Russo, Traver Family, Wedding

counting the ways

september 2013
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Zeke Traver (30 years), Morgan Russo (29 years), Lewis Huffman (7 years)
(John Russo – 61 years, Regina Russo – 59 years, Kenzie Goss – 50 years, Tyler Goss – 48 years, )

Zeke never imagined himself being in this situation again, he couldn’t shake the little voice of fear, what if he was destined to fail at marriage. Shaking it out of his mind, he went in search of Lewis, his one responsibility before the wedding. He found Lewis tucked in a corner near the fireplace, attempting to play chess.

“Pawns can’t move in the L shape, only the knight can.”

Lewis grumbled, and put the piece back to it’s starting point. “I’ll never remember all this.”

Zeke sat in the seat across from him, and placed his pieces out. “You’ll get the hang of it, just need to practice.” Zeke moved his pawn forward two spaces. “How you feeling about all of this, bud?”

Lewis shrugged, his shoulders drooping lower than they were before the question. “I like how things are, before marriage.” He admits after moving his bishop across the board, Zeke would have to teach him strategy as soon as he learned the movements.

“I know, bud. Believe me.” He chuckled softly, sometimes his son was surprisingly a lot like himself. “But hey, it’s going to be good. Sure there will be change, but it’s going to be good. Promise.” Lewis shrugged again, and Zeke sighed. He remembered being upset when his Mom married Tyler. “Morgan loves you and me so much that she wants to be apart of our family. It’s a good thing.”

“I do like her.” Lewis said after a minute of lapsed time, he admitted it like he felt guilty for his mopey demeanor. “It’s just nice now.”

“Come here big guy.” Zeke stood, and stooped down to hug his son. “It’ll be alright, just give it time.”


Meanwhile, Morgan was in her parent’s master bedroom, finishing the final touches on her hair. She had spent months trying to find the perfect way to pull her hair back, every detail had fell into place once her dress and hair were decided on. Her parent’s lakehouse, really was the perfect place for the wedding, Morgan had to admit.

Zeke hadn’t minded on the details, but he did prefer a low-key, intimate setting, and this place was perfect for that. Morgan sighed softly while looking at herself in the mirror.

“What is it?” Her mother had jumped up to stand near her, prepared to fix any fallen strands or the diamond headband.

“It’s just finally here,” Morgan whispered, then quickly wiped her cheek to stop any tears. “I just never knew it’d be this right, this perfect of a moment.”

Regina cleared her throat before speaking again, “Then,” she began but had to clear her throat again, “that means you two are meant to be.”

Mother and daughter stared at one another through the mirror, neither speaking, enjoying a moment of closeness neither had experienced since Morgan was a little girl.


For a moment Zeke was lost in her beauty, he wasn’t afraid to say, “I do.” He couldn’t believe he’d almost lost her. He squeezed her hands tighter in his own for reaffirmation that she was really there.

As easy as breathing, they said their vows.

Tyler was the first to reach Morgan for a hug after the simple ceremony, and welcomed her to the family.

Lewis had taken off quickly after the vows and headed down to the beach to collect rocks from the sand. Kenzie had followed behind to keep him company, and to also make sure he didn’t get into the lake.

“Morgan was telling me how excited she is to be your step Mom.” Kenzie hedged.

Lewis stood up, and tossed a rock into the water. He wanted it to skip like his Dad always did it, but it just plopped, causing little waves to ripple out. “Do you think my Mom would be mad if I called Morgan… Mom?” Lewis bit his lip and looked away from his Grandma.

“Heaven’s no.” Kenzie went to hug Lewis, and he rested his face against her chest, crying softly. “Your Mama, she’ll always be your Mama.” Kenzie blinked rapidly, looking at the sky to stop herself from crying. “But Morgan can be your Mama too.” She stayed there, holding him, and brushing his thick red hair down with her hand.


Everyone was in fine spirits, there wasn’t a disagreeable conversation at the table, the weather had been perfectly lovely. Morgan’s cheeks were beginning to hurt from smiling all day, and she noticed that her generally sullen Zeke, was looking pretty happy himself.

Morgan even fed Zeke nicely, even after threatening to accidentally miss his mouth.

Tyler took his turn to check on Lewis, and ate his cake with his step-grandson. They’d all been concerned how Lewis would do with the ceremony, but he seemed fine now that there was cake.

After his slice of sugary-goodness cake, Lewis was ready to tear up the dance floor. All the adults watched him be a screwball, laughing and retelling their own stories of when the bride and groom had been that little.

Three songs, and Lewis was ready for more cake, and the adults took their place on the dance floor.

Everyone danced, shared stories, and stole kisses until the long day caught up with them. Without much warning, all the adults feinged exhaustion, and Lewis was hustled to his bedroom.

Regina had offered the master suite to Morgan, but had been rejected of the offer. Morgan didn’t want to think about the audience of parents in the household, let alone, “do it” on her parents bed. They were given one of the guest rooms that was located at the far end of the house.

Morgan went to remove her dress, but Zeke pulled her onto his lap.

“You look beautiful,” Zeke whispered as he kissed her forehead. “I don’t want to take this thing off of you, but I can’t stand it any longer.” Morgan inhaled deeply in response. “We can.” Zeke said after he had made his way down to kissing her jawline.

On to Wedding Pictures!
(which are a pita to do on a vacation lot, cause the “freezer clock” didn’t work. So after much agony, pausing, “Look at player” {NOW DARN IT!} and “NO you can’t woohoo in the hot tub now!” I got these:

The new little family:

Morgan with her parents:

Zeke with his Mom and Step-Dad:

And the true nightmare (Cause I can’t make Lewis pose!):

Alas, the last photo is like real life, I don’t know how many photos I have from my own wedding that Uncle Bob is looking at the ceiling, and Aunt Gert is smiling at Aunt Sally. And it’s guaranteed that when the baby looks, all the others aren’t looking.

Zeke and Morgan decided to TFB immediately, and were successful, (what happened to the days that my sim families had to work for pregnancy?!). So in Summer 2014, Lewis will have two little siblings to hide his toys from. Oh yes. twins.

Which runs in Zeke’s family, and I don’t know how it does, just that they have boat loads of twins without any help from mods/me. Neither of these two have any fertility bonus, so whatever it is that gives them twins, must still be at play. Which makes me excited.

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19 thoughts on “counting the ways”

  1. Ooh! I love the altar scene! I’ve just created my outdoor wedding venue in the LC myself, and I’m quite pleased on how it turned out. Although, I am kind of frustrated of the lack of good recolors on that celebration wedding stuff. I guess I’m going to have to learn how to recolor now.

    P.S. Why is Morgan’s mom the only one who isn’t formal like everyone else? Was that an oopsie on your part, or did Regina decide to dress down in protest (lol)?

    1. Regina actually is in a formal outfit, it was all I had that wasn’t “skimpy” and I was pretty sure Regina would want to keep her girl bits well covered. lol. There just isn’t a lot out there for elder formal attire sadly.

      I’m excited to see your outdoor wedding venue! I’m a big fan of outdoor weddings.

      There isn’t a lot of good recolors for the celebration, I can’t remember if Piggis has some or not. Otherwise recoloring isn’t too painful. This is the first wedding I didn’t recolor the decorations/altar.

  2. The wedding looked great, I agree, there isn’t much in the terms of modest elder formal. I might have to make a few bits. Anyhoo, I loved Morgan’s dress, it was so beautiful and you did a good job picking the jewelry and hair as well.

    1. If you make some, I do hope you share! I was frustrated trying to find something acceptable, and that fit Regina’s personality, and really didn’t have luck. I didn’t want to spend the time to make anything for her though, cause I banged my head enough for Morgan’s hair, that I was d-o-n-e with bodyshop!

      I’m glad everything came together well, it wasn’t the easiest one to throw.

  3. Oh my gosh, what a stunning wedding! I see what you mean about Morgan as a bride too – she looked so gorgeous. Zeke doesn’t look too bad either. 😉 With such an amazing backdrop though, this wedding could never be anything less than wonderful.

    I loved the scenes with little Lewis. I think this will be the beginning of a positive chapter for him and for Zeke. It’s going to be a big adjustment for Lewis having two little siblings and a new mama but hopefully they can weather any storms that crop up!

    As for your posing issues, what do you mean freezer clock didn’t work? It didn’t freeze them? I’ve been having that issue occasionally lately but only with Decorgal’s box. With me, they’ll freeze but then they’ll teleport themselves to the other side of the lot, for some reason. I keep crossing my fingers it doesn’t become more frequent!

    For Lewis though, you’ve got all expansions, right? I can’t remember which pack this came with (FT, probably) but if you have Lewis selected and then click on him, you should get a pose option with about 8 different poses to choose from. Then he’ll stand still, pose and smile and look at the camera without you making any effort at all.

    “what happened to the days that my sim families had to work for pregnancy?!”

    LOL, I’ve been wondering the same thing lately! I’m not going to have any more Zelda Bentons who take 10 years to get pregnant?

    1. Thanks! 😀 The backdrop took ages, my trees always disappear in the background, it’s been a problem for a long time, but I finally found a cheat code that fixes it. Though I can’t get it to work when I put it in my userstartup cheat.

      I hope things go well for lewis with his family, but man, twins! That’s a big adjustment. I would have had this family wait, but they were uncontrollable. They really wanted that woohoo in the hot tub (which they did sneak off and do, several times), I was in the middle of wrangling for photos, and Zeke comes back wearing his swim trunks!

      MINE does that too! Where they suddenly teleport across the screen, but their “blue square” is fifteen blocks away from them. I don’t know why it’s doing that, it seems to be worse than other times. This entire event took place on a vacation lot, and the freezer clock showed up in the menu, but wasn’t clickable.

      I had Regina/John go to their lakehouse, and bring the rest as “guests” so I had to use the pet cheat to control them at all. And while I had Lewis selected, he had very limited options, and no pose. I know that the FT posing works normally, cause I use it pretty regular, so I’m guessing it’s just cause he was a “visitor/guest/pet” that it didn’t work.

      1. Oooh, did you try it with allmenus on? When I had Troy and Josie on vacation with her parents, there were a lot of things they couldn’t do but with allmenus on, everything seemed to work.

        1. Nope, cause that would have made my life easier! I can’t believe I forgot about that cheat, I use it all the time, but I’ve never used it while on vacation. Next time, hopefully, I remember.

  4. Yay! I’m so glad they’re finally married! The wedding was beautiful and I’m glad their big day turned out perfect. Lewis is so sweet. It’s going to be a big adjustment, but it’s good that he likes Morgan so I think maybe he’ll be okay. And twins! Morgan and Zeke didn’t waste any time adding to their family, did they? lol! 😉

    Ha, yes that last photo is just like real life! I have wedding pictures with people looking anywhere except at the camera or with mopey faces (my flower girl, lol) or everyone except me wearing sunglasses because they forgot to take them off (the wedding was outside in June).

    1. I know right, twins on their wedding night. Hence the need for them to move. I wasn’t planning on having Morgan live in their bachelor pad, but I wasn’t intending on moving them out immediately.

      Funny on the sunglasses on, you’d think the photographer would have noticed that. I was married outdoors too, and had a very grumpy flowergirl. Those kids in the wedding can be uber adorable, or in the case of my son (ring bearer when he was 2) an absolute nightmare, he had a blood curdling scream the entire time (pictures, ceremony) the only time he was fine.. cake. lol To be fair, I warned my brother-in-law that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

      1. LOL, that’s a fun story you can tell over and over again! Did your son actually walk down the aisle at least? I was a flower girl when I was 2 (actually, I think I might have only been 18 months!) and I had a meltdown outside the church and refused to go in. My grandmother had calmed me down and almost had me ready to go in and then my grandfather came along and got me all upset again somehow. And like you, my mother warned her sister-in-law that I was too young but she was so desperate for me to be in the wedding, so Mum just gave in!

        I don’t think I’d be too keen to put any toddlers in my wedding, as adorable as they can be!

        1. That’s so funny that your grandfather got you all worked up again. Guys can have a knack for that.

          My son made it down the aisle in one of those big plastic wagons wailing the entire time, lol, and right out the side door. I called my sister to come sit with the kids in the nursery, as I was in the bridal party along with the husband. (I sure would have preferred the playroom opposed to the killer – these boots are made for killing- stilettos.

          There is not one single picture of my son without him crying or the remains of crying. He even laid on the ground and threw a fit at one point… he always was my most high maintenance kid. Thank heavens he’s mellowed out! lol

          But the sweetest part, was at the reception, he ate a big slice of cake (he loves cake, we have lots of cake stories and him), and then slid down to the ground and laid his head on the seat and immediately zonked out. Such a sweet little squished up face sleeping on the chair.

  5. What a beautiful wedding! I love the lakehouse, it was a gorgeous back drop for the wedding! I’m so glad this all turned out well, I imagined lots of arguing and fighting going on, but I suppose once the big day arrived they just had to accept that this was definitely going to happen!

    1. I was worried about fighting too. Kenzie dislikes Regina at something like -12. Which isn’t a lot, but it can make things more picky. None of them are really friendly with the other family. But they all seemed to be in good moods, maybe it was the champagne. 😉 Regina seemed pretty maternal too, she had the want for a relative to get married (which she hadn’t rolled ever before), and even had the want to “talk to Zeke” which she’s never rolled.

  6. Oh wow, did Regina just say what I think she said??? lol!

    Oh, what a lovely wedding! Morgan looked beautiful! The lake made a beautiful backdrop for them. Very glamorous yet relaxing at the same time! I’m glad everyone was able to put their differences aside and let Zeke and Morgan enjoy their day.

    I’ll have to get some of these custom cakes you all have – awesome!

    And Lewis was adorable! I love kids at weddings! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you! I was so proud of Morgan’s wedding, I dabbled in recoloring a decent amount, because there wasn’t anything fitting for her. I still miss their lodge house up in the mountains, I made all the lake locations businesses and camp grounds/hotels. Thanks for commenting!

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