Traver Family

depth perception

august 2013
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Luca Traver (18 years), Colin Traver (18 years)

“It wasn’t a good fit,” he tells his twin brother. It comes off as a question, and he says again to assure himself that he made the right decision.

Colin continues typing on the computer, and just mutters, “Sure.”

Luca stretches onto the sofa, he doesn’t mean to be such a “tampon” as his brother called him. Being a grown up is harder than being a kid, and he’s only been at it for two months.

He can’t help replaying it over in his mind, maybe his memory isn’t exact, but it’s close enough to the truth.

Meme came over often, she loved the privacy that his own apartment afforded them. Her mom was too busy with the little kids to make sure that they were going to the mall, instead of his place. As soon as Meme was out of the house, they were free; they could do anything, be anything they desired. They mostly desired privacy in his bedroom, but Meme loved to plan everything out.

She couldn’t have been more proud of him for choosing to follow his dream to be an artist. She had it all planned in a green spiral notebook, “Our Future” scrawled on the cover in red permanent marker. Inside among scribbles of hearts and M.P. loves L.T. was her heart’s desire. A family, prospective names, possible places to live, ideas for his paintings. This was her senior year, then she intended to get started on this. All the talk, and the silly notebook had been fine when he was in high school, but it was different now. It felt like playing house, and it felt silly now that he was an adult.

That day, it had been raining, but Meme insisted on hanging from the bars outside. He liked the way her hips wiggled as she hung there, smiling brightly. He didn’t know that graduating high school would change so much about himself, but looking at her, he knew it was himself, and not her who had changed. She was the same, soft, warm, vibrant girl she’d always been.

He can’t remember the exact words he spoke, or how he even began to break her heart. He just remembered her face, her bright blue eyes, and oh, how they sparkled like diamonds as they filled with tears. It felt like he’d been kicked in the stomach. If he lived a hundred years, he’d still be pained by her heartbroken, trusting eyes.

Immediately, he wanted to rewind time, have a do-over, and keep things as they always were. Go back to playing soccer on the high school field, and talking about a make-believe life, because this felt too real, too painful.

There are no second chances to play a part over, and she ran from him when he approached.

And now, two weeks later he’s still haunted by her eyes, and he misses the smell of her hair. The only person he could have talked to about all of this, was the one person’s heart he broke. The positive out of the ordeal is that it set him into a depressive state, and he couldn’t stop painting. Heartbreak had mixed with desperation, and given him the inspiration for a three piece set. He hoped to sell it at Planet Java, Janelle had already given him approval to sell his paintings there.

Colin was impatient with Luca’s heart troubles. He never had a girlfriend before, and thought his brother complained too much. It was time for them to sow some oats, he liked to say. When Luca complained about missing Meme’s hair smell yet again, he threw his wallet at Luca, and told him to buy the same shampoo. Problem solved.

Colin might not always be as insensitive to his brother, but he had his own issues. Working as a bag-boy at London’s Grocery isn’t the most exciting job, but she had made it worth his time. Each Tuesday he was sent out to Millwood to drop off $150 worth of groceries, and given a hefty tip. She flirted, and touched his arm, and led him to believe he was special. It was her idea to come and see his new apartment, he had hoped it meant something more might happen. After years of banter, they had a place they could be alone without neighbors.

When he leaned in for their first kiss, his first kiss. She rejected him, kicked him when he was most vulnerable. He couldn’t talk to Luca about it, he’d never approve. Especially since the woman was Mrs. Gavigan, Isaac and Isiah’s mom.

“It’s pathetic.” Colin snarled as he tossed another dart, yet again hitting the wall. He hated that his brother was better at darts, and women than himself. Luca lazily turned his glazed eyes off empty space, and brought them to his brother without much interest. “Us. We’re pathetic. It’s not even 9:00 and we are both in our pajamas. It’s Friday night!”

“And, the point?”

“We’re throwing a party, tomorrow night. What fun is being a bachelor if we don’t get drunk, party, and puke our brains out?” He threw another dart, and hit the floor board.

“Puking sucks.” Luca said dryly, his eyes followed Colin who was cursing as he went to retrieve the darts.

“Fine, whatever.” Colin waved his hands at him impatiently. “Don’t puke, I don’t care! Just call your friends, invite some of those coffee house folk, only the single ones though.” He was back in position to throw the darts again, “I’m gonna get lucky.” He winked at Luca, then tossed the dart, hitting above the board this. “Fuck this game.” He threw the remaining darts on the ground and kicked the computer chair over as he stormed out of the room.


Luca did invite everyone from Planet Java, and Colin invited their upstairs neighbors, Emma and Chris, the latter two ended up arriving early. Colin hadn’t showered or gotten dressed yet, but Chris said they would entertain themselves with the pinball machine.

No one else arrived at the given time, and the brothers stood around waiting. Ginny had said she’d bring her friend Avery, and Colin was set on scoring with one of them. Which is why he bought mass amounts of liquor though they didn’t have the extra cash for it.

Colin tried playing fair, and offered Luca first pick between the two single girls that were set to arrive, but Luca wasn’t interested, even went so far as to give Colin permission to have them both. Which opened a new thought into Colin’s mind, that he couldn’t shake.

Matty Stout came as he said he might. He kept his schedule pretty lose, and was known to cancel on plans if a concert, or a pretty girl caught his fancy. Luca was trying to become friends with everyone from the coffee shop, he was going to sell his paintings there, and he needed the crew to push for them to sell, along with croissants and scones.

Chris and Matty were both more interested in the new gaming system, that Colin also had to buy for the party. Luca was beginning to think that Colin was a little gay for Chris, he went up to his apartment almost daily to hang out, and now buying the gaming system to entice Chris here.

Ginny and Avery arrived after two hours of online Halo had been played out. Luca had begun to think they weren’t going to arrive, and Colin had gotten panicked over it, that he had tried forcing his brother to call them on their cell.

Immediately, Ginny wanted to know how Luca was holding him with the break up, and how his paintings were coming along.

She insisted on seeing them, then added that he didn’t have to if he wasn’t comfortable with it. He consented, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. Maybe she would hate him, and he was a fool to give up college and military to become an artist, maybe at the end of the day he just really sucked at painting. He hadn’t ever shown anyone, even Meme, his real works of art, and he realized in the two seconds it took to walk into his room, that he was very foolish to stake his livelihood on something that he might be horrible at.

“What’s the name again?” Ginny asked, eying the brush strokes closely, her hand hovering just millimeters from the canvas.

“Uh.” Luca stuttered, his mind blank for a moment. “Urban Dwellings. I wanted to take pieces of the city, and add emotion to them.” He blushed, and looked at the pile of clothes in the corner. “How beautiful the ornate details in the architecture there are, and how alone one can feel in a large city. Like no one sees our details, just like no one notices the sconces’ intricacy.”

“It’s beautiful.” Her voice was hushed, and she didn’t turn away from the paintings.

“The final piece isn’t finished yet.” he pointed toward the corner by the window.

“It’s going to be brilliant. I know it’s going to sell fast once you put it up for sale.”

He leaned into her shoulder as she inspected his work-in-progress. She smelled nice too, not the same, but still nice. Ginny turned from his easel just as he leaned in for a bigger breath. A little smile played at the corner of her lips, and then she turned to head back to the party, claiming she was in need of a drink.

Avery was making herself comfortable with Colin. It looked like one of them might get lucky, as Colin had put it. Luca wasn’t in the mood for that at the moment. He grabbed himself another beer, and leaned against the counter to listen to the conversation Matty had just started up with Ginny. He felt like a third wheel, but Emma and Chris were way past intoxicated, and there was no one else to talk to.

On the sofa, Avery kept leaning in closer to Colin, and he would lean towards her. After some conversation, where they still don’t know each others last names, she insisted she had a headache and needed to go outside to somewhere quiet. He thought it was wishful thinking, but he offered Luca’s car as sanctuary. The piece of crap hardly worked, it was small, cramped, and smelled of old french fries. But Colin had to try, at least to kiss, maybe more.

Avery was ecstatic over the idea of the car, and Colin worried he was reading too much into the situation. Maybe she really just wanted to sit in the car, but maybe, maybe she wanted to fool around. It seemed too much to even dare to hope for the latter.

But it seemed, the latter was exactly on Avery’s mind.

At some point thereafter, when time had ceased to exist, and police would have been called if they didn’t live in a run-down apartment, Luca found himself kneeling on the bathroom floor. Ether they needed to clean the bathroom more, or someone else had knelt here before him.

Time passed with Luca laying on the bathroom floor, only partly aware of his surroundings. Ginny had excused herself from the party, pleading early morning work hours, and Matty had left with her. Of course, they left together, Luca mumbled, causing himself to rush back to the toilet to continue puking.

After everything was quiet, other than the replaying of the Halo music on the gaming system, Luca half-crawled out of the bathroom, and was surprised to see Emma and Chris still in the apartment, both plastered beyond belief. Chris was gushing about his love for her, and something about pink feathers. He belched loudly, as he got down on one knee. Emma kept laughing, asking him how he fell over just standing, when Chris popped out a ring. Emma went wild, talking about ring-pop’s.

After she took the ring, Chris said they had to go upstairs for good luck, but Emma was suddenly tired and needing to rest on the sofa. In the end Chris dragged her out the door, their voices and footsteps echoing loudly in the hall.

The morning after, Luca found himself with a killer headache, a growling, yet queasy stomach, and the intense desire to go back to bed. He didn’t feel like working at the Toy Box today, Meme would be there since it was Saturday. Maybe he would quit, then she could keep her job, and he could find something else to pay rent.

He was thinking noble thoughts of grand gestures, when he found that Avery had stayed the night, and was preparing Colin a gourmet breakfast of pop-tarts.

He decided he’d just go to work and get breakfast on the way.

Notes: Luca and Meme have lived the length of their love and relationship. Alas, Meme is my daughter’s sim, and she won’t let me have her! lol. So Luca will need to find love elsewhere now.

Chris proposed to Emma drunk, and Emma accepted. I’ll just roll with it, and see where it goes. I’m sure Emma has a bad hangover, and is wondering how a rock got on her finger. At the same, probably wondering why Chris even had the rock to begin with. But he’s had the want to marry her for a fair bit of time now.

Ginny, and Matty work at Planet Java, and Avery used to, but she wouldn’t come into work when called, so Janelle fired her. Luca had the want to be friends with Ginny and Colin had the want to be friends with Matty and Avery. Colin really likes Chris, but he’s not gay, maybe Chris is his mentor so to speak.

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12 thoughts on “depth perception”

  1. Aww, so that’s the drunken proposal you were talking about. Funny! Too bad your daughter won’t let you keep Meme. I still find it amazing that you two share a neighborhood and that she doesn’t have her own neighborhood.

    ~Apple Valley

    1. Yep, this was the drunken proposal, I don’t think Emma is ready to settle down and be a wife, at least in the sense that she doesn’t sleep with the married-Matthew Picaso anymore. But maybe she is, and I just didn’t realize she had a sudden change since the meeting at The Red Mill earlier this summer.

      As for the sharing the hood, it works out great. Shes only 9, and doesn’t have grand schemes for her sims. She just sits at the desk, and has them brush their teeth, and watch tv, and fails horribly at taking care of the toddlers. lol It’s cute. And she brings her own style of “playable npcs” but I don’t play them. She does, and I just age them up when it’s time. Usually my sims don’t run into hers, being that we have so many sims in the hood, but her other girl, Rosabella has a few friends of my sims too. If Meme hadn’t been a favorite, she would have let me keep her, but Meme is her favorite.

  2. Whoa, what a party! Avery is cute, I can see why Colin was so keen!

    Sad about Luca and Meme but I think like you said, their relationship had run its course. They seem like they’re at very different points in their life, even though the age difference isn’t that big. But maybe he and Ginny can something started – it seems like there might be some chemistry there!

    Ha, we didn’t have to wait long to find out who was involved in the drunken proposal! I imagine Emma is going to wake up very confused the morning after. I can’t wait to read about her reaction.

    1. I agree that Avery is cute, she’s been in the game for a long time, just sitting around, making friends at Planet Java, but never really making any story-interest. Another plus about Avery, is that she has more dominant features, and Colin only has “jaw” for his… future hope for a cute kid!

      Luca and Meme aren’t going in the same direction ether. Meme is definitely going to college, and Luca (thou depressed over) couldn’t afford it.

      I imagine Emma is a little bit panicked over the rock on her finger. I can’t help but wonder how she would even tell her family, if she still wants to get married now that the sun has risen. And nope, no real waiting. I play, I do pictures, I write it out. I’m rarely ever ahead. It takes me 2-3 days on average to play one household, and do all the blog work.

      1. I’m the same way. If I get too far ahead, I feel like I can’t play until I’m caught up on the blog and I hate that. I like to play whenever I feel like it.

        1. Exactly! And I’ve done some die hard sessions, and gotten a few households done in one evening, and then forgot what the mood really was for the last house, by the time I get to writing it. I can usually remember after I peruse the photos, but it’s just easier to do it while it’s fresh in my mind.

  3. Lol those two did not cross my mind when you were talking about the drunken proposal! I also can’t wait to see Emma’s reaction, should be pretty interesting! Poor Luca, that is so sad……too bad you can’t have Meme…..and Colin is just too much!

    1. I thought for sure that everyone would think Emma and Chris! I’m glad that it didn’t spoil anything having it on twitter too! I was so shocked that it was accepted, and that it happened. Usually my sims just belch at each other, and sometimes they’ll attack random sims.

      I think Luca will turn out ok, he’s so young, as she is, to make permanent heart tattoos. I like Colin more now that he’s out of his parents house, he still hates his parents, and funny enough, neither parent called to talk with ether boy. Usually sim parents call after their kids move out, but not theirs. They really are lousy, lazy parents.

  4. Oh, Poor Meme, she looked so heartbroken! I hope they both find love again!

    The “party” was great, all the unexpected things. Emma and Chris, I’m a little bit afraid the poor guy is going to get his heart broken when he marries Emma…

    1. I forgot to mention the party was an ROS, and way more interesting then I thought it would be. When I rolled it, I thought, meh, boring. But it turned into quite a little memorable night.

      I’m worried for Chris too…

  5. I like the ideas behind the three piece set. Now where do I buy them?

    The most recent blog entry I wrote was along the line of a protagonist trying to find an expression for himself in the urban setting, though the story was tied with the psychotic sociopathic mruder syndrome ROS and thereby kind of twisted.

    1. I’m having Luca sell them in the game at the coffee shop, Planet Java. The owner Janelle is giving him money for them, and then puts them up in the shop to sell.

      That sounds interesting with your protagonist. I just had Luca paint photos of his actual apartment building.

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