sugar rainbow

december 2014
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Charlie Grimsley (29 years), Cara Grimsley (24 years), Rachael Darling (8 years), Lulu Grimsley (4 years), Jake Grimsley (1 year)

narrated by: Cara Grimsley

We’re still working opposite shifts, which I’ll admit is nice for Jake. Once he gets into preschool though, I’m hoping that Charlie will have been promoted to a day-shift police officer. I haven’t found the job shift from bartender to police officer to have any perks, other than the uniform. He gets paid less, and still has to work a second shift. Charlie reminds me that this is a career with potential, and tending bar is only a job.

He waits at the bus stop with Rebecca, who lives kitty corner to us. Since it’s outside our front door, he could easily wait inside, but Jake loves going outdoors, and the girls like waving at them as they get off the bus.

Last year, we had to work with Rachael to get her grades up, with figure skating as her reward. Now she’s getting steady B’s, but isn’t impressed with them. She wants to get straight A’s, and has made that her new goal.

It’s finally winter, so figure skating has picked back up again. It’s more complicated this year with Jake to tote around, he hates watching Rachael ice skate. So I usually have to find someone to leave him with, Rebecca will babysit sometimes. I felt bad for Linny, and invited her to take the classes too, they just had to pay for the lessons and uniforms, but I’d provide transportation.

I don’t think the girls really like that I did this. She doesn’t really like Lulu.

And I think Rachael feels that Linny steals the spotlight from her, because both girls are good at it. I regret inviting Linny along, but I think it’s good for her to have this opportunity. I’m hoping that the girls can all learn to get along and like one another.

I’m also hoping that it doesn’t break Rachael’s own confidence, now that there is some competition in her class.

Weekends are my favorite, with all of us home, I’m usually inspired to make pancakes for the kids. It’s hard to say no when they look up at me with their puppy eyes.

After the kids are all fed, that’s when Charlie and I usually sit down to eat. I tried feeding us all at the same time, but the girls eat too fast anyway, and Jake is impatient. If we hadn’t gotten pregnant by surprise with Lulu, I don’t know where we’d be now, but I’m happy with how everything has worked out.

Rachael seems genuinely happy, and a little sister seems to have been just the medicine she needed. The girls are always dancing, and horsing around together. Even though they are four years apart, they are pretty inseparable. When we go out in public, people always think they are twins, I blame Lulu’s height. I’m thinking she will be tall like me, whereas Rachael seems to have taken after Dad, Stephan.

I’m used to Charlie working nights at this point though I don’t always like it. We’ve gotten in to our own rhythm without him, usually some snuggling on the sofa, watching seasonal flicks, then off to bed.

Usually there’s a late wake-up call of Jake going potty in his diaper. He won’t sleep if it’s wet, and since we share a room, I wake up immediately. The girls are good at sleeping through the lamp, and diaper change though.

When I’m not busy with work, the kids, and trying to get over how sucky my own mother is, I try to reach out to Annie, her daughter, Ella is 2 1/2, and plays well with Jake.

Generally, we talk, and she vents about the hardships in her life, and the kids play. I usually prepare a light meal or snack, and we catch up. Last I knew, she hadn’t seen Matthew since Ella was born at Metro Hospital. She knows we don’t approve of any romantic relations with the married man, but we do encourage a father/daughter relationship for the two.

I was suspicious after Charlie went into work, and the pumpkin bread was eaten, and she was whispering into her phone. She rarely talks on the phone to anyone, she doesn’t have a large support group of friends, which is why I’ve taken her under my wing.

I really couldn’t believe her nerve though, letting him come to my house. He knows how strongly I feel against him. But there he was, slinking up my yard as I took out the garbage.

Annie tried to act surprised that he was over, but I know if I looked at her recent calls, that his name would be there. I just can’t believe that she’s still fooling around with him. She doesn’t need another Ella to care for, she can barely hold down a job, or feed the girl as it is.

She stepped outside with him, and left me to care for Ella. I text Charlie, I was steaming mad. It escalated when I saw her making out with him on my front porch. Who has that kind of nerve? He’s a married man, who is supposed to be working on his marriage. He’s my parents neighbors for Pete sake!

Ella was growing tired, and when I went to yell at her to come get her daughter and go home, she was gone. They weren’t anywhere that I could see. Maybe at the park across the street, but I didn’t see them. As mad as I was at Annie, I was completely upset for Ella. Growing up in that household wasn’t going to be pretty, I had hoped that Annie had learned her lesson on Matthew, but clearly that was too much to expect.

She didn’t come back in until it was half past eight, Ella was already sleeping, my girls were doing their homework. It was only us adults in the living room, and I tried to talk common sense into her, not very calmly I’ll admit. But she was defensive, and didn’t want to hear anything I had to say.

After she stormed out, rudely waking Ella up, I went to tuck in my own girls. Rachael was playing with Cupcake, and Lulu was already snuggled into her bed. I’m so grateful that I didn’t end up like Annie, and that my girls seemed oblivious to all of the events that had taken place.

More then ever, I’m grateful for Charlie. Who works odd shifts, and still maintains a decent level of patience with Jake, who really cries all the time.

Ella is adorable, poor little girl, having such messed up parents.

Annie kept calling like crazy, and came by to visit autonomously. I brought Ella in, cause she can’t really be home alone. And all the drama started. Annie had the want to invite Matthew over, had the want to kiss him. And as soon as the “invite over” rolled away, she got the want to woohoo with him. Lost cause much?

I’m hoping with Cara that Charlie will get to a day-shift, but not until Jake is ready for school. Cara has the want to buy a vacation house, forever now, I locked it. And I’m hoping by the time Jake is ready for school, they’ll make enough to do just that. Just a log cabin up the mountains, they aren’t an Island House, kind of family.

Rachael will indeed be shorter than her younger siblings, she has the short gene, and the other two have the tall gene.

I was thinking back, it’s funny how this entire little family was the result of Charlie walking by, and me discovering they had 3 bolts! And then ROS having Cara get knocked up with Lulu, then of course again with Jake. I didn’t know who the heck I was going to pair Cara up with, a few ideas, but this has all worked out so well, I think!

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9 thoughts on “sugar rainbow

  1. This was fun and full of drama, just how I like my updates.

    Annie is a mess and seems to keep inviting mess. She better get her act together or she might end up losing Ella.

    I can’t imagine working opposite shifts from my spouse. When do they spend time together?

  2. I agree, Annie is a mess, but Cara is a good friend for not kicking Matthew out as soon as he arrived-which I would have totally done and stopped speaking to her after dumping her kid on me. *sigh* Poor Ella.

  3. Okay, so is that umbrella from the prop hack recolourable and I just had no idea? Must experiment!

    Go Rachael trying so hard at school – that’s awesome that she has a new goal now. I love the figure skating pictures.

    Oh man, I can’t believe Annie is still wasting time with Matthew! She needs to move on! It’s not healthy for anybody. I don’t blame Cara for being angry. Annie is a hot mess for sure. Some people are like that, you know? They just crave drama and then they wonder why their lives suck.

    Question about your ages and heights: I noticed you said Lulu would be tall. So do your Sims have varying heights from childhood onwards? Like a 4 year-old destined to be tall would be visibly bigger than a 4 year-old destined to be short? I haven’t been doing that until the teen years but I actually considered it last time I did my heights. Was wondering how you handled that.

  4. THanks everyone!

    Heredon, if you like drama, then Annie is just your ticket. I really want something else for her, but she is not interested in my ideas. I was hoping she was done with Matthew, and she seemed to be for more than a year, and then she’s back to her old tricks. Oh how Matthew Picasso is the bane of my game!

    As for their time together, they really only do on days off, it was odd playing their house, cause his car pool, school bus, and Cara all arrived at the same time every afternoon. He’ll get to day shift at some point though.

    Starr, I feel sad for Ella too. She fell asleep on the middle of Cara’s living room floor. Annie is pretty lame for motherhood it would appear. I think Cara can only handle so much, she isn’t overly nice (like her own mother), and someone who is just this plain stupid and reckless, is bound to get on her nerves.

    Carla, Oh yes the umbrella has multiple colors. I was pretty displeased that Annie had wants for Matthew too, I’d like her to get a clue already. I think you’re right about some people just craving that kind of drama.

    As for the heights, I start with the genetics as soon as they turn toddler. Bea is tall for a toddler, so if she were by Lily-Mae or Ella, she’d be taller than both. Same for grade school kids. It’s mostly by a point. If Laura has the height at .98, then I use that for my average, short .97, and tall .99. And so on. That way I get diversity in the school ages.

    I do however make my heights go lower/higher than Laura has listed on her page when it comes to toddlers/children. Just to have more diversity.

    1. Thanks for explaining! My heights go a little lower than Laura’s but not higher – I find they look a little too stretched out if I do that. I’m going to have a think about this!

      1. I never go taller for adults and teens too, naturally. I do for toddlers though rather regularly. Brand new one year olds land around .92 and Bea is at 1.04 on the verge of childhood. I don’t generally go that high for everyone but she’s going to be tall, so it makes sense that she shows that now.

        My littlest sisters were the giants since forever. As babies, and in grade school they had to stand in the back with the boys. (There’s not a day that I don’t thank the stars for not being a giant woman!) lol.

        I do know that .89 on toddlers is too small. I was playing with Monroe and he shrunk into the ground when he sat at that height. But oh man he was c-u-t-e!

  5. The skating outfits = SO CUTE!

    Cara is a good mom. I ‘awwwwed’ when she made them pancakes for breakfast.

    However, the most interesting part of the update is definately the relationship between Annie and Matthew. She’s the other woman, for goodness sake! She should feel bad!

    And yes, poor Ella. Can’t wait to see what she’ll think of her mother when shes old enough to understand.

  6. Aw, poor Ella! I’m with Cara here, it can never be easy to grow up in a household like that!

    I love the picture of the parents waiting for the kids to come home from school, I especially like the umbrella 🙂

    I like the update in generall, and I like the family even more after what you said in your notes 🙂 It’s amazing what a walkby can do to a sim.

    I love it the Rachael has given herself a new goal, if she’s persistent I’m sure she’ll reach that goal!

  7. billy, yah Annie was really set on taking this update over. I almost went to her household and just played hers instead, but I’d already gotten so much of this update done, that I didn’t.

    I’m glad that Cara is a good Mom, she has a lot of her Mom’s attributes, but is somehow much harder of a worker. She’s a lazy sim, but actually had the want to get fit (she was overweight). I take that to mean she’s a hardworking gal.

    Tanja, Thanks, I liked the photo of them all outside. It started to rain and I was like, hey umbrella, Rebecca would totally have an umbrella. It is amazing what a walk by can do! All of this could have turned out horribly with the ROS knocking her up with Lulu, but they’ve really come together nicely.

    I hope Rachael can get the grade she wants, she’s unimpressed with the B’s, but she’s got skills and does her homework, but no budge on the grade level.

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