The Chronicle – August 2014

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written by: Jared Schehl

South Port native, Jude Woodfolk made his touring debut this summer, entertaining college students across the Pacific-Northwest with his folksy-rocker style.

His solo, “Hallucinogenic Disaster” was a hit, selling out of all his albums at the concerts. It is available though in audio format through “The Nile” the online music-magnate. His debut album, “Day Glo Feelings” releases this October in select music stores across the nation. It will feature “Hallucinogenic Disaster” as well as “64 Thousand Dollar Loser.”

When asked about any future tours, he hinted slightly at a spring tour for his new album. We’ll be keeping tabs on this up and coming musician.

I mentioned that Jude got promoted, and is officially a touring musician, trying to fulfill his LTW. I got the song titles from this generator. I’m pretty geeked over this, I’m hoping to finish making him an “album” with visuals/song titles.

He didn’t make any money this tour, as an opening act, he would be lucky to get paid anything. After hotel, and then investing in his own music (cause he’s an Indy kinda guy), he actually lost a little bit of money in this ($1500 to be exact). But it should pay off!

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7 thoughts on “The Chronicle – August 2014

  1. I tried out the generator with “key”. The mental visuals that come with the song titles I was given simply cracked me up.

    “Speeding key”?
    “Chasing the key”??

    Now how about “chasing the speeding key”??


  2. I love the generator, it will come in handy when Mellow Metal actually gets to start touring :)……Jude is making quite a name for himself, I can’t wait to see him get to the big time!

  3. Go, Jude! They say you have to spend money to make money and I guess that goes double if you’re independent like he is. Pics were great!

    And thanks for the link – I want to use this for the next Sim I put in the music career!

  4. I love the generator, and will be playing with it quite a lot, unfortunatly I don’t have any sims is the music career, or at least not one with ambition, other wise I would remember it.
    The pictures are looking great!

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