summer 2014 birthdays

June 2014
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At South Metro Hospital, Morgan goes in to be induced with the twins.

She was fully expecting to have twin boys, it just seemed to make sense that she’d have sons. She was not expecting to have twin girls.

Cicely Russo-Traver

And Vivienne Russo-Traver.

Vivienne had some trouble keeping her O2 saturation high, and spent one night in the NICU. Grandma Regina decided to take the night shift, though she hadn’t done night shift work in a decade.

Morgan spent most of the night checking on the girls too, even though there were two doctors on duty.

The next day, their room was filled with family coming to coo and swoon over the babies. Grandma Kenzie, and Aunt Lorelei were determined to never let them go, even when big brother, Lewis begged to hold them.

Grandpa John was pretty pleased to have two little granddaughters. He made Morgan hold the opposite one in his view, so he could take them both in.

It’s been awhile since Zeke did anything with little babies, eight years since Lewis was one, and it’s going to take some getting use to. But Morgan can tell, they’ve already got him wrapped around their little fingers.

Vivienne & Cicely Russo-Traver

* * *

Charlie and Cara Grimsley’s daughter, Lulu turns four, and definitely has her Mom’s big, gorgeous eyes. But otherwise, I’m not entirely sure. Probably her Dad’s nose as well.

Grant and Leah‘s youngest, Simon also turns four. He’s looking much less creepy at four, and is pretty darn adorable with his blond hair and brown eyes.

Notes: Eek! I LOVE the twins, so sweet. I couldn’t stop playing the hospital, and all their families were super excited about the babies. Lorelei kept having baby-want clouds while she held them. I’m really excited with this birthday post, Simon isn’t scary anymore, the twins are darling, and Lulu is a cutie.

I hyphenated Morgan’s last name, and though she’s in the Traver household, the girls got her last name. I wasn’t sure how that would work, and I couldn’t decide if I should hyphenate or not. So the game decided for me. I’m thinking she’ll drop the Russo though. With girls they can’t carry it on, and Russo will be extinct.

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10 thoughts on “summer 2014 birthdays

  1. Ooo, twin girls! What a nice surprise! They looked darling, and I liked the part where the family met all of them a lot.

    Simon didn’t look too weird to begin with, in my opinion, but it’s pretty neat to see how sometimes the odd looking ones turn out the best looking. Lulu’s a cutie too!

  2. Lulu is so pretty. I think that’s definitely Charlie’s nose. And Simon is just too cute as well.

    And wow, twin girls for Morgan! I’m with her – I really thought she’d have twin boys for some reason. My gosh, how cute is that last picture with Lewis in the front and that cheesy grin!

  3. Congrats on the twin girls! I think the only thing “spooky” about Simon before was the way his eyebrows were, he looked like he was thinking evil thoughts. Now he just looks curious. A cutie indeed. Lulu is pretty too!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I absolutely adore the little twins. ❤

    It was definitely Simon's eyebrows that were creepy when he was a toddler, otherwise I think he'll be adorable. The Millett's have good genes.

    Carla, I've always wanted a family with all boys (I've NEVER had it), and thought that this was my chance… clearly that didn't go as planned. I really thought they'd make a great all-boy household too.

  5. Oh, sweet! Twins! Can I just say I am SUPER impressed by your hospital scene with Morgan! That first pic – LOL!

    But after, with the balloons, and the incubators – wow, so realistic! I can’t waiot to see the twins grow.

    And your sims do have GORGEOUS eyes.

  6. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    I’m excited to see the twins grow too, they are Leo/Capricorn, and *very* playful, while Morgan is *very* serious, I’m interested in seeing the dynamics as they grow up.

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