Independence and Taxes

Happy Independence Day to USA folk!

I did taxes a bit back for the great Millwood/South Port area, and never remember to put it up here.

Breakdown of the 2012 Tax Season

Total collected: $435,700

Child Credits Given: 41 totaling – $20,500
Marriage Credits Given: 24 totaling – $24,000
Business Credits Given: 17 totaling – $17,000

Biggest Rebate: Jude and Hazel Woodfolk – $2,800

Myra London $336,531 (sold her estate and downsized)
Merrill Millett $114,669 (switched places with John Russo)
John Russo $111,870
Jared Schehl $81,359

Annie Carver $600
Benjamin Andersen $2,449
Jude Woodfolk $2,332
Zeke Traver $3,812

Mayor Steele will implement a “First Time Homebuyer” credit for the taxes in December 2014 of $2500. A large chunk of the cash will go into restoring the lower south side and the old pier.

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5 thoughts on “Independence and Taxes

  1. That picture at the beginning looked really nice 🙂 Happy Fourth to you as well!

    Poor Annie indeed! Lol, I love how Myra’s the richest, even after downsizing 😛

  2. Wasn’t America born out of the fight against unfair taxes? Better watch out when you pull out bills from their tiny purses… or the little sims may just take up arms to declare their own independence 😀

  3. Carla, I do tax on the whole value from the neighborhood screen. Is that how you do it too? I was trying to think if it was the best way to do it. One is basically taxed on their earnings, and the other is taxed on their whole value (houses/earnings)… but the renters don’t have any investment to tax… Annie is one poor sim. Jude and Hazel sitting at almost 5k after their rebates. I don’t think I’ve ever given a rebate that large before!

    Tessa, Myra was a hard working sim in her day, still is with her Farmer’s Market, and her husband was the top lawyer. They made mega bucks. Cole will inherit it all when she passes on, to add to his own bank account which isn’t too shabby ether.

    Lepifera, lol America was born because we lacked representation, including tax. I thought it was a twist of irony to put up the taxes with the fourth. I’d like to see my sims try and revolt! lol

  4. Oh poor Annie, lol! That girl just can’t catch a break, and now she ends up at the bottom of the poorest list! I didn’t publicize my poorest the last time I did taxes, but since you all are doing it, maybe I will next time around, lol!

    I’ve still not thought of a logical way to tax my renters. They really kind of luck out, since everything they own (furniture, electronics, car) can’t be counted in the estate worth, and they don’t pay tax on it the way homeowners pay tax on everything they own in their home.

    I like your first-time homebuyer credit! Great idea! (steals it, lol!) 😉

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