjoy being young and meeting people, and he’s wondering what else might be out there. But it doesn’t excuse his sleazy actions and the things he’s said!

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