spring 2015 birthdays

Dr. Morgan Russo-Traver is overwhelmed from the sudden influx of new patients, on top of sleep deprivation from her twins. She’s been trying to get them to sleep on the same schedule, but Vivienne insists on being an early bird, and Cicely is a night owl.

Chief of Staff, and her own mother, Dr. Regina Russo is not interested in excuses, as much as she loves her granddaughters. She insists there is no budget to hire a physician assistant to help with the new patients, and Morgan just needs to get it done.

And so she does.

Delaney Schehl is in her second trimester, and is beyond ecstatic that she is expecting a fourth child. She informs Morgan on all of her past pregnancy complications, and how they’ve tried for more than a decade for this little one. She is relieved to find that it’s not twins, Meg and Peter are all the twins she can handle.

Morgan goes over some of the risks and complications that are possible when having a baby this late in life. Briefly covers that her ovaries are not as healthy as they were at twenty, but a few blood tests and an ultrasound show that Baby Schehl is looking healthy and strong.

Her best friend, Hazel is back in the office, and is due in the fall once again. There hasn’t been any changes in recommendations since she delivered Monroe a year ago, so the visit is more of a catch-up. It’s not easy getting together in the winter, there’s always a snotty nose to avoid between the two of them.

Hazel is a little concerned about delivering early. Jude will be back from tour at the beginning of September, and she doesn’t want the baby to arrive before that. With her past history though, Morgan is sure Jude will be there in the delivery room once again.

Her last new patient, Emma McCarthy comes in with her older sister, Grace instead of her fiance. It’s clear to Morgan, that one of them is more excited about this pregnancy than the other.

She doesn’t normally perform ultrasounds this early in the pregnancy, but thought it might enthuse Emma more to see the baby. She’s not sure if that worked, but Grace was even more in love. Everything with baby McCarthy looked healthy although she was measuring small for her estimated due date.

After the appointment, Grace asked some of her own questions in the hall. What should she be doing to prepare her body for a baby? They were planning to start in the next year or two, and she didn’t want to mess anything up. Morgan suggested a multi-vitamin, and to just work on staying in shape, with Grace’s young age, there shouldn’t be any complications.

Grace was definitely excited about becoming an Aunt for the first time.

And perhaps a little jealous that it wasn’t her instead.

Also on Morgan’s schedule is Holden Grimsley, he just turned one and his mother, Bekah brought him in promptly for his wellness exam. He measured completely average, for height, weight, and head circumference. Bekah breathes a sigh of relief, one less thing to worry about.

Willa was one of my favorite toddlers, and her little brother is O.M.G. adorable!

He is possibly my favorite boy toddler ever. I took a zillion photos of the little chap just playing, and rubbing his eyes. He’s going to have his Daddy’s chin, cause it looks just like Willa’s as a tot. Dominant sucker, isn’t it?

I can.not believe the amount of pregnancies I got going so far, this round just started for pity sake. Emma got pregnant in November/Fall, so she should be farther along, but we are saying she is measuring small. She will deliver the baby in August, which would be her actual due date if I did that. The only reason I am with her, is that I want to do her own update. Wouldn’t have even been noticeable if the entire population wasn’t set on pro-creating at the same time. 😉

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5 thoughts on “spring 2015 birthdays”

  1. Oh my gosh, Holden is too, too, too adorable! He is Declan Romilly level-adorable (lol, and you know how much I love Declan)! Man, I keep scrolling back up to look at him again.

    So many new babies to look forward to! I have June birthdays to do, to age up Charlotte but the birthdays post after that (in August) is going to be full of pregnant women! Serious baby booms in Sullivan and in Millwood!

  2. Thanks you two! 🙂

    Carla, I absolutely adore Holden too!! I’m SO glad that I forgot to reset their birth control haha! It really is a big baby boom in these two hoods. I don’t know if Rebecca will try again, and Grace is pretty keen… I’ve barely started this round, and there’s so much going on with babies. I just hope it doesn’t end up like my current group of 9 year olds (which is 7 kids).

    Star, I’m a little excited (overwhelmed) to have a baby boom, it’s been a while that I’ve had so many this close. I may avoid the households that want to get pregnant, and move them to the back of the line up, cause I don’t want as many in the same group as my 9 year olds.

  3. I’m really excited to see those new babies! And I can’t help but wondering what kind of mother Emma will be …

    OMG!!! Holden is way too cute! He will be breaking many hearts one day!

  4. I’m VERY excited about all the new babies, what gender, and what the heck I’m going to name them! Cause I’m not sure at all!

    I absolutely adore Holden, I wonder who he will pair up with too!

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