teen spirit

january 2015
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Delaney Schehl (52 years), Jared Schehl (51 years), Meg Schehl (16 years), Peter Schehl (16 years), Lauren Schehl (13 years)

narrated by: Jared Schehl

Delaney has been busy working on a Holiday Cookbook, it will be released this September, in time for the next holiday season.

I’ve been working hard at The Chronicle, recently got a promotion, and hoping to get another. I write articles on the side to keep my portfolio strong. Financially, we’ve paid off our huge house loan, and are now working on savings all around.

I often marvel at how unique each of my children are from one another. While Meg and Lauren have thrown more then their fair share of tantrums, that is about the only trait they share. Peter has a hidden artistic side, but overall he’s gullible. I don’t know how many times Meg tricks him, telling him that his ex-girlfriend, Paige is on the phone, or that it’s Lainey Grimsley. It’s always their Aunt Kenzie on the line. But every time, Peter falls for it.

The girls wrestle more then they did as kids, a morning doesn’t pass that they don’t punch each other to see who gets the bathroom next. The biggest mistake we made in buying this over-priced home, was buying one with only one bathroom.

Meg has changed in recent years, and grown more quiet. We never expected our dramatic Meg to become a bookworm; we’re hard pressed to find her not in her room with a book on her lap these days. Delaney thinks it has to do with Oliver rejecting her about four years ago.

She just hasn’t been the same over-the-top girl. We are hoping that it’s for the best.

I recently got the privilege of teaching the twins how to drive. Delaney confessed privately that she was too nervous to be a helpful instructor. I’m not as nervous, as I am a tad impatient. Meg sat at a two way stop, because the other guy was there first. I’ve told her many times, that left-hand turns have the least amount of right away unless it’s a four way stop, or a green arrow.

She’s studying her driving books, but is having issues remembering basic laws of the road. She recognizes all the blank street signs, and knows when to put her turn signal on, but can’t remember basic right away.

We had parent-teacher conference with Principal Grimsley and were discouraged by her lack of enthusiasm for Peter and his academics. Peter wants to go to college, and we aren’t sure she is on his team to encourage this achievement.

To give him an extra boost of encouragement, we opened up a college savings account for each of the kids, and had them all put in $5,000 to give them a good start. We are going to continue adding to it, gaining interest, and hoping to get enough saved to pay it full

I always expected Lauren to be a sweet girl, and I’ve found her to be my wildfire. She’s very athletic, and high energy. There isn’t an afternoon that she isn’t practicing soccer with her Christmas present, a soccer net, or hanging out with friends. She’s gotten Peter to help her out with her goal-kicking, and I’m hoping it helps slim him up. I think it’d boost his confidence if he was in better shape.

She’s the only one who spends a lot of time with Seoul, I believe she fetches the stick more than the dog does. She’s not interested in jogging, which disappoints Delaney, she’d like someone besides Seoul to run with.

She got in trouble twice recently, first her grades were dropping and she’s not allowed to participate in sports with anything less than a 3.0. She’s studying harder for it now, and I’m glad that Principal Grimsley has that rule enforced, it gives Lauren more motivation then anything we could say.

The second offense was much more serious than that though. Her and a few friends, somehow rented a room at the sleazy motel downtown, and got alcohol. Lauren was furious when I brought her home, and grounded her from everything, until she is thirty.

I was furious with her, but I hated being so harsh at the same time. She was really upset, and I couldn’t tell if it was just the grounding, or more. If Delaney hadn’t been at work, she could have got to the bottom of it.

Delaney did get to the bottom of it though, she overheard Meg and Lauren talking it over in their room that night.

Lauren had been upset, a Gavigan boy set up the entire event, and made moves on Lainey, then Lauren when he didn’t score with the first girl.

Julia eventually left early, and never drank. I wish that Lauren had done the same, she stayed even after throwing up.

Meg gave good advice, Delaney said. She was proud of her, and glad that she didn’t interupt. So neither of the girls know that we know, and we are keeping it that way. Lauren is still grounded, but we changed it from thirty to just a month.

We had Kenzie and her family over for dinner, the girls try to keep in touch regularly. They would be done with kids if they hadn’t adopted Dean.

Lauren is still sulking, and refuses to eat dinner with the family. I’m afraid my kids will be a bad example on Dean.

He’s a good kid, but outside of dinner, mine aren’t that interested in hanging out with him. He usually plays with the gerbil, Pumpkin, and my kids ignore him.

Delaney got sick of Lauren’s moping, so we decided to go out to dinner at the Pizza Palace. That’s where Meg and Peter both work at, so we like to go in and visit. A little dinner with just us and her, was sure to brighten her spirits.

I thought any improvement, would be a good one.

It wasn’t quite the evening Delaney was hoping for though. Her brother, Ethan’s wife, Meredith was there, and the two began fighting. I don’t even know what started the spat. To say that Delaney and Kenzie are not close with their brother and his family, would be an understatement. It’s well known, that even their own kids aren’t close to them.

Losing her cool, Delaney shouted that she was a better mother to Meredith, then she ever dreamed of being. Also revealing, that she is pregnant. My wife, is pregnant. Clearly she knew, and I can’t help but be suspicious that she was planning to reveal at the Pizza Palace.

This knowledge gave Meredith more fuel and fury, and upset Lauren, that she ran out of the restaurant bawling.

I managed to bring Lauren back into dinner, and get Delaney to step away from toxic-sister-in-law, and get a table. Meg was mad, ether that we were having another baby, that there was a fight in her place of work, or that we were there at all. It’s really hard to pinpoint one reason with her.

I could barely choke my pizza down, and they have good pizza. Lauren refused to sit with us at this point, and sat with Julia in the corner. Delaney gagged on her food, and all the memories of morning sickness came rushing back. Saving for college for our three teenage children, saving for this new baby, and our retirement.

I needed something, and they don’t sell it at the family-friendly, Pizza Palace. The pub down the road though had what I needed to take the edge off this particular day. Instead I took my wife and youngest home.

Notes: Two ROS’:
Delaney rolled to have fight a completely understandable fight. No one cares for Meredith.
Lauren was the lucky one who rolled to get grounded this round.

Delaney is set to 4, and Jared is set to 3. They’ve been trying for thirteen years for a fourth child with no success. I was rather surprised when they did this…

Delaney finally got that fourth, she’s always wanted. She’s 52 for pity sake! I think Jared will be ok, but he gets a lot of the parenting put on his lap with her chef work, and the girls really throw a lot of tantrums. Even still..

I’ve made my peace with it, due in fall 2015. I’ve had to do a lot of peace-making with my inner self this round so far. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “teen spirit”

    1. haha on the “i think” that’s pretty much how I felt. I really thought this was the *perfect* family, with their three teenagers, she got into shape when she was close to 50, and they just seemed to be doing well… Now another one. It’s so late in life to start over. They won’t have an issue with room though, cause Meg and Peter will be off to college shortly enough.

  1. Awesome update!

    WOW! Delaney beats my record of oldest mother ever – Araminta was 51 when Elspeth was born. But wow again…can’t get over that! The odds were so slim!

    I think it’s probably a good thing Meg and Peter will be out of the house soon. It looks like an insanely crazy household, what with all the fighting and grounding and general insanity!

  2. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    Heredon, it is a hectic household. Though Delaney wouldn’t have picked a fight with Meredith if ROS hadn’t made her. She’s much more peaceful generally. I’m not sure how I’ll like playing them with a little baby… time will tell.

    Carla, The odds were SO slim! I still can’t believe she did this to me, haha. They’ll be elders and the new kid will just be in grade school, and possibly they’ll be grandparents by then.

    This is such a fun house for me to play, cause the kids are such handfuls! In the picture with Peter on the phone with Meg up the stairs, I seriously think she pranked him.

    She answered the phone, and the thought bubble of Paige came up over her head, and she called Peter to the phone. Peter goes to the phone, makes that face, and the thought bubble of his Aunt Kenzie goes over his head. lol I’d never seen that before, and if anyone would do it, it’d be this household

  3. Yet did it again, read the whole post, and just now realized that I didn’t comment! I’m sorry for that!!

    Anyway, wow a 4th child!! This really wasn’t what I was expecting, and I’m sure Jared and Delaney weren’t either, not after all this time.
    On the other hand, it might be nice to have another child so long after the others, they can give it all of their attention, especially when the others move out, but I’m sure it will be hard too when they are all still at home.

    And wow, all those teenhormones!

    Love the update!!

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