winter birthdays 2013

ETA: I forgot Morgan Russo-Traver‘s pregnancy.

Morgan and Zeke are moved into their new house, it’s most definitely twins.

Zeke is clueless on baby names, and they need to come up with four total since they won’t get to find out what the babies are.

Morgan is definitely not feeling as limber these days, and she still has a long way to go.

ETA #2: And I forgot Bekah Grimsley, she’s due in spring. I’m just all out of sorts this week!


Julia Millett turns eleven in December. Even though she is nicer than her older sister Hadley, she doesn’t mind laughing at her sister’s mean gossip.

And a serious shot to show off her father’s jaw line she inherited. I’m curious to how it changes as she grows up, cause Grant’s isn’t as noticeable, imo, as hers is now. At first I thought she was puffing her cheeks out.


Adding to their family, Hazel and Jude take a taxi to the local hospital after leaving Bea in the care of her grandparents.

They are eager to meet their new little one, and find out what name they’ll be using this time. Dr. Dwyer is on the floor today, and will be delivering the baby.

He informs them that it could still be awhile, but Jude is sure that the little one will be here in record time, after all Bea was a very fast delivery. Jude gives the baby a little pep talk to inspire a quick appearance, and Dr. Dwyer excuses himself.

And comes back to check on her again a few hours later, Jude has lost his pep and found entertainment in the television.

Again, Dr. Dwyer comes back and does a check on Hazel, and to Jude’s excitement says it’s time to push.

He’s really excited about this new baby, even though they still haven’t emptied out the third bedroom of storage. He’s sure everything will work out once the baby is here.

While Hazel is pretty sure this is a hundred times worse than the last time.

She pulls through the delivery, and Dr. Dwyer presents the newest member of the Woodfolk family.

Bea comes down with her grandparents to meet her little brother, Monroe Woodfolk.

George and Mandy may already have eight grandchildren, but they are beyond excited about their ninth. Mandy notes immediately that he has her and Hazel’s brown eyes, the fourth grandchild to receive them.

George takes Bea to wave at her brother before they head back to their home, Bea is staying with them for Hazel’s hospital stay. No doubt, plenty of treats, and walks are in the itinerary.

I was pretty excited they had a boy (I really need them!), but in the end, I had a great girls name for them too, which maybe I’ll get to use someday. Cause even though they are set to default (-1) for number of children, they still attempted TFB while at the hospital. I x’d that. Sorry Hazel, that’s a no-no for 6 weeks. 😉 And really, she wouldn’t be feeling up for that right after delivering. So I imagine they’ll pop out one more, at some point in time. She’s really become this little breeder, who-da-thunk.

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10 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2013”

  1. That first picture of Julia is very beautiful! I truly hope she will grow into that jaw, because without it she looks amazing!

    Monroe is a great name, as is Bea. I hope Hazel and Jude would have more babies. They are both gorgeous, and know some good names 😉

  2. That hospital scene was excellent! I hope to get more patience one day so I can have pics like that :). Julia reminds of of Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer. She looks just like Demi, she just inherited his jaw line! Maybe she will grow into it more, but it’s not that bad right now, just makes her look unique 🙂

  3. Oooh! Fantastic pictures! Very nice setups there. I especially love the one where she’s in labor, and he’s holding her hand, awww! (Though Jude could stand to look a little less gleeful – if I were Hazel, I’d swat him across the head, lol!) How did you get the birthing animation to play on a community lot? Or isn’t that a community lot?

    Julia is lovely too! 🙂

  4. Aw, congrats to Jude and Hazel and Bea! Love the hospital pictures. 🙂 lol at them trying for a baby before they’ve even left the hospital. A little eager, aren’t we? 😉

    Julia is very pretty!

  5. Thanks for reading!

    I didn’t remember what Rumer looked like, but you are right about her jaw! How funny how that works out with genes.

    Julia’s jaw doesn’t bother me too much, but then I also like Calvin and Troy’s jaw in Sullivan. 😉 As long as it doesn’t get even more jaunty as an adult, I think she’ll be alright.

    Laura, the hospital is actually a residential lot. I have sims move there when they are sick, for instance Regina was there after ROS had her get pneumonia. Randy as well when he was to die from poison. When I have hospital births, the moms move in (I use Insim family tree), have baby, and then I put them back home after wards. That way there’s actually “hospital” stay, which is how I like to do it. Especially for long stays like Regina’s.

  6. Julia looks amazing! She’s a pretty girl.

    I love the hospital-brith. You’ve put everything so good in those pictures!

    Welcome little Monroe!!

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