got curb appeal?

:Updated with download links: these are lots only, no custom content included.

::disclaimer:: I didn’t make the 2 and 3 bedroom lots to be a set, so the back end doesn’t line up perfectly. I ended up using them as a row on the street (cause I didn’t want to make more houses), and you can’t tell while you play, unless you inspect that sort of thing, I personally don’t. If it bothers you, don’t line the 3 bed with the 2 bed houses. These are serious bare bone houses. I wanted them affordable for sims, and then they can decorate/design at will.

Seven lots later, Zeke and Morgan have a home. I attempted some cheat code building, that actually worked… but it was too large to downsize by one square! I binned it, maybe another day I’ll squish it in one square.

Then I built two houses, that ended up being two bedrooms. Which won’t work. Then I decided to do fake row houses using the tut by plasticbox at MTS. And voila, I have four fake row houses to put up on a street I just vacated.

So as soon as I load the game up again, I’ll be moving them in to this 3 bedroom, 1 bath “row” house, that’s marked just under $30,000.

This is the street of their new home, one block away from Zeke’s Mom, Kenzie, she’ll like that.

They even have a little fenced in backyard, they can rip out the rock if they decide to put a swing set up for the tykes.

Previous owners renovated the kitchen, hoping for a fast sale.

The rest of the home is sparse and in need of some tlc, and wallpaper ripping abilities, and no pictures of it.

The other homes on the street are as follows:

2bed/1bath : ::DOWNLOAD::

3bed/1bath ::DOWNLOAD::(same as Morgan’s just decorated differently)

2bed/1bath, just under $18,000 for this one! ::DOWNLOAD::

I think I got my itch to build out of my system, and I’ll get back to regular updates. Thanks for looking! πŸ˜€

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22 thoughts on “got curb appeal?

  1. I’m always impressed with other people’s ability to build things lol. These house look wonderful! I can’t wait to see them in game once Zeke and Morgan move in πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks everyone. πŸ™‚

    Flit, I really enjoy building/decorating lots for my sims. I generally don’t do any building unless I have a specific sim in mind who needs a home, so I go a little crazy building when the opportunity arises.

    The kitchen is Shakerlicious set by Buggybooz.

    Sure, I can upload them. They’ll be without CC, the 3bed are the same house, just decorated different. I’ll put the download link up at the bottom of this post sometime today.

  3. Fabulous! You’ve got real talent for building these little houses.

    I already know where I’m going to put the first two – right across the street from Steve and Olivia.

  4. These are gorgeous! The one you’ve chosen for Zeke and Morgan is my favorite!

    Thanks for offering them up for download. I might have to find a spot for some of them in my hood πŸ™‚

  5. Carla, I can’t build a large house to save my life. lol I love compact houses, irl too. Easier to dust, haha. How cool that your putting them across from Steve and Olivia! πŸ˜€

    Laura, That’s my favorite one too, and that’s why it went to Zeke and Morgan. Since the others are just sitting there vacant for now (and possibly a long time, lol) I had to use my favorite one.

  6. I’m really late in finding these. They look amazing! You have a real talent for building and your pictures look great. Thanks so much for uploading these to share. I definitely have some families in my hood that would fit perfectly in them. Thanks again!

  7. Maisie, I’m trying to play my game a lot more and build a lot less so I’m snooping around everyone’s blog!! These lots are wonderful and will fit so nicely in my new hood…Thanks so much for building such lovely homes!

  8. Maisie I am having issues with 1B. I am trying to do a remodel of the outside and when I try to remove the fence on the left side of the lot it will crash when I get to the fence piece near the stop sign. Got any ideas or tips for me to try?

      1. Hey Nita. I suggest using Lot Adjuster (available at MTS) and adding 5 on the left and right side. Then go back in game and make any edits you want. Then go back to lot adjuster and decrease its size, again 5 on each side. You must go back onto the lot after decreasing, and save. Do not bin it immediately without saving the l

  9. All of the lots look Great! You have a definite talent in building! Mine end up looking like monstrosities so I usually don’t build. It is safer that way! ha ha!

    1. Thank you! I do enjoy building and architecture in real life as it is. I tend to make all my buildings on the small side, I have to really push myself to make large open spaces.

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