singing like a bird

january 2014
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Norma Millett (61 years), Merrill Millett (60 years), Grant Millett (37 years), Leah Millett (35 years), Hadley Millett (13 years), Julia Millett (11 years), Simon Millett (3 years),

narrated by: Julia Millett

Dad spends most of his time working at the Northern Moose, winter time is the season for hunting, and super busy. Hadley has pretty much decided that she won’t get to run the family business and is going to become a doctor instead. She got really fascinated in it after everything with Mom and losing the baby. She hasn’t told that to anyone but me, everyone else would probably think it was twisted.

We have to do our homework together, because she has a more difficult time understanding the concept. At least at first. Grandma says that she has Dad’s mind, where it’s thicker like porridge but once it gets in, it really sinks. Grandma always says odd things.

Though it seems to be true, because Hadley’s grades have really improved. Maybe she will be a doctor one day, but I think we are a little young to really know these things.

She’s been “dating” Isaac Gavigan for almost two years now, though it’s only become official this winter. She was forbidden to have a steady boyfriend until she was thirteen, but there really hasn’t been any change since they took on the title. They’ve been kissing and holding hands for ages now.

He’s pretty perfect for her though, she bosses him around, and he seems to like it. I think she would do well to marry someone like Grandpa, who keeps quiet, and lets her wear the pants.

Everything is going better these days. Mom is finally like herself again, and is back to bickering with Grandma. It doesn’t seem like home without these two at odds with one another. She’s smiling and being attentive to all of us kids and especially Simon.

Sometimes I want to be a famous journalist when I grow up, but othertimes I want to be in a symphony and travel the world performing. I practice my writing, and violin skills, so when I’m older I’ll be prepared.

Some families don’t really expect a lot from their children, but ours does. Grandma and Grandpa are really strict about our grades, and school performance. When Principal Grimsley called home about Hadley’s behavior, they really brought the walls down on her, and she hasn’t stepped that out of line since. Grandma scares the crap out of everyone, except Mom.

They’re even strict with the family dog, Blue. Mom bought him to see if she wanted another baby, then she had Simon, and now the dog is Grandpa’s. Grandma makes sure that Blue is perfectly trained and played with, once in a while if she’s not busy with a Ladies Luncheon or baking for a potluck, she stands outside to make sure Grandpa plays with Blue the proper amount of time.

I don’t know much about who I’ll be when I grow up, cause Mom tells me all the time, that I just won’t know until I’m there. But I’m pretty positive that I won’t want to marry someone like Grandma or Grandpa, as much as I love them. And I really don’t want to live with my inlaws, because it’s always stressing Mom out.

Mom is always telling me to take it slow, and not worry about boys until I know who I am more. She says when she married Dad and had us, she didn’t even know half of the things she wanted in life.

It’s not hard to appease her. I don’t like any boys, not attainable ones anyway. I could join the Oliver McCarthy Fan Club, that Meg seems to be president off, but he’s six years older than me, not anything there for Mom to worry about.

As much as Hadley can annoy me, she’s great to have around for upperclassman friends. Isaac is friends with Oliver, and Hadley is friends with his girlfriend, Paloma. Sometimes they all come over and play video games, and I can’t help but feel really lucky.

Usually though, they hang outside and Hadley won’t let me join them.

I know that Hadley is friends with Paloma, but I secretly hope that Oliver breaks up with her. There’s a lot of talk around town, since she accused Quinten Siew of inappropriate flirting. I know Oliver could do with someone more serious, like me.

Paloma and Lauren came over for apple pie that Grandma made, and Paloma spilled that she made it all up, that she was just trying to make her Mom mad. She didn’t realize that Rebecca would be so mad. She didn’t look sorry one bit.

Me and Lauren don’t understand the older girls sometimes. Things like breaking up marriages, seem really horrible to us, but Paloma and Hadley don’t seem to think so, I just don’t get it.

Simon turns four in the summer, and I’m looking forward to that. Right now, it just seems he’s always underfoot, and getting into something or other.

Grandma who didn’t want Mom to have anymore kids, is really sad that her last grandbaby is off to school in the fall. She spoils him rotten, the little family namesake, the heir to the Northern Moose. She gives him whatever he wants; he might as well be a Prince. He’s a good kid though, and I’d rather have Grandma on Hadley’s back, and doting on Simon, than giving me the watchful eye.

The biggest problem on my horizon, is where are they going to put Simon to sleep once he’s four. Right now his crib is in Mom and Dad’s room, and there’s no way I want to share my room with Hadley and him. Grandpa talked about building onto the house for years, but he’s never done it, and whenever I ask, where Simon is going to sleep, they all tell me to stop worrying about it. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were planning to ship one of us off.

Notes: Sorry this took so long to get up, we were out of town, and then I got sucked into building Larch Publishing and Broadcasting, I put the tour up at N99, so I won’t put pictures up here.

Poor Leah, marrying Grant, I don’t think she quite knew what it would all mean in the beginning. I can just imagine Leah wanting to know when Norma was going to kick it, haha. Sadley for her, Norma is only 61, and isn’t going to die too soon.

Leah, Grant, and Norma all want another baby. But I actually did permanent measures on Leah, from complications from the last delivery. Other than that, Grant, Merrill, Norma all want the girls to be Overachievers. Which I’ve NEVER accomplished, mostly cause I never think about it, but I’m aiming to get these Millett girls there.

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7 thoughts on “singing like a bird

  1. Oooh Paloma!! Making it all up!! Does she know she’s breaking up a marriage? Does she even care?
    Is she a mean sim?
    Poor Leah like you said. I think it’s hard on her, living with her parents-in-law, they seem quite strickt.

    I’ve tryed oping the link to Larch Publishing and Broadcasting, bt you have to be registred and than send a motivation to the adminstrator, I got a really strange E-mail in reply, so I’m hoping I get accepted, because I really want to see it!

    1. Yay! I’m excited your joining N99, it’s my favorite sims community. About the only one I’ve ever stuck with anyway. You should get acceptance soon I’m guessing.

      As for Paloma, she’s not a mean sim. She’s what I consider to be a silly, stupid girl. lol. Naive so to speak. She doesn’t think through things before acting. She’ll probably feel bad when she’s older.

  2. Hadley and Julia are such pretty girls!

    Gosh, I can’t imagine Hadley marrying anyone who didn’t let her wear the pants. That’s a given!

    I guess it’s a good thing that Paloma has admitted she made it all up but what an awful thing for her to do. But she definitely comes across as naive and not purposely nasty. I think one day, she’s going to look back on it and feel ashamed of her actions. She reminds me of Patience in that way.

  3. Carla, I didn’t even think of Patience, but I totally agree with the comparison. I don’t think Paloma will feel good about some of the stuff she’s done when she’s got a better head on her.

    I agree that Hadley and Julia are pretty, and I’m glad that Julia is a nice sim, makes her a little more likable for other sims, though Hadley isn’t in short supply of friends.

    Heredon, I couldn’t deal with a grandma like that, Merrill is pretty laid back. He likes to do his manly pastimes, and is overall a pretty peaceable man. I think it’ll be hard on the family when Norma does pass, she kind of holds the family together, as opinionated and old-fashioned as she is.

    As for Paloma, she has lots of life to live that it could bite her. She’s already had her Dad die, which is pretty crummy.

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