Russo, Traver Family

thing 1, thing 2

No babies were harmed in this update.
april 2014
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Zeke Traver (31 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (30 years), Lewis Huffman (8 years),

narrated by: Morgan Russo-Traver

This winter we officially became homeowners, and bought a three bedroom house on W. Prospect Avenue. Of course, with expecting twins, it might have been better to buy a four bedroom house. The third bedroom is rather smallish. Eventually I think this will be Lewis’ bedroom, but I really wanted the twins to be in the next room over from mine. We have our baby names narrowed down, so all we have left is to find out what they are, and to decide what color to paint the nursery. Right now it’s a horrible wallpaper from the previous owners.

I was thinking a buttercream, but Zeke thinks that is a girly color. I swear, I’ve never given this much thought over the gender of colors as I have since we moved in.

Zeke was hired at Larch Publishing and Broadcasting as their night shift, Technical Support Engineer. It’s not technically an all night shift, more of a late-second shift. Lewis and I go visit Zeke a few times a week after dinner. We were bringing him take out, but I was starting to put on more weight than I felt was necessary.

It’s much more relaxed in the evening, and most of the offices are locked up, and everyone just loves Lewis. He loves pushing the buttons and picking out candy. Zeke bought him a big bag of chocolate candy the first time we came, and now it’s tradition. Even when we bring an ice cream treat, he just eats both.

His office is rather cramped, and only has one small window, but the courtyard is stunning. Who would have thought to find a Koi pond in the middle of a city? Lewis feeds them too much, and I take a few minutes to catch up with Zeke about our day.

The hardest part of all this, is this college intern. She’s not his assistant, he’s too low on the totem pole for that, but she does assist him. Brings him coffee, stops by the deli, takes his mail to the postbox. I’m a secure woman, and I trust Zeke fully, so I’m blaming the pregnancy.

After visiting Zeke, it’s usually homework time, and then we begin our bedtime ritual. If I don’t watch Lewis brush his teeth, he just wets the toothbrush, and sticks toothpaste on his tongue.

And I read him bedtime stories. Zeke’s family never did this tradition, but I couldn’t imagine not. I still remember fondly, the days my father would return home, after months away with the military. I’d tuck in under his strong arms, and he’d tell me great stories of his time away, and read me children’s books that he bought from the other countries.

Lewis seems to enjoy this new tradition I brought into this little family. After all of that, I’m usually too tired to do much else, and find myself sleeping on the sofa. I can’t sleep in the big bed without Zeke, it feels wrong to go up to bed while he’s still out at work, so I sleep on the sofa. He fussed over me and how it couldn’t be comfortable for me or the babies in the beginning, but now he just comes home and wakes me up.

I took maternity leave early, it was practically forced on me by my mother since she’s my boss. She’s very excited for her first grandbabies, and twins! She exclaims whenever she talks about them being twins. Neither of my parent’s families have twins, and she’s beyond herself excited about this. Seeing that Zeke’s own mother, Kenzie is a twin, and her mother was a twin… well it was a possibility. Though I’ll admit that I was plenty surprised to find two babies in there, I didn’t plan to have more than two, and that’s counting Lewis.

It’s up to me to get Lewis out the door in the morning. He likes to play with his father’s toy car instead of get dressed.

I’ll call him down for breakfast, and I’ll hear his little feet running into my bedroom, where I find him sitting on the bed next to his Dad, and still in his pajamas. I don’t blame him, I’d like to stay in bed with Zeke too, only one more month before school is out. Having the twins in June is pretty perfect, since Lewis will be out of school, and I won’t have to worry about being awake at 6 in the morning.

I’ll also get a three month break from Barbara. They are at the same bus stop as Lewis, so every morning I get to hear her prattle on. She talks about fitness like she actually does something, but when you ask about her exercise regime, she has none. She doesn’t have time. I hate that excuse. I’m a doctor, I don’t want to hear excuses for not being healthy. Lewis really likes her twins, Riley and Caleb though, so I’ll allow them to come over this summer, hopefully Barbara will be too busy to stop for a visit though.

Kenzie came by to surprise Lewis after school, to take him away for an overnight trip in the mountains. Lewis has been begging to go hiking, and I am in no shape to do that, and Zeke didn’t feel comfortable leaving me behind. Lewis is very close with his Grandma, I really hope the twins will be also.

Zeke gives Lewis a talk about dangerous leaves, once in a while he gets a little worry in his mind, and gives out these little speeches. Lewis is a good kid, but he’s definitely an odd one, I don’t think he listens to his Dad at all when these speeches start. I imagine he’s thinking about aliens and spacecrafts.

Kenzie takes the opportunity to try and get the twins to kick. They almost always accommodate her, I would never tell my mother this, because they didn’t kick for her the one time she tried. I think my Mom’s feelings were hurt over that.

It was odd sending Lewis out for the night, we knew he’d be safe and have fun with Kenzie. He misses his Grandma a lot since she no longer babysits him. There’s been a lot of changes for Lewis in the past year.

Zeke wanted to take me dancing, we used to go dancing with Hazel and Jude before we started all this reproducing. But I just wanted to watch a movie and go to bed.

One of the ladies in the neighborhood had brought over a homemade pie, but I’d been too stuffed from dinner to have any. I woke up in the middle of the night from dreaming about this pie, so I went downstairs to cut a slice, and found that flies had infested it.

I can’t explain the grief and disappointment I felt over this. I felt horrible that this homemade pie was ruined, wasted, after the neighbor had been so kind to make one. I was sorely upset that I wanted to eat this pie, and clearly I couldn’t, not without making myself sick. Nothing sounded good, but this pie, and my negligence had gotten it ruined.

This is how Zeke found me in the kitchen, I’m not sure how much time had passed. I’m blaming pregnancy, again.

To make up for it, he took me to Shortstack Pancake House after Lewis got back home. Where I didn’t order their delicious pie, but pancakes.

We invited Hazel and her family over for a cookout in the evening. Her and her husband are vegetarian, so Zeke made Veggie Wraps, and the kids played. Hazel seems to be adjusted well enough in her role as Mom of two.

But it’s not giving me any confidence boost. When Monroe is crying, and Bea is dirty, and they are both demanding attention at the same time, I think, Oh my! I’m having twins! And I feel a little sick to my stomach.

Notes: Brenda, the assistant intern at LPB is not attracted to Zeke at all, they actually have a -32 chemistry. But Morgan really hated her when she met her, and kept giving her daggers. I also don’t know why but she doesn’t like Barbara ether. Morgan is a science hobby, but is over half-full of fitness enthusiasm, but when Barbara would talk fitness, Morgan was plain mad. But Morgan does like the twins, as does Lewis, and they live just around the corner from their house. Morgan is an average nice sim, so it’s not that, she’s a very serious sim, 0 or 1 point only in that one, so maybe those two girls are just too silly for her.

Morgan with her boys, I just liked this one a lot, but didn’t get it into the update.

Zeke and Morgan watching Lewis catch fireflies, another one I liked.

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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12 thoughts on “thing 1, thing 2”

  1. Oh gawd! When I saw her crying in front of the pie, I thought, “Oh no! She lost the babies!” The front angle made her stomach really small. But I continued reading and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I guess I’m still not over Deidre in Laurel Crossing her baby and Tessa (from Sullivan) passing away, that I assumed the worst.

    Great update.

  2. I agree with the pie scene almost looking like a miscarriage scene. Whew! I then laughed out loud about her grief over the pie…wow, pregnancy hormones are nothing to play with.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Wow I feel SO, SO bad about the miscarriage scare! I totally didn’t see that at all, didn’t even cross my mind. Sorry for the little mini-heart attacks.

    The twins are born in game, all healthy, and really adorable, so no worries. I’m hoping to get Finn’s household played this weekend, and get the summer birth thread up by Friday.

  4. It’s funny sometimes how you put together an update indtending one thing, and than other reading in something totally different! I was very happy that Morgan didn’t have a miscarriage!

    I don’t think Morgan has anything to worry about for having twins. She will roll into it like every mom had to do. Even Hazel was in that place once, and I’m sure she had her doubts then too. So I’m very confident that Morgan will be a great mom!

    I like the shot in the pancakehouse! Did you make someone own it, so they only serve pancakes?

  5. Hee hee… I know when your pregnant, a ruined pie is a big deal. But it’s kind of funny seeing how her hormones have her upset over things.

    I think it’s really sweet that they visit Zeke at work. I’m surprised she gets Lewis to sleep at all with candy and ice cream in his system!

  6. Seconding Tanja’s question about the pancake house! And I’m glad Morgan didn’t lose the twins… I’ve ended up taking out that pack from my hacks folder because it always upset me so much whenever it happened D:

  7. Aw, Morgan and her hormones! It’ll all be over soon and she’ll be feeling more like herself again. I’m glad she’s so happy with her boys. This family is doing so well.

    And it was so nice to hear how excited the grandparents are about the twins! Who wouldn’t be, I guess?

    I love their little garden/courtyard and the lunch with Jude and Hazel. I hope Morgan finds mothering twins a bit easier than she’s expecting.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Yep, I have a sim that owns the pancake house, no one I actually play, that way I could set up the uniforms and breakfast foods (pancakes/waffles and then eggs/bacon).

    Tanja, I think Morgan will do well too, twins is a lot though, so I’m sure she’ll have a little bit of a learning curve.

    D, I was thinking the same about all that sugar in Lewis. I’m sure Morgan wouldn’t let him get the M&M’s, but I think Lewis is super cute walking around with a big bag of M&M’s so I let him. lol

    Zee, I can understand taking it out, I’ve considered it myself, but it’s added such drastic changes in some of their lives, that I’ve left it. Violet-Adele ended up pregnant in college, lost it, broke up with her boyfriend, moved to Paris, then wanted her ex back, after he was married. lol. I don’t think any of it would have been such a tail-spin if she’d had the baby. But it is incredibly sad when it happens.

    Carla, I think the twins will be a redeeming factor for Regina/John in the whole mess. Though neither of them called/came over at all, and Kenzie did, so I’m banking on Kenzie being more involved in the twins lives than Regina/John, but she lives just a few blocks away.

    I like getting Hazel and Morgan together, but I was thinking this play session that the next time I do they will have 5 kids between them! I don’t know where I’ll put them all.

  9. I’m glad to see that Morgan and Zeke are settling in nicely, I can’t wait for the twins to arrive! It’s also good to see that Morgan and Lewis are getting along nicely, I think they’ll have a really good relationship in the future.

    Haha, poor Morgan and her hormones, I’m sure that she’ll be back to normal soon, and it’ll all be worth it when she has her two little ones with her ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Some of these shots are brilliant especially the one of Morgan sleeping on the couch and Zeke coming home. They had a really homey vibe to them.

    I cracked up as soon as I saw her sobbing over the pie and I knew it was going to be because of a missed opportunity.

    They seem to be settling down well.

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