New Arrival Orientation

Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you find a story or two to interest you! This particular post is pretty dated, my navigation has changed as my layout options have improved.

Likewise, I had a blast with my older stories, but they are several PCs ago, and sadly some used photobucket. With that said, you can read the older stories, but I can’t promise that it’s all visually appealing.

I highly suggest that you just jump in on the newest posts, and maybe use the name tags for specific sims that you are interested in. They’ll be more spot on with the family previous/next tags.

Happy Simming!!

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First, thanks for stopping by my blog. I decided to add this little section as a “Welcome!” after a post at N99. I thought it might be a good idea to compile some basic information for any new visitors to Millwood.

Millwood is first and foremost, a compiling of sim-inspired stories. Plainly speaking, there is no real beginning or end to the stories, I follow through generations of sims living in the Millwood; I’ve been playing many of these families since 2004, but didn’t begin blogging them until June 2009.

I would gladly take suggestions on the organization of this blog.

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Where to begin! Don’t know where to go?

The cast of characters and their respective profiles can be found in the Census post which is updated regularly with new arrivals.

In the Schedule Index is where you’ll find past rounds with links to each story. This could be used as a chapter index, Round 2 is the beginning, and starts with Abby Creelman’s update. Warning though, graphics and story abilities improve in time with practice (and new computer).

I have also painstakingly added some navigation within each post, in hopes to make visiting Millwood less finicky.

First, at the top of each post I have now added a next update link which is active when the newer family update goes live. This will keep you within a specific family/household/character. You can follow Annie Carver from the beginning of her story to her newest update.

These family oriented links are also at the end of a story, highlighted here in the yellow again.

In the pink is the basic navigation of the website, it will take you to the most recent update to the blog, and is not family/story specific. If you wanted to start with the very first post on the blog with Abby and hit the next button located in the pink, you would then read in chronological order the entirety of Millwood.

Anything before June 2009 is post-dated, mostly profiles and other organization links that I point to when necessary.

Lastly, you could jump right in. Each entry has a “previous update” link at the top, which you could follow all the way back to the beginning of a specific household, handy if confused, or if you want to just learn more about about that particular family.

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On to the locations:

Millwood is…

A quiet, sleepy town, settled by lumberjacks in the 1800’s, now it’s inhabited by middle-class labor workers, and those seeking a small town life. Beautiful pool and public parks, a pub, and one tiny restaurant is all that is commercially offered to it’s residence, in turn they have large yards, and homes for a portion of the price, as well as cheaper taxes. Everyone knows everyone, gossip is a pass-time, and there’s only one bus stop that leads into South Port, so most of the citizens own a vehicle.

Home for these households: Myra London, John Russo, Finn McCarthy, , Eva Barthelet, Grant Millett, Charlie Grimsley, Grace Andersen, Rebecca Siew

A thirty minute drive down the highway, past the McCarthy farm leads you into South Port, the mid-sized city of the area.

South Port is…

Diverse. Lower income apartments, run down public pool and community center when you first enter from Millwood.

There are also homes available for purchase in the city, for a large price tag, and a small plot of land.

Audubon Shore, located in city limits, some will break their backs and banks to be able to have this be their address. Prestigious houses, lots of land, some with their own docks and piece of shore.

South Port is home for these households: Mandy McCarthy, Ethan Traver, Cole London, Delaney Schehl, Kenzie Goss, Tim Grimsley, Hazel McCarthy, Zeke Traver, Emma McCarthy, Luca Traver, Annie Carver

Other Locations:

Sims that desire a military career, are required to attend boot camp in Texas. This is where they are sent to sweat their little tushes off, and earn the right to call themselves a solider.

Ah, Paris. Violet-Adele has left the comforts of her hometown, and is now residing in Paris, and this is what it looks like from the air.

While many of the vacation spots are considered a long distance from Millwood, the mountains are not. Several of the families own log cabins, or regularly visit the Cascade Range. As Millwood is located in Washington, so is the mountain range, making a quick jaunt up the mountain a feasible task for most households.

Also of Interest:
Up Close: Maps and Streets
Up Close: Commerce

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Thank you for stopping by!

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15 thoughts on “New Arrival Orientation”

  1. I really like this Maisie. (No, I never sleep.) I did something similar with HC although it was just a tour of the hood in general. I love seeing everyones hoods. Most are really thought out.

    1. Thanks! I love seeing hoods too. There’s usually a lot behind the scenes like movies, that you don’t necessarily see in the stories. I hardly sleep ether lol.

  2. Amazing Intro 🙂 I’m a new reader and can’t wait to catch up.This page is really helpful in grasping the background.I wasn’t exactly sure if I jump to the current post but after reading this page, I’m going to start from the beginning.

    1. Welcome Apple! I love having new readers! If you have any questions, or find anything that can be improved with navigation, just give me a shout! Hope you stick around past the beginning, eek! I always cringe when I look back to my old laptop photos and choppy style!

  3. Thanks, Maisie 🙂 I’ve a read the a few posts already and I love it! I’m trying to read as fast as I can so I can catch up with everyone else.I will definitely let you know if I have any questions.

  4. Oh I can’t wait to finish reading all of the this. I’ve been getting annoyed with TS3 lately so I started playing TS2 and I forgot how much fun it was!

    1. Welcome!! Yeah, I never got too involved with TS3, everything always seemed to corrupt, probably needed more cheats to keep it from imploding, but I love TS2. Let me know if you have any questions or even suggestions, if anything is confusing or you have an idea how it’d be better labeled for new readers, I’m all ears! I see you have a blog too, I’ll be checking it out, always looking for new sims blogs to read, love the blogging community! Thanks for commenting!

      1. Thanks and will do 🙂 My blog is the beginning of a TS3, but I don’t know if I’m going to finish. Playing TS2 now so maybe I’ll start fresh ❤

        1. Starting fresh is always fun too, especially if you aren’t enjoying TS3 anymore, can always use more TS2 blogs! Good luck with your decision!

          1. All your comments are making me want to play TS3 again hehe and I’m still going to make a TS2 blog.

  5. Millwood and the outer communities look absolutely Gorgeous! Did you create this neighborhood or uberhood yourself? I have not yet explored that part of ts2 yet, but would love to in the near future.

    1. Thank you Annastesia! I really need to update these pictures, some of them are quite outdated. I made all the neighborhoods, down to the terrains myself, excluding vacation hoods. It is a labor of love for me, that is for certain! South Port is my main hood, and Millwood is a shopping district, along with Eastborough University. It took many attempts and rebuilds to get everything where I have it now, and I’m still not done expanding and building. Thank you for commenting!

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