big things ahead

may 2014
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Finn McCarthy (41 years), Nicole (41 years), Oliver (17 years), Zilla (8 years), Julius (8 years), Elias (8 years), Lily McCarthy (2 years),

narrated by: Oliver

I’m just finishing my junior year, and I’ve already got my acceptance letter into Eastborough University. I’ve decided that I want to work in education, and a four year degree is the best place to begin. Mom and Dad want me to go to the local business college like Grace and Emma did, but it doesn’t make sense for my career goals.

I don’t get paid working at Zoe-Gen for my Mom, and they’ve already told me that they won’t be able to help with any of my costs. So it’s up to me to get as much aid as possible, so far I’ve qualified for the Scholar Grant, and the Dannon Local Business Award, which pays for my first year in full.

Paloma isn’t very excited about my acceptance letter. There isn’t much I can say to ease her concerns, cause I have them myself. I catch a worried look in her eyes now and then, though she denies it most of the time.

When we were taking a walk around Millwood, she asked me if we were going to break up after graduation, and I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know who I’m supposed to talk to about my feelings, cause if I talked to Paloma about it, her feelings would be hurt.

Sometimes I just can’t get enough of her, and she’s sneaking me into her house while her Mom and Grandma are at work.

But other times, I’m running to Isaiah’s house just to catch my breath. Figuring out my future, my relationship, juggling my brothers and sisters, and my Mom constantly begging me to reconsider SPBC. It’s too much for me some days.

Isaiah graduates at the end of this month, and he’s off to Eastborough too, I don’t know where I’ll hang out next year. Though his place is a little annoying, cause his little brother Isaac is dating, Hadley, and they’ve grown less awkward with eachother, and more awkward to everyone else.

His Mom decided that she desperately wants a baby girl, and talks about her cycles regularly. Isaiah and Isaac are embarassed by their parents attached behavior, but I kind of like it. It’s nice to see two adults that have been together for two decades, still like each other, and kiss. I can’t remember the last time my parents kissed.

I’m hoping to find that kind of love, someday. Which leads me back to Paloma. She’s more wild than I’m inclined to be, and she’s stuck on me, more than I think I am for her. I’m not looking for someone else though ether. She’s been my pal for years, I can’t imagine not hanging out with her.

Girls are just more complicated, then I feel prepared to handle. Isaiah is sort of, sometimes seeing a girl named Elise, but she hits on me when Isaiah isn’t around.

Then she goes on kissing Isaiah. She’s going to college with him this year, and I’ll be glad when she’s gone. Girls seem like a lot of trouble.

I’ve gone over Mom’s budget, and she will need to hire someone to replace me, but the money just isn’t there. It would be, if she didn’t require so much of the income to make ends meet at home. Dad has been working over time, trying to get a promotion, but he hasn’t had one in more than six years.

Marta likes working for Mom, and selling the bridal gowns, but she’s concerned about the workload increase when I leave next year. Mom talked to me about hiring Paloma, but I told her to just wait on that. If we break up, that would make things really awkward.

I’ve heard that the dorms are small, and your roommates can suck, but I can’t wait to have my own space. A space that doesn’t have a diaper changing table in it, and dirty diapers in the pail. It will be weird leaving when Lily is only three years old, I feel like I won’t know her well, not like I know the others.

I keep an eye on her after school if Mom doesn’t need me at Zoe-Gen, I work mostly weekends there when it’s busy. I like Lily more now that she’s not a baby. She plays blocks, and talks more, and is overall a cute kid.

The twins are rowdy, they’ve made friends these other twins, Jett and Flint, they’re always bringing them home on the bus.

I do like having brothers though. They’re fun to go fishing with, since Dad isn’t around to do these things, I can teach them how to put a worm on the line. I tried teaching Zilla, but she thinks it’s gross and just befriends stray cats. It’s disturbing the amount of stray cats there are in the country.

My favorite times are when it’s just me and Paloma, and she isn’t asking me questions about our future. And neither of us are watching little kids, and we can just be. She’s my favorite person to do nothing with.

My Dad’s sister, Hazel came by unexpectedly to share the news that her husband, Jude leaves June 1st for his Pacific-Northwest tour, where he’s the opener of some bands I’ve never heard of. I think she was wanting Mom or Dad to invite her and the kids over a time or two this summer for some company. But they didn’t. I’ve heard Mom and Dad talk about them, and how they are following “pipe dreams.”

I told her that I’d stop by when I could to visit and play with my cousins. I’m pretty good playing with little kids, since there’s always been some in the house. I don’t know what made my parents so jaded, but I think it’s pretty neat that my uncle is a rocker. It’s probably best that I never had any “fantasy” career aspirations, I can’t imagine how my parents would have handled that.

Notes: Oliver will be off to college before I play this household again. I have no clue what Nicole will do with all these kids without a teenager to be home with them! She’s never had that. I’m going to work on finishing my new college so he can actually attend.

Oliver is working on another scholarship, he keeps rolling the want for more and more skills. So I’ll have him work on that while I play other households, that he has business being a visitor at. If he makes it, he does, otherwise he’ll just have to take out loans after the first year. I’m really excited to finish the college and start playing it, now that I have a handful of kids headed that way.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

may 2014
Nicole’s previous update/next update / Oliver’s next update

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13 thoughts on “big things ahead

  1. Oliver’s a good kid, with some serious thinking to do! He seems really into Paloma but I guess it remains to be seen whether they’re really suited to each other. A lot can happen in a year (or is Paloma 2 years younger?) and if Paloma decides not to go to college, they’ll be apart even longer. :\

    “His Mom decided that she desperately wants a baby girl, and talks about her cycles regularly.”

    LOL, I laughed so much at that! Poor Isaac and Isaiah – how mortifying!

    Also, Lily is just adorable! What a pretty little girl she is! I just noticed how fair she, Zilla and Julius are compared to their parents.

  2. Ohhh I forgot to mention that Isaac and Isaiah’s Mom DID conceive. She’s like 41 in the game, and I checked before leaving, and there was one bun on the way. They TFB autonomously, a few times while I played their lot. That kiss was just about the only time they left the bedroom, lots of kissing/dancing, and TFB.

    I noticed their fairness too, it comes from Mandy, her Mom was fair complected.

    Paloma is one year younger than Oliver, I have no clue if she’ll go to school, her family is worse off than Oliver’s, by a lot. I’ll be watching her more closely this next round, to see if she has the motivation to get in.

  3. I wonder what Oliver will do with Paloma. They have been together for quite some time now, and they really get along. One moment he doesn’t know, and the next those momens with Paloma are the best. Maybe he just fears the unknown of being alone, and is his relationship becomming something safe ….
    I’m hoping for Isaac and Isaiah’s mom it will be a girl, since that’s what she wants 🙂
    I was thinking about Lily’s skincolor too, and after Carla’s comment went looking for the others, there has to be some diversity, it wouldn’t be fun if they all look alike, and yet again it’s those great genetics that I love so much in action 🙂

    1. Tanja, I’m not sure what will happen with Oliver and Paloma, I’ll be watching their actions/wants after I send Oliver off to college.

      I’m hoping Isaac and Isaiah have a little sister too. The house I moved them into ages ago, came decorated with an entire girl nursery, which always makes me think that Mary is baby-girl-crazy.

      I always think the McCarthy kids look the same, lol, but they do have some diversity there, especially in the skintone department.

  4. Poor Oliver, the end of high school is just one decision after another! I’m glad that he didn’t give in to his parents’ request that he attend a more local school. I think he’s done alot for his family and deserves this time to himself. As far as Paloma is concerned, I don’t know if I see them sticking together. It may be tough since they seem to be so different and headed in different directions….but who know?! And Elise seems like trouble with a capital T!

    1. Yah, it doesn’t get easier on decisions after high school, that’s the truth. I’m happy that he’s going to college, he has scholarship/college wants consistently. He’s ready to break free from that jail called home.

      I know on Elise, right!? She was friends with Isaiah, and I never set it up or played her (Shes a townie), but I thought, hey she’s cute, lets invite her over. She was all over the boys. I’m sending her off to college too, she may be fun!

  5. Oliver seems to be the sweetest teen boy that’s ever lived! He has such a big heart, I hope things go well for him in college! I’m afraid Paloma is going to have some heartbreak in her future. 😦 But most young loves don’t last forever.

    1. It’s true that most young loves don’t last. And his parents, Nicole and Finn were young loves, had Grace at 17. And they are definitely not the happiest couple I’ve had in my game, by a long shot.

      I’m really looking forward to Oliver in college, without having to babysit all the time, and seeing how he behaves the way I think he will.

  6. Oliver seems like such a good kid. I hope he and Paloma can remain friends, no matter what happens.

    Finn and Nicole really strike me as the kind of people that think everyone else owes them something. Like, Oliver should go to school closer because he owes it to them to help out with the little kids. They can ignore Finn’s parents and the rest of his family until they need something (like a baby-sitter). I can imagine that they’re jaded in life, that maybe when they were young they had big dreams too but then all these kids came along and they’ve struggled to make ends meet and so it’s sucked the joy and optimism out of them. I do wish they’d be more open and accepting to the rest of the family though. 😦

    1. That is exactly how I see Finn and Nicole too, to a T. Then add that Finn didn’t have the want for all these kids, but Nicole always does. I picture her adding to the stress, never satisfied with the kids she has, always wanting more. Now they only have Grace left in Millwood to lend a hand, she’s always been a good daughter, but she’s hoping to start her own family. Who knows what will happen, I think Nicole would keel over before getting a nanny.

  7. Oh wow, I don’t know how you deal with such a big family! I have enough trouble with three or four kids hanging around… although someday I hope to actually fulfill crazy six-kid related wants in a Prosperity. Hopefully Oliver will be able to enjoy himself at college, he seems to have so many worries piling up on his head!

    1. Nicole and Finn have two grown daughters as well, Grace and Emma. They procreate without my permission, way too often.

      I’d say I would have been happy to have them stop at the three (Emma, Grace, and Oliver), but I really do adore the twins too.

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