winter 2014 birthday

Jude and Hazel‘s youngest, Monroe turns one this winter.

His big sister, Bea takes after her Daddy, and Monroe is McCarthy all over. (Look at this chin! So adorable!)

He reminds me of his cousins, Julius and Elias when they were toddlers.

The only real unfortunate thing going for Monroe right now, is that he inherited his Grandpa George‘s nose. Though he’s so darn adorable, that I don’t think the girls will mind when he’s old enough to think about dating.

I pretty much adore this family to pieces.

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7 thoughts on “winter 2014 birthday

  1. Oh my gosh, Monroe is so cute (as is Bea, but that’s already been established many times!)

    He does look a lot like Julius and Elias, except maybe the eyes? Are they Jude’s eyes?

    1. LOL Yes, Bea’s cuteness has been established, she’ll be 4 in the fall, I’m excited to see her then.

      The actual eye color is a mess up on my part. I didn’t care for the brown eyes my McCarthy’s had, and went through editing a bunch of them. I had to go back to an old copy of the game, and lost all my edits. I didn’t realize I had until recently, but had already edited Monroe. So he should have the same eyes as his Mom, with the new brown… but doesn’t. I don’t know when I’ll go back through the entire McCarthy gang editing again.

  2. Oh, wow, cute pictures! Pity you lost your edits… I’ve had the same problem when I’ve had to restore a backup, not realising how much I’d lost until I’d been playing for a while…. and it always seems like more of a chore when you have to do something the second time 😦

    1. Ugh, I hate losing edits! I’ve had it happen a time or two before, and it’s such a drag. When I lost Jude (his entire file was bjorked somehow)I went to an old copy, and I’m *still!!* finding things that are lost.

      And it’s most definitely more of a chore the second time through! Who wants to do mundane things, twice, when we could be playing or writing. Not I!

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