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yes, i’ll love her all my life.

june 2012
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Benjamin Andersen (25 years), Grace McCarthy (22 years)

Months of preparation went into Grace and Benjamen’s “low-key” wedding and reception. After Nicole had made a new bridal gown for Grace, a bridesmaid dress for Emma, and a flower girl dress for Zilla; she felt pretty spent. The day before the wedding, she stayed up til early morning baking Hawaiian Pizza’s for the reception. Grace had thought it would be fun to have a fun food for the dinner, after all, who didn’t enjoy pizza and cake? Grace and Oliver did the yard work together while Finn and Benjamin built the canopy, and set up the table and chairs for the event.

The morning of June 2nd, and it was a muggy eighty-five degrees, and climbing. Weatherman had been surprised by the sudden heat hitting the metro area, and prattled on about record high-temps, and how he’s never seen such temperatures in the beginning of June. Nicole forced Grace to turn the radio off, as she finished getting Zilla’s dress zipped. There really was nothing they could do about the heat. Grace gazed out the window, all the pretty umbrellas, and canopies, in case it rained. It always rained in Washington when events were planned. She didn’t have any back up plans for heatstroke.

The few guests that didn’t already reside on McCarthy Farm were arriving, and there was nothing more Grace could do, so she placed her tiara on her head and stepped downstairs to await her cue.

A small ceremony, only with immediate family was invited for the event. Her Aunt and Grandparents were invited to attend the reception, but not the actual ceremony. Everyone seemed to take the decision well, and without fuss. Zilla was designated as the flower girl, but she had such a difficult time standing still, that she was set to walk straight to her seat. She was fascinated with the wedding though, and spent the entire ceremony wide-eyed and smiling with glee. Everyone could just see her mind full of imaginings for her own wedding one day.

Elias didn’t behave, and several times Finn whispered stern warnings. But none of these things were noticed up front, where it didn’t matter if anyone was watching or not. Benjamin had slipped the ring around her dainty little finger, and let the feeling of acknowledgment and excitement wash over him. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was a little terrified at the responsibility that he just took on willingly.

Oliver surprised himself, and was pretty happy for his big sister, while his girlfriend, Paloma had the opposite reaction. She seemed rather puzzled by the entire event. This was unexpected to Oliver, as she had been pushing thoughts of marriage and babies on him since they were eleven.

A light breeze seemed to tease as they sat under the canopies of the apple trees, it was never enough to cool, especially those in suits and tweed, but it seemed enough to keep anyone from fainting.

Then the ceremony was over, they were Mr. and Mrs. Andersen, and the party could now begin.


Hot pizza on a hot day, didn’t seem quite as fun as Grace had planned. But everyone ate without complaint. Finn asked his sister Hazel if she was expecting again. Quite surprised she replied that she certainly wasn’t. She checked her stomach later in the mirror, to see if she looked heavy still. Bea was nine months old now, and she had felt she’d gotten back into shape a few months back.

She really wasn’t feeling in shape, when later in the day, Nicole was caught staring straight at her stomach with a twisted little grin. As if she had found out a secret. Hazel was definitely going for a long run, first thing in the morning.

Mulligan got a hold of the pizza, and began snacking on it. Grace had ran after him to stop him, though Benjamin had said to ignore it. Who was going to eat that tray anyway?

Benjamin commented, once Grace returned to the table, that he felt a little warm. And that maybe, he should have worn a short sleeve polo instead.

He wasn’t the only one, the bridal party and guests began dropping one by one. Thankfully, it was not literal dropping, just fanning, and bright red complexions.

Emma stepped into the kitchen and began making Myra London’s lemonade recipe. A sure fire way to beat the extreme heat, which had to be done, as they hadn’t gotten to dance yet. She added her own special kick to the adults drinks to keep the party alive.

Recovered guests crowded around the table to watch the classic, cake cutting ceremony. Grace had forced Benjamin to promise to feed her nicely, and he had promised. Promised that is, to try.

She reminds him quietly as he cuts the cake of their arrangement. She had not only promised to feed him nicely, but also promised him something on their honeymoon that he would fully appreciate.

He grinned. He hadn’t forgotten of her offering herself.

The thing was, he knew she’d relent anyway. And you only cut the cake once.

Grace’s face, as she saw the mischievous glint in his eye, and hand full of cake coming towards her.

She would forgive him, and she wouldn’t hold back on their honeymoon. Just as he knew.

But she would get even, someday, when he was least expecting it.

After the sun set behind the overshadowing mountainside, the guests came more alive. Jude strummed his guitar, and as arranged, played a wedding song for their first dance. This was his gift to the new couple. Grace eagerly led Benjamin out to the dance floor.

They’d always had the best times dancing together. And this time, it was their moment to dance their first, as husband and wife. Everything seemed heightened as his hands grazed her back, and she rested her head against his shoulder just to be closer.

Chris and Emma joined in, as the bridal party.

“This wedding-thing ain’t half bad.” He smiled his crooked smile.

“Of course not, it’s Grace and Benjamin. How could it be bad?”

“That’s true. I just mean, the idea of weddings… of marriage. That ain’t so bad to think about.” She looked at him quickly. “Someday, I mean…” She kept her gaze on his, studying him for a long second before looking into the distant forest. He didn’t know what she was thinking, he wanted to know, but she rarely spoke to him about the matters on her heart.

Jude finished his song, and cranked on the rented stereo, then found his wife, Hazel waiting with anticipation for him. All the guests paired up, and moved onto the dance floor. The temperature had cooled, and dancing wasn’t such an exhaustive event, as it would have been only an hour before. The kids danced too fast all around the dance floor, giggling loudly at themselves.

And they all danced late into the night.

You see Nicole checking out Hazel’s stomach? It totally cracked me up, as if Hazel is lying and really is pregnant again, (she isn’t). It’s just like family to be poking their noses in your business.

You may not recall that Ben and Chris are good friends, and that’s how Emma met Chris to begin with back in spring 2010. So Emma and Chris have been “dating” for two years now.

I didn’t invite any friends and Violet-Adele didn’t make it back from Paris in time. The McCarthy’s bring a party by themselves, and so I kept it “small” and intimate. Still cost quite a fortune, thank goodness it was mostly rented. I do make her pay fees though on renting, cause when I sell it all back it will be pretty brand new still.

They are going to the mountains to honeymoon.

Now how about some bridal party spam?

Bride & Groom

Bridal Party (maid of honor: Emma McCarthy; best man: Chris Holmes)

Sisters & BFF (gosh, i love these two)

Emma and Chris

Emma really seemed to enjoy herself at the wedding. She was caught smiling, and being overall cheerful for the entire event.

In the news of Emma being friends with the twins and Zilla.. well she’s at less then 10 for them all. Even after they had called her several times… I guess she doesn’t like what they want to talk about.

I also put up a little info post all about me (oh my how conceited!) πŸ˜‰ I was surprised some of you saw it right away! Wow! Prize for paying attention to the sidebar to Francesca and Carla!

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6 thoughts on “yes, i’ll love her all my life.”

  1. Congrats! The wedding was lovely, as always :P, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, even if they did leave a little… pink πŸ˜€

  2. The wedding was so beautiful, I really don’t have words. But I was so worried about the heatstroke. Zilla and Elias were both so cute.

    My favorite picture was all the couples dancing in the twilight.

    It will be fun to see how she gets him back for the cake prank.

  3. Argh, I love your weddings! Hazel and Jude’s was lovely but I loved this summertime backyard wedding too. I’m so glad these two tied the knot! And Grace wore the same dress Tatiana got married in!

    Wow, Chris hasn’t rolled up a marriage want, has he? The way he was talking to Emma while they were dancing made me wonder!

    Loved all the poor guests and their heatstroke! That happened at one of my weddings once (Naomi and Owen) but the guests actually *were* dropping!

    Okay, WCIFs, because I really need more stuff! πŸ˜‰ Where did Emma’s bridesmaid dress and the guys’ suits come from?

    LOL, the info post came up in my Google Reader as new, so I’m not really that observant!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I was worried about heatstroke too, especially cause the social worker warning popped up. In the end, I hadn’t done photos, so I froze time, and ended up using InSim to get rid of the burns. Took photos, then let the party continue. A few got re-burned, but I kept the kids cool with lemonade/water.

    Carla, you know I backdated that post, so that’s funny that it showed up in your reader. Chris did happen to roll a marriage want! I didn’t lock it though, because it was during a date. And I don’t keep those in most cases. It rolled away shortly after there date which makes me think, it’s just a fancy at the moment. And Aww thanks for the compliment, means a lot coming from an awesome wedding thrower, mistress of the pose boxes!

    That’s funny about it being the same as Tatiana’s dress, and now that you mention it, I vaguely remember. It actually was a last minute change, Nicole had made a gown for her when she was in college, but it was full length and not at all fitting for an outdoor (near-heatstroke wedding) so I switched to the only short white dress I had.

    As for the WCIF- I happened to make the bridesmaid dress and man-suit. Well I constructed, as I didn’t pixel paint anything, kind of a recolor meets pattern meets paint shop… I’d happily share them with you though if you want them.

  5. Loved the wedding. It was so summery and nice. I really like how you decorated for it. I am too lazy to do “real” weddings, but I made a promise to myself that I would start because I get jealous when I see pictures like yours.

    When Benjamin and Grace have kids they can tell them how everyone at the wedding almost had heat stroke. It will make for a very interesting wedding story.

  6. Maisie, I would love to get my hands on the bridesmaid dress and suit!

    LOL, I always lock marriage wants, no matter when they pop up. I find it hard enough to get them to roll a marriage want while they’re actually on a date, let alone waiting for them to roll one at another time!

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