taking turns

december 2013
Quinten Siew (23 years), Rebecca Siew (23 years), Scarlett Siew (3 years),
(Grace Andersen – 23 years)

narrated by: Rebecca

Shortly after Quint got his job as a Paramedic, Dr. Regina Russo changed his shift to 8:00pm, so we didn’t end up needing a nanny for too long after all. I kind of wish we did though. I miss having my evenings free with Quint, that it’d almost be better if Scarlett spent a few hours with Gretchen. We try to make the most of our time together, he gets Scarlett up in the mornings.

While I get ready and make breakfast. We’ve made it work, but Quint isn’t satisfied being a paramedic. Now he wants to go back to college and get a higher degree. Originally he wanted to try for a baby in a year, which is now, but is saying a different story now. If he got a higher degree, better paying job, then we could get a bigger house and then have a baby.

I’ve never needed all those things to be happy, and I didn’t know Quint was really that kind of guy. He was unmotivated when we started dating, and even after we had Scarlett. Suddenly he has the fancy to be a doctor. I can’t say no to him though. If it’s what he really wants, and we are both still young enough. I sort of wish we hadn’t tried for a family right away, then none of this would matter. I just worry about Scarlett being so old when we finally have another baby.

I call Paloma Creelman to come babysit Scarlett so me and Quint can get some Christmas shopping done. Our college friend, Reed can usually hook us up at his little shop, The Toy Box.

I also made an appointment with Grace to get a haircut at Salon Sisters. I’ve had long hair since I was in kindergarten, and I’m ready for something lighter and less work.

I almost back out of it but Grace assured me that I’d look good with short hair. When I was little my Mom always told me that a girl with a wide mouth, needed long hair to look in balance. I’ve kept that thought in my head all these years, and it seemed unnatural to go against my Mom’s wisdom.

But Grace is a goddess with clippers, and I love it.

The last stop was to buy a car. The bus only has one stop in Millwood, and we both work in South Port. Quint did the math and this will eventually save us money. It’s just not easy trying to decide on a car, it’s a big purchase, and we both had differing ideas. I didn’t think a mini van was a bad idea, especially if we have another one, but Quint was completely against that idea.

In the end we decided on a basic sedan; it doesn’t even have automatic windows, I didn’t know cars like that existed anymore. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough saved so we had to pull out a loan, but we no longer have a house loan, so it won’t be too hard to get it paid off.

All in all it was a successful outing, we got back in time for Quint to drive the new car to work, and I got to clean the house. Paloma doesn’t worry too much about cleaning dishes when she babysits, which I don’t mind. But sometimes the two girls can really tear the house up, and the next day Hazel was coming over.

She just had her son Monroe a few weeks ago, and is on maternity leave until mid-January. To cover the shift she had to temp hire someone, and in the end decided to close the Diner on Sundays, she’s actually considering it a permanent change. Which I’d really like.

When Hazel arrives, Bea and Scarlett pair off. They didn’t always get along, but it’s gotten much better now that they are older.

It’s almost painful holding Monroe, he smells so good, and I don’t want to hand him back at all. Who needs more college? Not me, I just need one of these.

Hazel surprised me by giving me a Christmas Bonus Check for $1000, a nice first payment for the sedan. I almost feel guilty that I don’t plan to work at the diner forever, but I’d really like to open my own pottery store someday. It had always been my goal, and I just sort of forgot about it with Quint and Scarlett. But I had found my college teapot in the attic, and I remembered how much I loved it. I had Quint pull down my old pottery wheel too. I still imagined it ages away, so I didn’t tell Hazel, but it didn’t make me feel less guilty.

I always have a good time with Hazel, I’d never say we were friends, but she’s a good woman to work for, and our girls like to play together. I’d like Grace to pop out a kid, cause we are close friends, she lives a block away, and it’d be great if our kids could become friends too.

After Hazel and the kids went home, I was sitting in the living room, trying to think of something to keep myself busy while Scarlett played with Gulliver, when the doorbell rang. Eva Barthelet was at the door, I don’t know her very well, she works opposite shift of me, and seems to be a pretty busy woman for the most part.

She barged into the house, and though I’m several inches taller, I was actually a little frightened by the short woman.

She’s yelling, and waving her arms, and stabbing my chest, and I can barely understand her. She doesn’t make any sense, something about her daughter Paloma, and how inappropriate it all is. I know I paid her, I did it myself. Then I understand, she’s accusing Quint of being inappropriate with her fifteen year old daughter.

It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and sickening.

I get the crazy lady out of my house, and I just know she’s lying. Her daughter isn’t the most trustworthy girl in the hood, but.. I can’t shake the but.

Quint comes down to the kitchen, he’s heard everything, and there it is on his face. He promises it wasn’t like it sounds. He just complimented her, said she was a pretty girl, but she must’ve taken it wrong.

He goes over the story, promising me it’s all the truth. Paloma is just a silly girl, she misunderstood. He didn’t even touch her, he swears.

I want to believe in him. I have a daughter with him, I don’t want to think the man I married likes teenage girls. I made him leave though, told him to find a friend’s house to stay at, and to give me some time. I almost broke my resolve when he went to kiss Scarlett goodbye, they’ve always had a closer connection than I do with her. She’s Daddy’s little princess through and through.

Part of me thinks that if he was innocent he would have fought more to stay, the other part thinks he is innocent and I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. I can’t feel my stomach when the taxi pulls up and he gets in.

I get Scarlett out of bed, to hug her, and snuggle.

I almost get into bed, but rush downstairs to turn on the outside light. Just in case. Though I don’t know why he would come back now, it’s already past midnight. I don’t know where he even went to stay, and neither of us own a cell phone.

Gretchen comes to babysit in the morning, I called her right away to see if she could babysit for my shift. She was a real life saver, but Scarlett wanted her Daddy, and wouldn’t stop screaming for him.

After a crummy day at work, where I kept hoping that the door chime would come from Quint, I got home to find that Scarlett was in a foul mood, and didn’t have a good nap that day. Then Gulliver just upped and peed on the furniture, he’s never done that since he was a puppy, here he is 3 years old and peeing in my living room.

I made dinner, then made Scarlett sit in the bathroom while I took a bath. These are the days I wish we had an actual shower in the house, or if Quint were here, he could read her stories like they usually do before he goes into work. I know he’s at work now, but I keep hoping he’ll call. If he were innocent, wouldn’t he call?

Went to get a drink and came back to Rebecca and Quint hating each other, and he had an affair icon with Paloma. Now I know they didn’t do anything serious. Jude has gotten an affair icon before, and I didn’t even know WHY, cause he wasn’t doing anything that I’d consider cheating. It’s gonna be all heresay on this one, as I didn’t see it. I’m guessing a low level flirt, still wrong, but not as bad (imo) as some woohoo. lol. Oh Paloma! That girl. So not the girl I thought she was. I saved, cause I usually try to stick with how things unroll.

Rebecca really, really wants a baby. It’s all she thinks about, wants, and dreams about. It’s just not working out for her.

I forgot to add Morgan’s pregnancy photos to the birthday thread, so they are up there now if anyone wants to peek in at her belly bump.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “taking turns”

  1. Oh dear! I wonder who initiated? Paloma is certainly seeming like trouble at this point, not that Quinten is completely innocent here!

    But I really liked how you wrote this in. I didn’t realise that this must have been what you were talking about on Twitter until I got to your notes. I do hope Quinten and Rebecca can work things out though, especially with Scarlett to consider.

  2. Whoa, I hope they can get everything worked out and that nothing went down with Paloma.

    It’s a bit sad that she’s craving a baby and that now plans keep changing-I bet it’s frustrating as well for her.

  3. So, this is the couple that you mentioned on Twitter. The things that happen when you are not looking. That is why, I always pause my game when I walk away from my screen.

    I hope Paloma’s story is the same as Quinten’s and the family can try and move one.

  4. Thanks for reading everyone! 🙂

    Flit, I hope that things work out too, they have great chemistry, and Scarlett really loves her Daddy. She also has the fear of her parents divorcing, so this would be pretty tragic right before aging up this spring.

    Carla, I wonder who initiated too. It’s too bad there isn’t an instant replay. I’m hoping things work out for them, I don’t think Quint was really hoping to find someone else, I’ll keep an eye on their wants and go with that.

    Star, I feel bad for Rebecca too, she just wants a baby, and nothing is working out for her. Scarlett turns 4 in the spring, and she’s wanted a new baby as soon as Scarlett was a few months old. That’s a lot of waiting!

    Monique, yes, this was them. I would say I always pause my game too, but apparently didn’t get it this time. I’m still surprised that I didn’t get it paused. My kitchen is like seven feet from my computer, the time it took to pour lemonade and walk back, and all heck broke lose. Sims really do need supervision.

  5. It all started out so well, a couple with a child thinking about the future, and then all of a sudden there was this angry mom… I’m curious who started the whole thing, Paloma or Quint. On the other hand, since you didn’t see it yourself, you can make it anything you want it to be!! Even though it’s sad to see a couple break up …
    On the other hand, maybe it wasn’t all that well, it seemed like they weren’t on the same page anymore, he wants a higher degree, and she wants a family.

    So this is the sim you were talking about in the comment on my post, the one you were thinking about of opening a potteryshop. Well I might as well say it here too, the big vase is an amphora, at least that’s what it’s called in my game and I play in Dutch. Anyway, it’s the thigh sims can create when they have a golden pottery-badge.

  6. Oh no! I feel so bad for them right now, I really hope that they can work it out, especially after all of the things they decided on this round. I swear, when she was telling him to leave, I was yelling at the screen “No! Take him back!” I can’t imagine that he would have done anything to Paloma, he doesn’t seem like the type of man to do something like that.

  7. Wow, you don’t pull any punches with these updates. LOL. I like Rebecca’s new haircut on a shallow note and I’m surprised she believed the whole thing about Quint enough to send him away. I hope things get settled on their part.

  8. Tanja, you know I think if things had been going better then it wouldn’t have been such a huge thing to Rebecca. As a couple, they seem to be on completely different pages, and it makes me feel they have kind of lost touch with one another. I’m hoping a little break and they realize what they had, or maybe not, and then it’s better they didn’t have two kids.

    Yep, this is the one who I had in mind for a pottery shop. Thanks for letting me know on the badge. I think she’s a silver, I didn’t realize that it got a huge size option with gold.

    Tessa, I don’t think he would have done anything that would have been so horrible to Paloma ether. I think he has a bit of temper about him, and that’s why he went so willingly.

    Heredon, lol No I don’t usually let much go. But I have been known to leave stuff out that isn’t really much of anything. I like Rebecca’s haircut too, I’ve had that thing in my download folder forever, and never had a sim that it looked that great on. I’m hoping they will realize how great they have things, and work on their relationship. I think it was just a tip of an iceberg really, with him changing his mind so darn much. He used to have the want for a baby, then not. And suddenly he wanted to get promoted (which means he needs to go back to school, cause he only has a 2 year Technical Degree).

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