McCarthy Family, Woodfolk

singing to wednesday

february 2015
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Hazel Woodfolk (33 years), Jude Woodfolk (32 years), Bea Woodfolk (3 years), Monroe Woodfolk (1 year),

narrated by: Hazel Woodfolk

We found out we are expecting our third, and likely, last baby. After Monroe was born, we immediately wanted to start trying again. The idea of having all the children close in age, sounded wonderful. We did hold off a little while though, and all of our children will be around 2 years apart in age, which is good for us.

I tell Monroe how he’s going to be a big brother, but the concept is lost on him.

It’s been one of the warmest winters that I can recall, here we are in February, and we haven’t had any snow accumulate. The kids like to play with the snowflakes, but I had hoped to make snowmen with them. This past fall we fenced in our yard, I was tired of having to walk the dogs to use the restroom. And I wanted the kids to have a safe place to play.

I’d like to get a little bit of play equipment back here for them too. It’d be nice to send the kids out back, instead of walking them to the park.

Especially next summer. I’ll be in my third trimester, and Jude is getting the details for his debut album tour. He’s still not the opening act, but this is big. He has his music blog where he keeps in touch with fans, and the amount of followers is greatly increasing. There is even a torrent with his music being shared, which he was pretty excited over. He even downloaded it to check it’s quality. Sometimes I think I married such a nerd, but I’m okay with that.

Everything at the diner is going wonderful with business. My only issue is Rebecca, I can tell that I’m losing her as my assistant manager. I knew it would come one day, but I’m still not certain what to do. She does wonderful with the teenagers, and none of my other employees can control a rowdy table like she can.

She’s been working here since she graduated from SPBC, almost five years now. It’s been difficult finding a work schedule that fit our busy lives, but we’ve finally found our niche, and I’m nervous to start over. I can’t promote anyone that works here now, so it means starting completely over with interviews.

I hated sharing with her that we were expecting, after the loss of her own baby, but it had to be done. I thought it was better if she heard from me, then someone else. She was genuinely happy for us, but I can’t help but wonder if she’s upset that we are going to have to have three, and she can’t seem to have two.

Mom and Dad come to visit every day I’m down here. Mom is going to be seventy next year, I just can’t believe that. Seems impossible that my parents can be old as my Grandparents were when I was a kid.

Mom raised me to be a vegetarian, but I think she’s getting lax about it these days. I’ve seen her sneak quite a few bites from Dad’s cheeseburgers, which normal vegetarians would never do.

I don’t know what I’d do without these two. Dad surprised me and Mom with a trip this spring to visit my sister, Violet-Adele, and I can’t wait to see her. She hasn’t been home in two and a half years, she’s never met Monroe in person. I’d love to bring him with, since he flies free on my lap, but there isn’t space.

We are going to try and cram into Vi’s apartment, and we have been warned it’s very tiny. It just wouldn’t be as much fun if we couldn’t spend our evenings together though, so it looks like me and Mom will be fighting it out over the sofa. I’ve talked all the details out with my baby sister, and we are both really excited, just have to wait until May to see her again.

In the meantime, we are up to our ears in toddlers. Bea’s fourth birthday is at the beginning of September, and just in time to start kindergarten. We have decided to go ahead and enroll her instead of holding her back a year.

Mom and Dad offered to babysit the kids so we could go out to The Red Mill for dinner. They remodeled everything sometime ago, and we hadn’t been in to see it yet. Bea and Monroe adore my parents, they’ve really invested a lot of themselves into our lives, which has paid off. Monroe doesn’t warm up to everybody, but he’s fine being left with them.

I can trust that the kids will be fed properly and put to bed at the right time as well. Which makes time out of the house, much more relaxed.

The best part, is Bea will use the potty for my Mom. We considered putting her into preschool, but you have to be potty trained to enroll, and Bea will not use the toilet for me. Mom says she’s very happy to do it for her, and that maybe I need to cheer more. I think it’s a battle of wills though, personally. She’s a happy kid, but a little stubborn, like her father.

At The Red Mill, I was really enjoying the new atmosphere they had given it, much more romantic with all the candlelight.

But Jude said, he was distracted by the server dumping a tray on a poor guys head. I’m glad I didn’t see it, but it made me nervous for my own head.

I was only momentarily relieved that we didn’t have the female server, when ours started making lewd comments about me. I was regretting coming out, and thinking we should have just stayed home and ordered in.

But Jude saved the night. He admitted to being nervous about this new tour this summer, and the commitment it will take if his career really takes off. He doesn’t like being away from me and the kids, and with Bea going to school, it’s not like we can just tour with him. I told him to not worry, as much as I love him, I don’t see him becoming the next KISS. This was his dream, and I supported his endeavors to reach it.

We are already discussing baby names, we still have our girl name left from Monroe, but no boy names. We still have ages before the baby is here though, plenty of time to come up with a name. I admitted though, that another little girl would be nice. Only because Bea has a bigger room than Monroe, and one of them has to share. Jude suggested moving, but I can’t imagine leaving our first home, we have so many memories here.

All in all, we had a really wonderful night out. I’m thinking of asking my parents to help us do this a few times a month, before Jude leaves again for the next tour. It’s a little hard to believe how great things are going for us right now, and that his dream of being a musician is actually unfolding.

When we got home, we sent my parents on their way, and got into bed.

It didn’t get much further than a few kisses though. Monroe woke up, and started crying for his Daddy. Bea seems to understand that Daddy goes off to sing, but Monroe seems more upset about the ordeal. Whenever Jude is gone to the recording studio or just to walk the dogs, he gets very distraught. I’m concerned about this summer, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Notes: Really? Could my sims roll smaller numbers if they tried? Delaney with a 1, and Hazel with a 2. These ladies could be 60, and knocking out kids with these numbers.

Hazel is really not impressed with public woohoo in her photo booth! I believe it was Paloma and her nephew, Oliver at it in this photo.

But after hours, she helped herself to some action… which I personally think, is a little ucky.

So the McCarthy clan is growing again. I love that all their kids are just about 2 years apart! It’s like they planned it that way all along. (They’ve tried or had oopsy for all their kids).

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10 thoughts on “singing to wednesday”

  1. Another baby! I can’t wait to meet the new little person. 😉

    If Hazel married a nerd, he’s a pretty hot nerd, lol! It’s awesome to read about how well Jude’s career is going. It’s sad that in order to do well, he has to spend so much time away from Hazel and the kids though.

    So much happening for this family. I love that they’re going to go and see Violet-Adele. Will it just be Hazel and her mum then? Is Jude staying at home playing Mr Mom?

    So, wait, do you actually understand those random rolled numbers? What do they mean? I’ve never been able to figure it out and I don’t recall the documentation being much help. :\

    1. I can’t wait for this baby ether! I can’t believe I have THREE people expecting, I’ve just begun this round!

      I’m really enjoying Jude’s music career, I wish we had all the cool Sims 1 equipment, and star status that they brought back for sims 3. It’d be a fun element to have with sims 2.

      Jude will be staying home, it’s just the two girls going to visit. I’m using it for Mandy’s household update, I got her home stuff taken care of, now I just get to do the fun part!

      As for the numbers, you just have to roll under the % number, so anything above 51, and she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. A 1 and 2 pretty much guarantee pregnancy, as at 52, Delaney’s was 3%.

  2. Wow! You’ve had such a baby boom this round so far! I can’t wait to meet the next little McCarthy though, I’m interested to see how much of a mix of Jude and Hazel this new addition will be!

    This little family is so adorable! I just adore them and their little adventures! 🙂 Hopefully Monroe will be able to cope while his father is away, although I wouldn’t want my father to be gone for that long either… But it’s all for the good of his career, right!

    1. It’s a very unexpected baby boom. I have a few other younger couples that keen on having their own babies, and all these other ladies are making me not want to allow them. I prefer to not have seven kids born at the same time, as I do with my current 9 year olds. It makes it a crazy class room, and I know it will be for high school/college too.

      I’m very excited to see their new baby though, Monroe takes after his Mom and Bea her Dad, so I wonder if the next one will be heavily one over the other, or a good mix! Too bad that at birth you can’t tell more than eye/skin color.

  3. Aww, another baby. That’s wonderful. I love Hazel’s fancy dress and hopefully she can find a replacement manager at the business. That’s great about Jude’s work. I’ve been setting up Aerial Bionic so that they can start thier second tour around to different hoods as well.

  4. I’m so happy they are going to have another baby, Bea and Monroe are so cute.
    I think it’s wonderfull how they manage children this young with Jude on the road a lot, but they really are going great.
    That’s good new about Judes work! Reading about Jude work makes me wish I had a sim in the music career to think out those kind of things!

    I love Hazel’s formalwear, she looks really good in it. And I absolutely LOVE The Red Mill, it looks so warm and inviting!

  5. Congrats on the other baby. They’re family is growing super fast. Are you actually going to take Jude out of play for his tour or are we going to follow him for a bit? I really like his tattoo too.

  6. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    Star, I love Hazel’s dress too. Its been in my game for a fair bit now, and I’ve never had a sim that I thought could pull it off, and Hazel with her long legs, can totally do it, even with two kids at home. I can’t wait to see all you do with Aerial Bionic! I have no clue who to hire to replace Rebecca… :-/ That’s why I’ve been putting off with her quitting.

    Tanja, I’m really happy they are having another one too! I think I found the perfect names for the next one, here’s hoping I don’t change my mind by the time it arrives. Maybe you have a teen in your game that aspires to be a musician! Thanks on the compliment on the Red Mill, I’ve had to redesign it twice now, due to back up versions of the game.

    Heredon, the last tour, I just did a little blurb in the newspaper for it with a photo. I’m not sure what I’ll do for this next one. I’d like to flesh it out more, just need to see what I can find for downloads, and I need to get my computer/storage devices out of the red. (Or Buy another external hard drive.) ONce that’s taken care of, I’m going to see what I can do for the guy. I wish we had the Superstar stuff from TS1. hrm.

    Choco, I agree, 3 kids that are all 2 years apart is a lot of work! They’ll be lucky to have Bea off to kindergarten by the time the new baby arrives, a little easier. I hope. I don’t know though, homework, school bus’… those aren’t always easier to manage.

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