hold your own

may 2013
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John Russo (61 years), Regina Russo (59 years),
(Zeke Traver – 30 years, Morgan Russo – 29 years, Lewis Traver – 7 years, )

narrated by Regina Russo

John has never kept his feelings to himself, so when Morgan announced their engagement last summer, I knew it was going to be a big ordeal. John firmly believes that there is someone better for Morgan, he even attempted setting her up with an old friend’s son who recently graduated college. We both had ideals for our daughter, a doctorate was high on that list. But unlike John, I’m willing to let my visions fall to the side.

John makes such a big stink about everything, that I don’t think my complying nature is being noticed. And it certainly isn’t rubbing off on him.

I know that Morgan and Zeke go to his parent’s house regularly for dinner and to watch the “big” game. We can’t participate in any game watching, as we don’t own a television, but I force John to barbecue for them. We have a top of the line grill, and there’s no reason we can’t use it more now that it’s getting nicer out.

John is still up to his old tricks of staring awkwardly across the table at Zeke. Sometimes I want to smack the back of his head. I swear if he makes it so I don’t get to see my future grandchildren, he will be one sorry remains of a man.

It’s not that I don’t understand where John is coming from. When I look at them, it’s such an unfit pair. Everyone can see they aren’t a good match, but them. I’m positive that his liberal mother is pleased with this. Everyone knows she was a teen when she had him, and he never went on to get a college degree. We know of his feeble attempt at getting a two year degree, but compared to Morgan’s doctorate, it’s laughable.

Then there is the awkward boy. He’s very much like his father, which thank heavens he isn’t like his deceased mother. But his father is not much better than his sorry excuse for an ex-wife, trailer girl.

He says that absolutely most absurd things, talks about kissing, and babies. We are certain they allow him to watch OBH, which is such a shame. He’s proof that the next generation will be weak minded and lazy.

John even reprimanded him for his poor posture on our furniture. Who ever dreams of laying out on furniture when you are guest in their home? I know we didn’t raise Morgan to behave this way, and as his soon to be step mother she ought to start whipping him into shape. At this rate, he’ll be jumping on our furniture, which nearly puts me into cardiac arrest.

I’ve had some ideas for the wedding, and Morgan hasn’t been interested in them at all. I’d really like to have the entire affair at our lake-house in the mountains, but she thinks Kenzie would be uncomfortable with it. So I decide to bring matters into my own hands, as I’m apt to do, and invite Kenzie out to a lunch buffet to discuss the wedding.

I propose the lake-house, and try to sell the idea to her. I press that Morgan and Zeke seem interested in the idea, but her comfort is the first on their mind. I try to point out just how selfish this is of her. Morgan is my only child, and I want her special day to be special, even if it’s with a less than deserving man. The day isn’t about Zeke, it’s about Morgan.

She’s really rather difficult to talk with though. She won’t say anything outright, and even talks to strangers at other tables. In all my life, I’ve never seen anything as absurd.

I tell her about the four giant bedrooms, the view of the lake, the wrap around porch. I really think this would be a special weekend if we made it into one. We could have the bride open her presents the morning after during a lovely brunch, and the leaves are lovely in the fall.

The little sprite goes off on me, in a most unsocial manner, accusing me of pressuring my desires on the kids, and not letting them have their day. I would never force my daughter to be married anywhere she didn’t truly want, but I know my daughter, and she’s being polite right now. I know she wants a lake-house wedding.

I feel discouraged after the event, as much as I dislike Zeke and his uncouth family, I really needed to win Kenzie over. Otherwise we’re looking at a courthouse wedding, and the mere image of my only daughter wed at a courthouse makes me almost cry, and I never cry.

I invite Morgan to talk about it over the weekend, I never bring up our personal life at work. I can tell she likes the idea of the lake-house wedding, she doesn’t have any idea of her own, she even admits. Zeke is willing to do whatever Morgan wants, since he’s already been married before. But Morgan thinks a weekend trapped with all the guests would be intolerable. She thinks that John won’t be able to hold his temper, that Kenzie will feel unwelcome, and that Lewis would make me crazy.

She has good points, but I still don’t think any of that should matter. Shouldn’t the adults be willing to put our comfort aside on this day. I assure her that I’ll reel her father in. I can reel him in, he’s such a theatrical and over-the-top sort of man. It doesn’t take much pressing to find the real issue with it all.

He wanted Zeke to ask permission to propose to his daughter.

I call Morgan, and she passes the info on. And just like that, Zeke is knocking on our door at 7pm, to speak with John. I like that he didn’t waste time or hesitate, one point for Zeke, though it’s just filling the deficit of him not asking to begin with.

And John gives his permission. It’s all rather silly, but I know if we’d had a son, we would have taught him to ask the father’s permission.

After that, Morgan agreed to the lake house wedding. I already sent my housekeeper up there to clean it up, and in a month, me and Morgan will go to order furnishings and begin arranging. As much as we disagree with the pairing, I think we will be able to accept that it isn’t our choice to make. I was officially asked to help her plan the wedding, so I spend my free evenings doing just that. The entire four day weekend is going to be amazing, and filled with relaxing things, like spa treatment for the ladies. Brunches, and shopping. I’m positively excited about the entire event.

John isn’t angry much at Zeke now ether, it seems he can only be displeased with one person at a time. Right now it’s a young flight officer that he’s General over. Apparently he has been less than moral in his acts, and John is having to deal with repercussions of it. I don’t know all the details, highly classified, but I do wonder how far reaching this officer’s indiscretions have reached.

Notes: I see Morgan and Zeke as a private couple, and a private ceremony would fit them well. Except for Lewis. I don’t think Zeke would exclude his son from the event, nor his mother. Regina is a high society, highly educated, career minded woman, and she wouldn’t want a courthouse wedding, she’d want something classy. So the end conclusion for me, was her lake-house, only with family. I figure it’s the best compromise I can give, and now that the venue is settled, I’m rather excited for the four day wedding extravaganza!

John is really mad at Matthew Picasso. I don’t know why, so I’ll just assume he hates the cheating bastard, like the rest of us.

I love the huge height difference between Kenzie and Regina, one is tall, the other is short. Looks like Regina could squash her, but Kenzie is a tough gal, she can hold her own.

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14 thoughts on “hold your own

  1. Grr! Total Glenda moment (Pine Hollow) with Regina here! I like how you have that the old crotchety parents and stuff, but they get under my skin! I like how they’re so high-society and aristocratic though, it’s an interesting dynamic!

    Lol, Matthew Picasso’s got half the town on him at this point! It would be pretty funny if he and John got in a fight, that would be interesting.

    1. That’s funny about your Glenda comment, I can see what you mean by that. I don’t think they are the same in that Glenda doesn’t seem to be such a judgmental punk. lol

      I should do some more backstory on Regina and John, I realize that I’ve known them for ages, but this is only their second or third update on the blog.

      Matthew Picasso has everyone mad! I was thinking that this was a household (a long with Hazel’s) where there wouldn’t be any Matthew… but he’s weaseled his way into them both.

  2. lol @ Tessa’s Glenda comment. 😉

    I know Regina and John think they know what’s best for their daughter, but what they want isn’t necessarily what will make her happy. I’m glad they came to a compromise about the wedding though, and that John isn’t so mad at Zeke anymore. It’s hilarious that he’s mad at Matthew, lol! I guess he doesn’t like Matthew going around making the military look bad with his behavior. 😉

    1. I’m glad that John doesn’t dislike Zeke anymore too. I think their relationship made it up to a 20 now, which is much better than the negative.

      When I played, and John got that anger bubble for Matt, I was like… oh great! you too!! get in line buddy. lol I think the only one who doesn’t seem to care that much is Jessica.

  3. *runs off to get something to pull the stick out of John and Regina’s butts* What’s with them? Geez, obviously their daughter has made up her mind, accept it and move on! I agree with Tessa, very Glenda-like! I can’t wait to see what happens at this wedding!

    1. I hope there is nothing *too* exciting at the wedding!! These folks don’t mesh well together. I can just see a very republican Regina and a very liberal Kenzie getting into some heated debates, while John stares them all down. I think Regina will do well with the marriage now that she has a part of the planning, if I only had one child, I’d want to be involved in the planning of the wedding. (Heck I have a few kids and I hope I can help with it), so I think Regina will be happier about the affair.

  4. “Looks like Regina could squash her, but Kenzie is a tough gal, she can hold her own.”

    Ha, I was thinking the same thing!

    I can definitely see shades of Glenda in Regina! I thought of her while reading.

    Oh, gosh though, aren’t John and Regina just so insufferable? Poor Morgan…I think she’s very patient to not just blow up at them, but I guess she’s used to them by now. I’m glad they’ve sorted things out about the wedding but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see meddling from them!

    I’m so looking forward to seeing the lake house wedding though! I bet it will be stunning!

    1. lol on John and Regina being insufferable. I love them. ❤ They are this hardworking, made something of themselves, college educated family, that want those things for their daugther. Both Regina/John made it the top of their careers, and someone who is serious and motivated/hardworking, probably wouldn't want their daughter to marry a divorcee who dropped out of college and has a kid. I think they mean well, even if they are rather rude, and opinionated.

      I hope the wedding will be stunning, I've done nothing to prepare for it! And I just did summer birthdays, so only a few more updates before it's wedding time.

  5. OMG, that Regina and her opinions!!! Every new paragraph was just more and more shocking, lol! Wow, what a character! I admire the very colorful way you write her though – how fascinating (and shocking!) it must be to be inside her head!

    Oh I wish Morgan and Zeke would just run off an elope! Though a mountain lake wedding does sound lovely. I hope it’s worth all the tension.

    1. mmm I love Regina and John. They have redeeming qualities in my eyes, but are rough exterior. I tried to make John joke with Zeke (to lighten the mood), and he looked at me, and was like UGH. why would I do that!? I was like, Sorry John, guess you wouldn’t. :p

      I thought that Morgan and Zeke would be the perfect couple to elope, but I don’t see them excluding Lewis. :/ This was the best compromise I could give all parties, I hope it works out well. I’m having them all stay in the lake-house for the duration of the event. It almost makes my palms sweat, it’s like getting my family with my inlaws… it NEVER goes well!

  6. Regina and John look like snobs to me. I can understand they want the best for their daughter, their only child, but if Zeke makes her happy, then that’s all that matters! And to be honest I don’t think there is one guy who they would find perfect for their daughter.

    I agree with Laura here, I too wish that Morgan and Zeke would elope and do just what they want!

    1. I don’t think John and Regina would find a better man for Regina… that’s in my game already ether. There isn’t a group of eligible bachelors with doctorate degrees floating around Millwood. Just isn’t. Most of the educated men are already taken.

      I’m hoping that John will be able to warm up a little to Zeke and Lewis, otherwise I don’t see how they will do holidays together. Right now Morgan just goes to Zeke’s family’s house, and I can see that continuing if the reception doesn’t get warmer. I’m hoping it does though, at least to a tolerable level.

  7. I really like John and Regina, they are such characters. It can sometimes be tough to play elder households because they tend to be boring. But when they have personality, they can be awesome. I love playing Virginia Duffy’s house because of her personality.

    John looks so evil in that second picture. The way his eyebrows tilt.

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