McCarthy Family, Woodfolk

walking arm in arm

april 2013
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Hazel Woodfolk (31 years), Jude Woodfolk (30 years), Bea Woodfolk (1 year),
(Mandy McCarthy – 67 years, George McCarthy – 69 years, Morgan Russo – 29 years, Emma McCarthy – 22 years,)

narrated by Hazel

Jude and I have been married for sixteen months, when it’s said that way it seems like hardly anytime at all. I can’t really recall my life without him or Bea in it though. I don’t know what I did with my time, that I always felt so busy and rushed before parenthood, because I know the true meaning of a busy schedule now. I couldn’t imagine myself any happier than I am now though.

Sometimes it seems too good to be true. Jude is as romantic and thoughtful as he was when I fell for him. Bea has been a dream come true, when parents-to-be imagine their future children, they dream of Bea. We moved her to a big girl bed, and she doesn’t climb out at night. In fact, she tells us when she’s tired, and tries climbing into her bed on her own.

She’s happy to entertain herself too, so me and Jude’s alone time doesn’t suffer. He can tell me about his day, or help me put away laundry and she’s perfectly content to bang on her toy guitar. I think Jude is hoping she’ll be musical like he is.

Jude mentioned having another one, he wants our kids to be close in age. It wasn’t something I had really thought about, me and my siblings are all rather far apart. But the idea grew on me pretty quickly. We decided we would try and leave it in the hands of fate, I’m not over any hills, but I know my fertility has dropped since we got pregnant with Bea.

I had to tell my Mom about our trying. Grandkids for my mom aren’t exactly news, my brother Finn has given her a slew of them, seven to be precise. But everyone knows that Mom prefers me, or at least we get a long the best. She fights with Finn over his parenting and finances pretty regularly.

I wasn’t disappointed, Mom was pretty excited. I swore her to secrecy. But I know Dad will be just as thrilled. With all the friction with them and Finn, they don’t see his kids very often, plus Finn lives out in Millwood. Whereas we live just a few blocks from Mom and Dad, and they are welcome to come over anytime.

And they do. Dad is trying to teach Bea how to walk. In fact, everyone is trying to teach her how to walk, all as confident in their abilities as the next. But so far, no go.

She’s nineteen months, and everyone is worried there’s something the matter with her legs. I know better. She’s capable of walking, she just chooses not too. Morgan, my friend, and pediatrician, agrees with me after assessing Bea. Morgan says that Bea measures tall for her age, and it might be her height that makes walking more unstable for her than shorter kids.

While Jude plays one Saturday afternoon, Morgan, Bea and myself do some errands for her upcoming wedding, afterwards we stop by to watch Jude play. Bea loves watching her Daddy play guitar, and jams out with her musical toys.

Morgan’s parents have been less than approving of the match, and they’ve caused hiccups in the planning. Her mother seems to be going along with accepting the marriage, and wants to be involved, but her father is giving everyone the cold shoulder. Regina wants the wedding at their cabin in the mountains, but Morgan thinks it would make Zeke’s mom, Kenzie uncomfortable to stay in the house.

On top of it all, she can’t buy her wedding dress until she knows where she’s getting married at.

Originally she wanted my sister-in-law, Nicole to make the dress, but she’s running out of time for that. Nicole told her she needs the custom order in by May 15th, and not a day later.

After leaving Planet Java, Morgan goes to her future-in-laws for a BBQ, and I head home to lay Bea down for a nap. I trade weekends off with Rebecca, which works out great, except I miss Jude. Weekends are the best for tips, so he’s booked almost all opening hours.

My Mom and Dad usually spend Saturday over if I’m off, and Mom helps me clean the house up. It never gets totally out of hand, but there’s always something that can be picked up or washed, especially dishes.

Dad doesn’t help clean, so much as he stalks Bea to see if she’s awake. I’ve spotted him peeking over her just in case she was pretending to be asleep. I don’t think a kid could have a sweeter grandpa.

He always knows when her eyes first flutter open too, and is in there before she can sit upright. She calls him “papa” and he’s probably her third favorite person in the world. That is of course, hoping me and Jude rank as the top two, but sometimes I’m not so sure; she sure loves her Papa.

They insist on watching Bea when Jude and I both have to work at the same time. I feel good leaving her in their hands, knowing that she literally, doesn’t leave my Dad’s hands. The more I think about it, the more I suspect she isn’t walking has more to do with Dad carrying her everywhere. I make note to tell him that later, while I take Charlie’s order and catch up with him. He’s getting pretty excited about being a Dad again. There’s something about guys talking about their kids that just makes me feel happy.

My waitress, Paige, will probably be leaving for college after next year, and I’m not sure what I’ll do then. I worry that Rebecca might jump ship too. She’s mentioned wanting a second kid, and she’s complained a lot about missing anytime away from her daughter Scarlett. I have a feeling baby number two might mean goodbye to awesome manager.

I don’t worry myself silly over hiring new staff, but I do keep an eye open to see if any customers would make good potential employees. Waitress jobs and even Rebecca’s position as a manager, don’t always reek of lifetime-commitment, here til I retire, kind of of jobs. I’ve considered picking up one of the local community college kids, just to start some training. But I don’t want to spend more money on wages.

My Dad asked me to hire my niece, Emma, but I won’t consider it. She’s here rather often, and without prying, I can tell she’s up to no good. When you work in a popular diner, you get your regular crowd, and the gossip crowd. I’m full aware of what happened at The Red Mill. Like everyone, I hoped that Matthew would return to his wife Jessica, and Emma would stay put with her boyfriend, Chris.

It doesn’t seem to be the case though.

I try to stay out of my family’s business. I don’t want to be a meddlesome aunt, and aside from that, I don’t have the time or energy for any of that nonsense. But it’s hard to not be curious, when so much happens right in my own diner.

For instance, this guy called my niece crazy, and was quite upset with her. I don’t know why he would be, or who he was to begin with. Emma didn’t seem to care ether way with his assessment of her, and I’m not one to agree with strangers over family, but I happen to agree with him.

To make me even more curious. Matthew and Emma were here dancing one afternoon when his wife, Jessica popped in and started apologizing to Emma. I had been concerned at first that there would be a fight, but there wasn’t. Jessica apologized profusely, and I’m flabbergasted on why she would ever do that.

In the end, my favorite part of the week is my days off with my family. We like to walk down the street to Old Town Gardens to let Bea play on the equipment while I do tai-chi. Morgan gave me some vitamins to help prepare my body for conception, and she told me to keep up the exercise. In the end it must have worked, because our first month of trying turned out to be successful. Morgan called to inform me that a little brother or sister would arrive for Bea in December, right when we celebrate our two year anniversary.

I decided to tell Jude once we got to the park.

He was pretty excited, started talking names, and asking if I felt different with this pregnancy than I did with Bea. Did I think it was a girl or a boy. I couldn’t help but laugh, I didn’t even feel pregnant, and if Morgan hadn’t told me, I still wouldn’t know.

Jude decided he had to teach Bea how to walk immediately now, since there was another one on the way. And that she needed to potty-trained before December too.

Bea wasn’t really impressed with the idea of learning to walk though. I’m with her, there’s plenty of time before December, which is good considering the third bedroom is filled with junk.

Notes: Hazel and Jude both rolled the want for a baby a bit back when I was playing another household. I made them wait until I played their house, I figured two years apart was close enough! If I had my say, these two would have waited a bit longer, since I plan to have them stop at two, but alas, I allow them to make their own decisions.

I don’t know why, but Jessica apologized to Emma on her own. And Chuck is the man calling Emma crazy, that’s who she shacked up with after getting out of the slammer. I don’t know why, but he lost his crush on her and called her crazy. But after that, he still wanted to woohoo in the photo booth with her, and she got in the booth… then rejected him! Poor guy had a “rejected in public” so maybe he was right about the whole “crazy” bit.

And I’m quite in love with Bea.

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11 thoughts on “walking arm in arm”

  1. That’s big, for Popularity Sims to want babies! What a change the past couple of years have been for Hazel. It’s so nice to see her and Jude so happy with little Bea.

    How could they not be though? She’s adorable! And I had no idea there were toddlers beds they could get in and out of themselves! Where did you get that? I love the print.

    Did Jessica catch Matthew cheating (in game, I mean, not story wise)? For some reason, if Husband is cheating on Wife with Mistress, it’s usually Mistress that gets furious at Wife, not the other way around. I think it’s because it’s Wife that starts the slapping. If you interrupt the slapping before it starts, you get a relationship drop but no furious state. It’s only the slapping that causes the furious state. Which is silly, but there you go!

    1. I thought it was soo awesome that they both had the baby want. I really couldn’t make them wait til I played them next round with a want like that. And they ended up trying on their own too, so I didn’t have to force any of it. I love that they can do that.

      Bea can’t really get into the bed. The way she was standing it looked like she wanted to though. 😉 The bed is just a crib with no side rails, and it uses regular bedding instead of crib bedding.

      Jessica did catch Matt cheating, I didn’t write a “story” on it, just showed the play by play of what happened. I checked Jessica and she’s furious with both of them, less with Emma, I think it was a -9, and 1/3 furious, or about. But I don’t get why she apologized!?!? I’ll have to play her household sometime soon. I didn’t know that the slapping was what caused the furious state! That’s good to know for the future.

  2. Great post, i’m glad that the two are happy with their daughter. And another one the way !! 😀 Yayy …!
    Could you please post some pictures of Bea’s room? With all of its furniture ? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks and keep up the great work ! 😀

    1. Hey Prina! Thanks for commenting. 🙂 I’m excited that they are having another baby as well, I can’t decide what I want them to have, cause I have several names for this couple, and this is their last baby.

      Bea’s room is really small, 9 sq. total. So that’s almost all of it in the photos when I load the game up again though I’ll try and pop in there to snap a photo of the whole room. I’ll add the photo to the comments here, so keep an eye out.

  3. I adore this little family and I’m so happy they’re having another baby! 🙂 Bea’s room is cute. I love that Bea picture with the squirrel.

    Nice to see Emma and Matthew are still causing a scene around town, lol! That’s funny that Jessica apologized to Emma. Makes me wonder what Matthew told his wife about Emma to make her do that. 😉 Like I said before, I can just picture him being one of those sleazy guys who manages to charm his way out of trouble. But lol at Emma rejecting Chuck after he called her crazy!

    1. This is definitely one of my favorite families hands down. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment on the Bea picture. I was fooling around in photoshop a bit back, and thought Hazel/Jude were the type of folks to have their daughter’s name in her room. 😉

      Emma and Matthew show up on most lots. They must have high outgoing? Or they just want to strut their stuff. They ACR woohoo rather often. I can totally picture Matthew turning things onto Jessica to make HER feel bad about his sleeze! I’m going to pop in and do an update on Jessica in the near future. Just trying to figure when to play/squeeze in the update on my schedule.

      Yeah, Chuck calls Emma crazy, then tries to woohoo her… that’s kind of crazy too. But Emma is definitely a wild one.

  4. Completely in love with Bea! I’m glad they are so happy amid all the drama that’s going on around them. I can’t wait to see the new baby 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to see the new one ether!! And to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, cause I have some serious baby list here of names. Hazel definitely seems like the kind of girl to not jump into drama, in all her single years and growing up, she was never one to be involved in it. I don’t see that changing now that she has a family and a little nest to call home.

  5. It seems like Morgan is having trouble with what is supposed to be the best day in her life! Everyone should just leave her alone, and let the couple make their own desicions!

    I love Hazel and Jude, and of course little Bea!! They are such a cute family. I’m excited that they are going to have another child, close in age is nice, especially when they are going to have only 2 children!

    Ooh, Emma and Matthew! They are everywhere it seems! I wonder if Matthew will ever choose for Emma, or if Emma wants him to choose for her or just likes all the exitement of a “forbidden-relationship”
    I do understand why Hazel doesn’t want to hire Emma thought, and just like you I don’t get why Jessica is apologizing, maybe she apologizes for her husband being such a sleep-around ….

    1. Morgans parents are less than approving of Zeke. Her parents are the next update once I sit down and write it out.

      Close in age is nice, Bea will have a little companion to grow up with. Emma and Grace are close in age too, and they’ve always been BFF. I think it’s kind of like having a “twin” when they are super close in age.

      Emma and Matthew are everywhere. I don’t think I load a lot without them popping up. I never see her boyfriend Chris anymore, whom I really like. I just moved some sims into Chris/Emma’s apartment building, and I remembered just how much I like Chris, maybe Emma doesn’t deserve him! And he was just a townie, haha.

  6. Awww, what a sweet family! I’m glad they’re having another! And let me chime in on the love for Bea’s room! How precious is that!? I really need to do more with my nurseries.

    Oh, and Morgan’s mom is Regina! I don’t know why I hadn’t put that together until now, lol! Well I already don’t think very highly of that Regina, and all her opinions – I hope she lets the wedding go on in peace.

    And I totally missed the whole update about Emma being in jail, lol! Wow, that girl sure does get herself into some trouble!

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