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blissfully ordinary

january 2013
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Charlie Grimsley (28 years), Cara Grimsley (23 years), Rachael Darling (7 years), Lulu Grimsley (3 years),

narrated by Cara Grimsley

After Duke died, Rachael wanted a new dog, bird,or kitten; she didn’t really care which, as long as she could have a pet again. I’d never been fond of the big dog to begin with, and I wasn’t jumping on the train to replace him. So we made the agreement that if Rachael got her grades up, that she could have a guinea pig.

It didn’t seem to motivate her. She’d rather spend her evenings watching cartoons, I don’t know who thought a 24 hour stream of cartoons was a good idea, but it’s nothing but a pain in my back side.

Charlie works the night shift at Peanuts, so it’s just me and the girls. If I don’t stand there and watch Rachael do her homework, she will sneak off to watch tv or eat chips.

Lulu does well to entertain herself which makes it easier. If she was as high maintenance as Rachael is, then nothing would ever get done.

Whenever Rachael gets home from school, Lulu goes running to the door to greet her. I didn’t know how great it would feel to see these girls play together, and have one another. I never had a sister to be close with, and I feel good that my girls have this.

Charlie suggests we should have another one, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that. He insists that we make the most perfect babies, and when I see the girls play together, I can’t help but agree.

While it’s not ideal to only sleep next to my husband three nights a week, I have to admit that our opposite shifts work well to care for the kids. Charlie likes being home with Lulu instead of sending her to daycare. Neither of us can believe that Lulu will be in preschool in the fall. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long already.

His brother, Tim works odd shifts at the police station, and is able to come over during days. He’s constantly offering Charlie a job down at the station, but so far Charlie has always said no. I’m not sure if I feel relieved over it, I imagine there would be a pay increase, or at least more potential than the local pub. But it has risks, and I see how his wife, Bekah worries over Tim.

It’s nice that Charlie is close with his brother, it’s helped Lulu get to know her uncle really well. Lainey and Rachael even became friends a few winter’s ago, which has been nice. I didn’t know how Rachael would do with a step dad, or how she’d feel hanging out with his family after Lulu was born. But everyone has been welcoming with her, and unbias between the two girls.

Considering my own rocky relationship with my mom and step dad, I’m very grateful that it isn’t the case for Rachael. My step-dad, Ethan comes over from time to time, and Charlie is always very gracious towards him. He prepares lunch for the guys, watches football games with them, and does his best to include Ethan, even though we both dislike Ethan’s overall personality. We don’t understand how a father can not provide for his family with a job, or allow their son to treat them so poorly, by shouting and shoving.

While me and Charlie don’t have any sons, we can’t imagine ever allowing the things that Colin does happen under our roof. Ethan is really sweet with Lulu and Rachael though, which is more than I can say for my mother. Ethan even changes dirty diapers without prompting, and he definitely doesn’t have to do that.

We hope to have Lulu potty trained before spring, so far we are right on track. When I think of having to go through potty training again, I think that two kids is plenty. It’s hard to think of being done with babies and toddlers though at such a young age, I dread the idea of an empty nest, and I’ve never been a family-oriented girl.

Rachael continued to only scrape by with her grades, and she got worse with whining about riding the school bus. She insisted that it was “boring” to ride all around South Port and Millwood picking up all the other kids. She’d rather ride with me since we both go the same direction. Which is partly true, except I work out of the Military Base which is not in South Port at all.

I do concede about once a week and take her to school on my way to work. It is nice to have these moments to ourselves, without pressuring her to do her homework.

In the end, we found the perfect way to motivate Rachael to excel in her classes. She started ice skating down at South Ice Rink four times a week. We both get up very early, and get to South Port before the sun has rose in the sky. This allows Rachael to be the first to skate on the ice, and get in extra practice time before her lesson.

I may be her mother, but I think she has talent.

She’s never fallen, which most others can’t claim, including myself.

After her first lesson, she just knew that she wanted to be a figure skater when she grew up. And the look of exhileration she has while skating, makes me believe she could do it.

She also got her grades up, and so we bought her a guinea pig. And a white kitten, that she promptly named Cupcake. It wasn’t supposed to be two pets for good grades, but I couldn’t resist the little white kitten in the shop window, and we’d already bought Ashes the guinea pig.

We also had our own surprise before the end of the month, the pregnancy test told me to expect another little one in the fall. As soon as we send Lulu off to school, we’ll be having another little one to care for.

Charlie couldn’t be more thrilled, and having the decision taken from me, makes me feel content with it as well.

Notes: An interesting thing to note:
Cara got pregnant with Rachael with ACR sneak out (without ever “really” having woohoo)
Cara got pregnant with Lulu by ROS.
Cara got pregnant AGAIN with Unknown due to ROS!

Seriously, she’s the one who rolled the unexpected pregnancy, again. Funny enough, as soon as I loaded the lot, Cara and Charlie slipped into the hay, as they are *very* apt to do and she got pregnant from casual woohoo (they didn’t try), so I didn’t have to do anything. It really was an unexpecteded pregnancy. Here’s hoping it’s a boy! This is the Grimsley’s last chance.

Tim owns the police station and has the want to “hire” Charlie. I may do it down the line. Charlie has a pretty steady want of “skip” work, which I let him do, so I don’t get that he’s necessarily ecstatic at the pub. But I need to find a replacement for him first. He’s also a pleasure sim, and I don’t see him necessarily wanting to chase bad guys.

Couple outtakes. Rachael was teaching Lulu the nursery rhyme, and Lulu loved it! Whenever Lulu would get distracted and suck on her hands, Rachael would have a big exasperated sigh. It was so cute!

Jude came over (he’s friends with Charlie) but instead of chatting with adults, he just sat down and played with Lulu autonomously. I haven’t seen this happen before with an unrelated sim.

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8 thoughts on “blissfully ordinary”

  1. Yay! More Grimsley babies! This is one of the times that I love ROS πŸ™‚ Haha, Rachael is so cute, I love the high-maintenance sims!

  2. Oh my gosh, how crazy! All these times Cara got pregnant and she didn’t choose it herself once!

    Rachael is an adorable little figure skater! Have you seen the figure skating career at MTS? It might be something to think about if Rachael maintains her interest while she’s older.

  3. Tessa, I’m glad you’re excited about another Grimsley baby. It’s the last until the younger generation grows up and has babies. I like the high maintenance sims too, it seems some come that way from birth. Itzel was one as a toddler, she’d follow her real dad around, constantly asking for attention, even though her bars were full.

    Carla, Isn’t that crazy about Cara’s pregnancies?!?! I was planning on Bekah or Cara having one more, that try for a boy, and hadn’t decided. Now I don’t have to.

    As for the figure skater, I did see it by chance last night while trying to find a career for Zeke. I’d already played the Grimsley’s but downloaded it for her in case she keeps the interest. She has the constant want to ice skate and jump rope at this point. Rachael is going to be a short sim, so I think she’d be extra adorable as a professional figure skater.

  4. Ha, that’s funny that Cara never planned any of her pregnancies. And how nice of them to go ahead and arrange the surprise pregnancy for you without you having to force it! πŸ˜‰

    Rachael is really cute as a little figure skater! I hope she keeps up the interest as she grows older. And Jude is so sweet playing with Lulu. πŸ™‚

  5. I love the view from the windows in the picture where Cara is helping Rachael with her homework and where Lulu is playing!
    Rachael reminds me of myself when I was little. I never was very eager to study at home, TV was more fun, and nothing could motivate me, she’ll get trhough that phase πŸ™‚
    I love Rachael, she looked so happy on the skating rink.

    Who can resist a little white kitten? I would have bought it too if I were Cara.

  6. Shana, It was quite nice of Cara to go ahead get herself knocked up by surprise! I adore Rachael, and think she’s way too cute figure skating too. I hope she keeps the interest, I put the career in my game with her in mind. We’ll see, teen years seem to change a lot of things.

    Jennifer, I really hope they have a boy. The last times I’ve really hoped, the game has given it to me… lol so I’m hoping my luck continues. It’s really about time for another boy too, so the odds are in favor.

    Tanja, I really like that view too. This is one of my favorite houses I built. I designed the walls/floors kind of dated, so they could decorate it to their taste hwen they are financially able. Here’s hoping that Rachael will get past the phase then! I wasn’t like that at all as a kid, I was very “get this done so I can play” (Unless it was cleaning my room…). I know I certaintly couldn’t resist the little white kitten. I’m a little bummed I didn’t get a photo of it, I thought I did. But it’s so cute. I want one now irl. lol

  7. Oh wow, that Cara’s an unlucky girl! My Bella has about the same luck with ACR, lol!

    Loved the pics of Rachael skating! She’s adorable! I’d love to see her follow through with that as she grows up.

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