fall 2013 birthdays

Late afternoon, after her husband, Charlie has left for work, Cara finds herself in labor. She calls her old apartment neighbor, Hazel Woodfolk to watch Lulu, and Dr. M. Russo to deliver the baby.

Lulu is easily entertained with peek-a-boo on the front lawn.

Though, Hazel can’t help but hear the commotion inside, and feel a little anxious over her own pending delivery, only three more months before her baby is due to arrive.

Cara doesn’t remember it being this painful, and she’s done it twice already. She’s positive she is not having anymore children after this.

Morgan insists that she’s doing great, and is almost done, when the little one arrives.

Charlie, Cara, Rachael and Lulu, welcome little Jake Grimsley into their family.

So far, he looks a lot like his sister Lulu, but they have different DNA, and personalities. Both have inbetween skin tones, I thought that Cara would have more tanned skinned kids, but both the youngesters take after Charlie, on the lighter side of the spectrum. (I wonder if one of them will have a dark complected kid!)

Literally, across the street, Bekah Grimsley is enjoying the final days of warm weather poolside. It’s the last weekend the public pool is open, and her daughters were anxious to swim. She isn’t due until spring, and isn’t thinking too much of delivery pains yet, she still needs to find a substitute for the second semester.

All the way in South Port, Dean Goss is turning 4, and just made the deadline to start preschool this year.

He definitely bares resemblance to his half-brother (now nephew, heh), Lewis. I don’t have pictures of Dean’s birth mom and dad. But I think that Dean takes after his father mostly

I’m SOO happy that the game gave me Jake! It’s like when it gave me Bea, and she was a nature sim, like I envisioned her to be. The Grimsley family name has been secured for one more generation.

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4 thoughts on “fall 2013 birthdays”

    1. I forgot to look at Dean’s personality, I’m looking forward to seeing him in preschool and how he gets along with all the other kids. I can’t wait for Jake to age up so I can see what he looks like!

  1. Dean’s looking good! Definitely a resemblance there between Dean and Lewis, isn’t there?

    Did you use OMSPs to lay Cara on the bed for the labour shots? Awesome! They turned out fantastic! And yay for a boy! I’m hoping my Olivia and Asha both have boys, because there’s a major imbalance going on right now in Sullivan.

    1. There is a resemblance between the two. I wish I had photos of the Dad and Brynn. I don’t even remember the dad at all, just that he was a punk looking townie that she happened to fancy.

      I did use those OMSPs, thanks for the heads up on those bad boys, lovin’ them for all sorts of things.

      Sending boy vibes to Olivia and Asha, I think they’d make great mom’s of boys.

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