The Chronicle – September 2012

Mayor Unveils New High School
Written by: Jared Schehl

Mayor Steele cut the ribbon and opened the doors to South Port’s new high school, Jefferson High.

“I saw a sudden influx of students at the primary level, and decided to nip the education dilemma before it became one.” Mayor Steele remarked at the ceremony.

Bekah Grimsley was promoted to Principal after the sudden retirement of the previous principal, Jared Prickett. Prickett could not be reached for comment at this time.

Taking over the Middle School class is Tam Up, who relocated to South Port with his wife and four children.

The Chronicle was given a private tour before the event, and brings the photos to it’s valued readers.

Jefferson High School

Cafeteria, forward view

Cafeteria, backward view

Bathrooms off of cafeteria

First Floor Hallway, door to gym, as well literature/geography to the left.

First Floor, Literature/Geography Class


Gym, second view

Locker Room

Shower Room

Staircase leading to second floor

Second Floor Hallway, Trophy Case

Second Floor Hallway, Gym View
(based on my high school which really had this, cool for architecture, not cool when you’re in gym class, now my sims can be humiliated by crushes walking by, just like I was!)

Second Floor, Library Computer Lab

Second Floor, Library, second view

Third Floor, Hallway

Third Floor, Science Lab

Third Floor, Shop Class

Third Floor, Aerial View

I am really proud of how this came out. I used my own high school as the basis. Although my real life high school was built on a slope, and had a walk out basement (shop class/auto class), it had split levels to the annex… it was 5 stories (500 kids per graduating class) and it had that view into the gym… which I hated back then, but love for my game. The cafeteria is in the small building to the right, it should be connected and be the annex, but I could not get it to cooperate for the life of me. So it’s not connected.

The Up family are my daughters. She made them in CAS a few months ago, and Tam needed a job, and now he has one. She got the names for the family out of a baby book, and they are all quite unique.

As for Mayor Steele.. he’s real in the game, but he has no updates.

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8 thoughts on “The Chronicle – September 2012

  1. This looks awesome and I love that you based it on your real school, even the parts you didn’t like as a student. Why shouldn’t your Sims have to suffer? It might give you a good plot point one day!

  2. This looks so awesome! I love the windows looking into the gym. And I love all the little details, like the exit signs and fire alarm pulls. Do you remember where those came from?

  3. This looks so realistic and pleasant and fun to play!! The library is very nice, with the computers, and the unique-looking bookcases that looks so much more realistic than most of the ones in the game. Your gym also looks amazing from the basketball court, to the benches.

  4. Thanks, I got the empty bookshelves from MTS after Carla used them. I really do like the gym and the gym windows, just like my old high school. Though we had giant bleachers on both sides of the court. I skipped those. lol

  5. Oh, this is amazing! You guys with your schools! You all make my schools look like plain square boxes, lol! The CC really makes it work! I love the wooden bench in the locker room, and the lockers are awesome too!

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