Spring 2013 Birthdays

Two birthday girls this spring…

Finn and Nicole’s youngest, Lily-Mae McCarthy turns one.

She looks a lot like her big sisters, Grace and Emma did at this age.

Annie and Matthew’s little lovechild, Ella turns one.

She looks a little like her half-brother, Jett. I think she’s going to be a good mix of Matt and Annie, with Annie’s coloring.

Of course, Ella hasn’t actually “met” her father, and is completely unaware of his existence as well as the fact that she has two older half-brothers.

Side note: I made Violet-Adele’s apartment, and shared the tour at N99, if you’re a member you can view it here. I made the images nice and large, and they don’t fit in the width of my blog, so you’ll have to head there to see, otherwise her update is in a few days.

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3 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Birthdays

  1. Tessa, I adore Ella! Lily will have to grow on me… she was one more that just wasn’t supposed to be! lol I was *so* done with Nicole birthing babies, and then wam! lily is born by surprise. Im sure she’ll grow on me though. Zilla did, and I didn’t think I’d ever like her. 😉

    Carla, I should have aged Lily up, to see if I could tell her apart from her big sisters. It’s crazy how far apart they are in age. *sigh* Jett isn’t too bad… Ella will be better looking though, I’m sure.

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