Jefferson High School

waiting for seventh hour

october 2014
Student Enrollment List
previous update: fall 2012

narrated by: Bekah Grimsley

I had to hire a teacher to take over for me last year while I went on maternity leave to have Holden, and I decided to keep Mr. Joyner. The school doesn’t need him at the moment, but we will in about three years. In the meantime, he has taken over the science class, and the students really like him.

He does a good job with his own class, and Mr. Up wasn’t the most qualified for physics, and now we have a teacher who is. Negative, the girls all think he’s cute, and spend a lot of time giggling about him. I’ve found many of small notes with his name on them. There aren’t enough students to hide initials, so I know who is crushing hard, including my own daughter, Lainey.

For literature, we have all the students in one class. With our decreased size this year, it doesn’t make sense to split it up, and I have Mr. Joyner help me in the room. He gets in my way more often than not.

Tim tells me to give him a chance before I kick him out of my lit class, but that’s easier said.

There’s always going to be the students who don’t stay in their seat, and that doesn’t seem to be cut down with Mr. Joyner helping out. And there are also the students that sit quietly and do their assigned reading. Oliver and Julia are the best students I have for that, I can count on them to have excellent speeches, essays, and to actually read the entire novel instead of skim it.

Peter is my student who tries hard, but has difficult time with the material. He’s a sophomore this year, and I’m not sure how much more I can do to help him in preperation for the real world. He is intereted in college, but I wonder if there are some students that would do better learning a technical career, and forgoing the large debt from college.

As long as he is willing to accept my help, it’s my job to prepare him for college, if he chooses to follow that path.

I took students up to the library to apply for scholarships. It’s a good idea to have them begin looking into this in their ninth year, instead of last minute when they can’t earn more. Hadley was surprised to see that she would get a scholarship for her grades if she maintained them. She’s only in the eighth grade though, and has years left to maintain that GPA, and work on adding more.

For students, like Peter, I put Mr. Up into the shop to teach the students practical skills, like building robots. Might not seem like the most useful skill, but the practices that go into making a fully workable robot are quite useful for computer or auto repair. All of the students seem to enjoy it, they all signed up to take the course, that we had to split it into three classes during the day.

They all seem to be quite proud of their accomplishments, even if it’s just a brick carved from stone.

Physical Education, has kept it’s ranking, of the least favorite class of all time. But I think the girls just dislike it when they have to participate, because I catch them gawking at the boys, mostly Oliver, when they are in the halls.

This year has been better for Lainey, she hangs out with Alice, Julia, and Lauren, which are all younger than her. With her crowd, I haven’t had to deal with Hadley drama once, which is a nice break.

Though the girls were all competent with soccer last year, they are quite lacking in their basketball skills.

I’m enjoying the relative calm we have going here. There aren’t fights breaking out in the halls, and the bullying has died out completely, for the time being. I’m relieved, because it was difficult for me to leave Holden and come back to work. We need my income, and I do love children, and literature, but it was difficult nonetheless.

Hadley still keeps me on my toes, but it’s mostly pranks, like soap in the fountain. I can handle this over make-out sessions in the library.

I was relieved when Hadley broke it off with Isaac, he’s a year older than her, and I didn’t see what they had in common. It always looked like Hadley just bossed him around, and he followed happily.

I think Hadley requires a stronger presence or she won’t feel challenge in the relationship. I don’t know what Isaac needs, probably to read this weeks chapters of “1984” so he doesn’t flunk my class.

I would feel better now, if Peter wouldn’t flirt with my daughter. She’s only in the eight grade, he’s too old for her, and not exactly on his way to brilliance anytime soon. Tim tells me I’m too harsh, he’s just a cop afterall. Is there anything wrong with wanting the best for my daughter?

At the end of the month, we have mid-term conferences. I moved the conferences to the middle of the term, so parents could help their students succeed for the last half of a semester. Delaney and Jared Schehl, now have three students in high school, Peter, Meg, and Lauren.

They have that kind of nervous look about them, sort of panicked, like they just realized there kids are growing up. Thankfully this year, Meg has behaved herself, she has been ever since she asked Oliver out, and he said no.

It’s hard to be honest, but withhold my opinion, especially when they ask my opinion about Peter. It’s not shameful for people to not be doctors or have degrees, but it’s not potically correct to say, that some students are better not attending college.

All in all, the Schehl kids are well-behaved, and they all work hard at their studies, and the parents leave with a look of relief and pride.

WHY did Hadley break up with Isaac?
Because when I told her to kiss her boyfriend, I got this response.




If that ain’t a good enough reason to break up, then I don’t know what is! They were both going steady, in love, and have two bolts, so I’m stumped. I’ve never seen a response like that on kissing your boyfriend, I had to keep making her do it, because I found it so funny. Poor brokenhearted Isaac, he never stood a chance with Hadley to begin with.

These guys were all behaving, even though Lainey and Hadley still hate each other, so Bekah had it pretty easy. In 3 years, she’s going to get seven new students. Not sure how easy life will be then.

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6 thoughts on “waiting for seventh hour”

  1. LOL! I’ve seen such a response before from really shy sims, I think they are distressed about the fact that they must initiate a social action more than the actual action. I wonder how she worded the fact that Peter should forego college, maybe if she can get him interested in a technical degree or skill then it would be easier, or she could have a college admissions counselor come in for the day to talk to the older students.

  2. I’m seriously laughing at that reaction to the kiss. How funny is that?

    Bekah seems to have a real problem with Mr. Joyner, I wonder what that is? Does she feel threatened or her space encroached on?

  3. I’ve had that happen too, like Starr. But I’ve noticed that some of my outgoing , popularity sims act that way too. I’ve never took it as them no longer liking the sim they are with though. Hmm, I’ll have to remember this based on each sim and their personality.

    All my students are normally well behaved. I wish I had some drama going on in my high school. LOL

  4. Oh, I’m so with Bekah! I hate having another teacher in the room while I’m teaching. It doesn’t sound like the female students mind having Mr Joyner around though!

    I love the girls checking out the boys in their PE class! How cute – they’re at a fun stage right now.

    I was planning on doing some kind of parent/teacher interviews eventually but I’ve been too lazy to think of how I wanted to do it. I like how you handled it.

    7 new students! How many will that be in total?

    I’ve seen that reaction to kissing before! It depends on their personality – mean Sims will respond like that when you ask them to do the sweeter kinds of kisses and shy Sims will do the same if you direct them to do the steamier types! Jonas and Tatiana still don’t like it when I tell them to make out (they’ll do it on their own without complaint though!) and they’ve been married for 20 years!

  5. Thanks everyone! πŸ™‚

    I’ve seen the response by shy sims to do things that they aren’t comfortable with (not kissing that I’ve noticed), but this was just a peck, and Hadley is the opposite of shy. They didn’t have high enough chemistry, and he’s kind of a weird bloke, so I’m ok with her reaction.

    Hadley put soap in the fountain, and he got REALLY upset over it too, another sign that it just wasn’t in the stars for these two. Hadley is always up to something mischievous.

    Star, Peter has the want for college, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with him. I haven’t used my Business college in a few years since Grace graduated from there. I’d want a few more students to choose that route before I “reopened” it’s doors. Otherwise it’d be yawn-worthy to play.

    Heredon, every time I look at those pictures they make me laugh. Ah, I just love the personalities in this game.

    Carla, I would hate teaching in front of other teachers too. It was bad enough helping out in the the sunday school room back in our hometown.

    In three years, there will be 13 students that are all main hood sims. Not sure how many when adding in the extras. I’m looking forward to all my grammar kids being in high school though!

  6. Seeing Hadley’s reaction when you told her to kiss Isaac I think it was for the best to let them break up. When you don’t want to kiss your boyfriend, and make those kind of faces it can’t be good.

    I like that picture of those girls checking out the boys in gymclass, I think it would be something I would have done when I was in school πŸ™‚

    I have the same problem with my elementary school next year, a shotage of teachers, I have a newly-graduate taking on the job temprarly. But this or course means that in a few rounds I’m going to have the same problem in my high school :s

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