across the pond

may 2015
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George McCarthy (71 years), Mandy McCarthy (69 years)
(Finn McCarthy – 42 years, Hazel McCarthy – 33 years, Violet-Adele McCarthy – 25 years, Emma McCarthy – 24 years, )

narrated by: Mandy McCarthy

We redecorated the living room, George thought it was about time since we hadn’t updated it in 30 years. I wasn’t sure how I would like it, all different and changed, but I really do. I can’t believe it took me so long to do this. I encouraged George to invite our son, Finn over to show him our new television. Finn was pretty impressed with the new decor, but thought our television was a little fuzzy.

The second agenda, was to give George the opportunity to discuss the situation of Emma with Finn. We found out through others that Emma was even pregnant. Of course we immediately called Finn and Nicole to see if it was true, and they said it was. Naturally we asked what they were going to do, and were told flatly that they weren’t supportive of any of it, and not helping in anyway.

We were surprised by their coldness over the situation, considering Nicole had gotten pregnant in high school and moved in with us. We had been nothing but helpful and supportive of them before Grace arrived, and after. It’s not like Emma is a teenage girl ether, she’s twenty-four, but we all know she isn’t in the most stable place in her life.

We probably shouldn’t have, but we set up it for Emma to come over for dinner. George had spoken with Finn, hoping to soften his heart on the issue, but he didn’t make any real headway. When Emma arrived, everything fell apart. Finn started yelling and saying all sorts of horrible things, and Emma wasn’t the kindest in return.

George sent Emma into the kitchen to keep me company while I prepared dinner, and he scolded Finn like he was a child under our roof again. He’s just so fed up with his behavior, and lack of involvement in Emma’s life, and over-using the kindness of Grace with having her constantly babysit Lily. Or asking us to watch Lily, but never letting us really be involved in their lives past that basic need they have. We’ve just really had it, and it hit a breaking point.

Of course, Finn didn’t stay, he took it off pretty quick after George lost his temper. I haven’t seen George be that upset in our entire marriage, and for Finn to just walk out without a second thought was really disheartening.

I’m geniunely concerned for Emma, and I really believe that if her parents put any effort into caring for her, that things would get better. She’s only been to the doctors once she said, but she has a horrible cough, that I’m concerned for her health. She brushes it off that it’s not a big deal, but I wonder if it’s finances that has her not going to the doctor.

Me and George aren’t spring chickens anymore, and I’d really like to feel confident that my children and grandchildren will be alright in the world.

We were able to get her to stay for dinner, but she didn’t open up about much. She’s still engaged to Chris, and the baby is due in August. She said the ultrasound showed one baby, and that it’s healthy albeit a little small. She headed home, and we encouraged her to call if she ever needed anything, but I doubt she would.

The next day, I was leaving George and my running mate, Sydney behind and on a flight to Paris with Hazel. It’s likely the best Christmas present I’ve received, and though I wish George was coming too, I was glad to have a long weekend with only my daughters.

Finally seeing her apartment, and where she lives and works was really great. Hearing about things, just isn’t the same as seeing with my own eyes, and I really needed that. I worry about Violet-Adele more than my other children.

She told me she had been seeing a man named Paul, but he broke up with her just before we arrived. He lives in the apartment upstairs, and she can’t avoid running into him in the hallway; it’s all very awkward she says.

We were able to get some alone time together to talk about things, Hazel constantly needed to use the restroom, or lay down some afternoons. I was hoping that the trip would put my mind at ease, but I’m still just as concerned over Vi as I was before I came here. I always wanted my girls to get their education, careers, and all of their personal goals in order before settling down, but I fear that I made Vi afraid of commitment all around.

I don’t expect her to be married at twenty-five, but I would like to see a few serious relationships under her belt, or at least moving towards a lasting relationship.

She’s having issues still with Bernadette, which have been ongoing since she came to Paris for the internship. They don’t have to see each other regularly, but are still forced to work on some projects. Hazel saw first hand how rude Bernadette is to Vi. She had called to chew her out because she had forgotten to finish some important paperwork that was needed to break ground.

Hazel has always been a tad protective, and she got up to talk with Bernadette herself. She insists that she wasn’t rude at all, just introduced herself, and said it was impolite of her to be so rude to Vi while she had company. Vi said she was a little fierce with Bernadette. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Hazel though.

Vi took a day off of work, which was all the vacation time she has gained so far, and showed us some local sights. It was great to see the city, it was my first time ever leaving the country.

But at the end of the day, my favorite times were sitting in our pajamas and eating the best Tiramisu I’ve ever tasted, and just chatting about anything and everything. I like watching my girls and seeing their close bond, despite the long distance between them.

Vi spends a lot of time on the phone with work, she seems pretty indispensable to me, for them to continue calling her for help.

For sleeping arrangements, I shared a bed with Vi in the loft, and Hazel got the sofa. It was decided after the first night of me on the sofa, that Hazel had to have it.

While she goes to bed when we do around ten o’clock, she wakes up around midnight, and stays up for a few hours. I’ll hear her in the kitchen getting a drink or a snack.

Or the laptop keys clicking, or her chuckling, as she chats with someone back home. One night, Grace was online, and another night she chatted with Jude for a good hour.

It’s really no wonder that she’s exhausted half way through the day, and heads back to the apartment to nap. She said she had insomnia like this with Bea, and so she thinks she will be having another girl. Only a few more months before we find out for sure, I wish she’d share the names with us, but she won’t. She insists that they don’t even have them decided for sure anyway.

On our last day in town, Vi had to go back into work, so I got ready to take her dog, Gustave out for a jog, while Hazel made us some brown rice hot cereal.

When I came back, I found Vi home early standing on the stoop and looking very upset. She looked embarrassed when I found her there, and then started crying as she told me how she was demoted back to drafts. She had lost her big project, and Bernadette was taking it over, and now in charge of overseeing the building of it.

Instinct made me want to insist she move back home immediately, and to let Bernadette have a piece of my mind, but I held my tongue on both accounts, and just gave her a hug.

We headed out to enjoy the beautiful day a little while after wards, and Vi did her best to stay in good spirits.

We went out to dinner, and Vi toasted Hazel and her growing family, with sparkling grape juice, and for a good weekend with her family. The dinner was amazing, and I tried my best to keep my spirits high for Vi.

It pained me to leave her behind in this big city alone, and freshly demoted, and dumped. But I had to do it; I tried showing how proud I was of her, and her achievements. I gave her encouraging words, that it would get better, and in her concerns over the perfect man, I assured her that she would find someone, someday and to not worry about it.

Vi promised she would be back sometime soon, maybe even Christmas this year. She hated that she hasn’t even met Monroe, and here was another baby about to be born, and Bea was off to kindergarten shortly as well. I do hope that she comes back, and maybe she’ll even have a beau to bring with her, but I didn’t mention that part.

Notes:A snap shot of Mandy and her two daughters:

Violet-Adele rolled the ROS to be dumped, she had started seeing Paul, but as soon as he met Hazel, suddenly Hazel was his *one* even though their relationship was less than 10 points daily. (And he was friends/flirty with Vi.) Looks like ROS saved the day with that one. Vi’s *one* is still Etienne, but his wants panel is filled with his new woman. Vi really did get demoted because of a chance card, just isn’t the luckiest girl in town that’s for sure.

George rolled the ROS to re-decorate, so I did their living room. Post coming mid-week with before/after shots. This post is long enough already!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “across the pond

  1. How cute are George and Mandy with their matching outfits? Aw. And I just noticed that Hazel almost matches as well!

    I’m glad George had it out with Finn. I think it’s been a long time coming, though I don’t know how much good it will do. I guess we can all hope that George at least planted some seeds in Finn’s mind, and he’ll start reconsidering how he treats his family.

    So nice to see Hazel and Mandy visiting Vi in Paris. What a shame she’s going through such a tough time though – getting dumped and then demoted. I can see how that would bring out the mama bear in Mandy but I think it was a good thing to leave it. Vi’s a big girl now and has to make her own decisions.

    Can’t wait to see the before/after shots!

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Yep, they match, it wasn’t intentional ether. I put Mandy in green, cause I think of it as her favorite color (all earth friendly, and healthy), and I just liked that outfit on George.

      George probably should have said something ages ago, before Emma fell into this cycle. I don’t know if it will do anything now, probably just cause more strife. I’d like Finn and Nicole to be more family-oriented, but I’m not holding my breath.

      I felt bad for Vi to roll that ROS and then get demoted on top of it. Vi’s ideal family size is one, but I don’t know if she’ll even have that! I forget that she’s only 25, but still, she’s not getting younger. 😉

  2. I agree with Carla, it’s good that George ‘talked’ with Finn, and I hope Finn takes it to heart and does something good with it!

    I love the trip to Paris! I think it was good for Vi to have her mother and sister over at this time in her life, even though they didn’t bud in too much. As Mandy I would love to see Vi settling down with someone and be happy!

    1. Thanks Tanja! 🙂

      I do hope that Finn turns a new leaf as well. Finn and Nicole were two of my favorites back when they had Grace, then Emma. I thought they were such a sweet family… I think they lost their motivation in life. Not sure if George’s talk will get them to stop being lazy and uninvolved.

      I’m glad you liked the trip to Paris, it was a lot of fun to send the girls to all the different Paris lots, and have people get to meet the Paris group. Now Hazel wants to be friends with Bernadette, silly sims. I’d really like to see Vi get a boyfriend, someone gorgeous to share her loft with her at least. I’m not in a rush for her to have a family, but I’d like to see her with someone. She seems lonely.

  3. I just went to Paris a couple of months ago, so this really excited me. You did it such justice! Wow, those lots were incredible. WOW!

    (I must admit I just assumed you were going to skip over any actual visiting of Parisian lots)

    It was nice to see Mandy spend so much time with both her daughters! And to escape from the drama back home. I loved the spring chickens line, haha!

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