wheels on the bus

september 2013
Principal: Lucy London; Lower Level Teacher: Miriam Dennis
Student’s Grade Levels

narrated by: Lucy

This summer, I fought tooth and nail to get updates to the Grammar school. In the end Mayor Steele didn’t have much choice, my mother-in-law, Myra London has an ongoing scholarship program for community kids, and he wouldn’t want to jeopardize that. Of course Myra would never consider pulling funding just because of politics.

We have record high enrollment this year, and we don’t even have all the local students in our classes. A few of the local parents opted to homeschool after they voiced concerns on the student/teacher ratio. Even with a few students not in our classes, it’s a lot to handle.

Miriam has a difficult time with too many little ones, so I made her class Pre-K through first, and she’s still having trouble. I can’t consider firing her, she is an attentive teacher, but she is easily stressed, and just adds to my workload. Plus the budget can’t afford to pay unemployment to her. I’m hoping once she marries Dr. Dwyer that she’ll have offspring and decide to stay at home with the baby.

She does have her fair share of trouble students this year though. The Picasso twins, Flint and Jett are having trouble at home, and each is dealing with it differently. Flint is more aggressive, and picks on Riley Gray.

My own daughter, Itzel is in her class, and I know what she brings to the table. She’s still in weekly counseling to handle her emotions over the loss of her biological parents. She’s made progress by leaps and bounds, and is actually friendly toward Alice and Milo now, but she’s reserved in the class. She spends all her free time playing with Super Gerbil, and draws all her pictures about him as well.

Before lunch the lower primary students get library, where they get to check out two books, and some choose to play learning games. We can usually hear her students all the way in my class, which is across the hall. I’ve had to go over and tell them to keep it down almost every week since school started.

It worked out nicely that I didn’t have to teach the lower class, I prefer my well-behaved big kids any day. We have much more structure, and everyone in my class knows how to read.

It’s not to say that some students don’t struggle with it still. In the past the lower class included second grade, so this year I have all the second graders that aren’t quite ready for the work in my class. I’ve had to send extra readers home with Zilla so she can catch up.

I’m the last to arrive at lunch, I get to corral all the students that got lost in the halls. There’s always a few that got sidetracked with goofing off that they forgot to go to lunch.

My star student, Julia Millett is heading to middle school next year. This is one student I’ll miss, she always turns her work in on time, and volunteers to help with cleaning the chalkboard.

Really though, how can a teacher resist a sweet, red-haired girl? She’s nothing like her older sister Hadley who is quite a brat. My best friend and neighbor, Bekah Grimsley is the principal of the high school, and fills me in on all the terror that Hadley causes.

It works out well having Bekah the principal of Jefferson High, she can keep eyes on my oldest daughter, Alice, while I keep tabs on her youngest daughter, Willa. Though Willa doesn’t get into any trouble, I’m looking forward to having her in my class in a few years.

Elias McCarthy has been friendly towards Itzel, he’s always trying to make her laugh, and showing her all these tricks he can do. Makes my heart warm to see someone going out of the way to be nice to her, especially a student in my class.

Linny picked a fight with Julius even though hes several grades older than her. She’s another one of Miriam’s trouble students.

Miriam makes her apologize to Julius, who doesn’t seem quite ready to let it go.

I try to let Miriam handle her own students disclipine, but sometimes I have to step in as the principal and call the parents in. After the apology, I sent Linny to my office to await her mom. Eva works second shift, so she stopped by before work to discuss the fight.

Eva was embarrassed to be called into the office, she’s had her hands full with her teenage daughter, Paloma. She can’t find a reason to explain why Linny acted up, but promised she’d talk to her about that night.

My class has art after recess, and even though I was busy with Eva, they made their way to class and began painting without any supervision. It really would be best if we had a teacher’s assistant, just an extra set of eyes to keep the kids out of trouble. I’m not sure if I’ll be as lucky as this once Miriam’s class is older.

Best part of a long day is the ten-minute clean up. I send my class to the sink, and I can hear Miriam’s class get extra rowdy as they put away their blocks and crayons.

It’s not just the teachers that are exhausted after a long day of learning, it’s the students as well. I go home to three kids, I know all about the whiny evenings, trying to force down a balanced meal with a side of homework.

I’m gonna pull a Carla. I’m going to use the same title for my grade school updates (like she does for birthdays), cause I like this song, and it makes me think of little happy children.

Little students are uber adorable, but oh man a handful! Miriam really does have her work cut out for her. Linny had a low aspiration, which is why she acted out. Hopefully she can get that filled up before she makes more people mad at her. I just happened to catch Rachael rubbing her little eyes at the end of the day, and I felt the same as her.

Oliver has the LTW to be in education, so he’ll go to college for that, and then take post ether here or the high school. Both schools have a playable npc as one of the teachers, so it will just depend on what I think fits him, and who sucks the most. But it’s years away, seeing he’s only 16 right now.

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12 thoughts on “wheels on the bus

  1. I realy though I commented on your previous post, I made the text already, but I didn’t type it out apparently, I’m sorry for that!!

    A fight! I even didn’t know children could start a fight! Poor Linny, I really hope she gets her aspiration up!
    I like the fact that you called in her mother to talk about the incident.

    I know what you mean with the teachers. My school only had 9 students, and it still seemed like a lot for only 1 teacher to handle. I keep thinking about who I can get to work there too, but there is no one at the moment. I just hope there won’t be too many studentes too soon.

    I like Rachel’s outfit, do you know where I can find it please?

    1. Rachael’s outfit is from GOS here, I LOVED the theme for July.

      9 is a lot of students for one teacher. It’s hard when they have lots of kids, but there aren’t enough adults to cover all the teaching positions.

  2. All those playable children!!!! WOW. I’m waiting for the day my hood has that many playable kids.

    “Wheels on the Bus” is the prefect title for a school update. It makes me think of a yellow school bus picking up and dropping kids off at school.

    I feel for Miriam. Hopefully when she starts a family of her own, she’ll quit/resign and save Lucy the headache of having to fire her.

    1. I feel bad for Miriam too, she seemed like a really good fit for elementary in the past, but I think she’s overwhelmed with all these students. And it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. I have a handful of 3 year olds that will be in her class this next fall.

      I can’t wait until all these kids are teens/YA so I can see what they get into!

  3. Very neat to see the school in action! All the kids are adorable! But especially Julia (not to give the other girls a complex, lol!) She’s a very pretty little girl!

    And yes, that’s a perfect title for a grade-school update!

    1. Julia is a very pretty girl, totally agree. Her big sister Hadley is also pretty, but has an evil personality, while Julia is just a nice kid. I think it’s that red hair/freckle look, super cute. Though I have lots of favorites out of all these kids.

  4. I’m always amazed at how many kids are in other people’s hoods! I’m no where near that many right now! I love seeing the school in action, it really looks great! I don’t think I’ve ever seen kids fighting in my game lol. But it makes perfect sense that they would. And your post title makes me think of this show I use to watch when I was little, “The Magic School Bus” 🙂

    1. I can see your hood having a lot of kids in school, you’ve had quite a population boom lately! Doesn’t take much to make a classroom out of control!

      Ohh I love the Magic School Bus, great show/books. I forgot about it until you mentioned it. I’m going to have to look it up now.

  5. I love seeing the little kids at school! 😀 How sweet of Elias to be friendly to Itzel. And yikes at Linny acting out! I hope she doesn’t start causing her mom as many problems as Paloma does.

    1. I thought it was so sweet when I saw Elias and Itzel hanging out. When I put the kids in the playground I drop their social/fun down to 25% so they’ll interact. Though I hadn’t done it yet when Linny started fighting lol. I was still getting kids outside at that point.

      I hope that Linny isn’t such a pain as Paloma, I never saw Paloma turning into such a little brat!

  6. I loved this! Poor Miriam – the little ones really are a handful and she doesn’t look like she’s coping too well.

    Julia’s going to get a big head with all these compliments but she really is a pretty girl.

    You’ve got your share of kids coming from some pretty stressful situations, don’t you? Poor Flint and Jett. I can hardly blame them for acting out, with Matthew Picaso as a father! Good to see Itzel’s making some improvements though.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but the primary school is always so much more stressful than the high school. The little kids really do seem to act up more!

    1. The primary school is more stressful! I don’t blame Miriam for being stressed, even if Lucy is teaching more kids, Miriam has more kids with issues at the moment. I’m sure Miriam wishes that Flint and Jett had been homeschooled. I would haha.

      I’m looking forward to play Itzel’s house, and seeing how she’s doing. She just seemed really unimpressed with Alice the last time I popped in, and I’d really like them to get along!

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