summer 2015 birthdays

Time is closing in for those due at the end of the summer and early fall. Dr. Morgan Russo-Traver is looking forward to the arrival of the new babies. Though one of her patients brings more concern than excitement.

She had called her patient, Emma McCarthy regularly once she skipped her last appointment. It wasn’t until June that she finally came in with a horrible cough, practically dragged in by her fiance, Chris Holmes.

While Emma didn’t seem panicked over the upcoming delivery, she wasn’t glowing ether. She gave Emma a prescription for antibiotics to cover the cough that had settled in her chest, and put Chris in charge of getting her to appointments now that she was in her third trimester. She would need to be seen every two weeks until delivery.

Chris seemed fine to be put in this charge, but Emma was not impressed with the orders. Morgan is hoping for the best.

Originally, she had been concerned over Delaney Schehl‘s pregnancy, but it has turned out to be a very easy case. Delaney eats all her fruits and vegetables, and exercises daily. She’s not only doing everything a doctor could hope, but she’s very excited about the new baby which makes the appointments more pleasant.

Though Delaney is a great patient, Morgan can’t help but be bias when her best friend, Hazel Woodfolk comes in, with her husband, Jude in tow. They do an ultrasound to check in on the baby, and they discuss permanent measures. Hazel and Jude are positive that three will complete their family.

Also on Morgan’s agenda is her own twin daughters, Vivienne and Cicely.

Everyone swears that Vivienne takes after her mother, down to the eye brows and recessed chin.

Morgan, however thinks that both girls carry a strong resemblance to herself, though she will admit that Cicely reminds her of her step-son, Lewis more than Vivienne does.

* * *

In the college scene, Lorelei Goss graduates with a 2.7 GPA with a major in Business. She is hoping to open her own successful business chain, but in the mean time she got her old job back at The Red Mill. She will be moving into an apartment with her college gal pal, Erin half way through the summer.

College wasn’t always easy for Lorelei, but she’s hopeful that the real world will be easier, or at least have more men to choose from.

Her family came to celebrate her graduation.

Finn and Nicole‘s oldest son, Oliver is off to Eastborough in the fall. He isn’t sure what he will be studying, but his parents aren’t concerned, they are certain he will come to a decision quickly once he begins his classes.

* I’ve had a blast with Vivienne and Cicely! Their family update is next, and they were pretty fun girls to play. It’s been a while since I played twin toddlers.
* Oliver is a good mix of his parents, but he always reminds me of Nicole the most. Though he has his dad’s eye shape, mouth, chin, and whatever else.
* I can.not wait to start delivering these babies!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “summer 2015 birthdays

  1. I hope Emma pays attention to Chris and takes care of herself now. Good to see the two other pregnant women are doing well.

    Vivienne and Cicely are adorable! I think they both look like Morgan but with the light skin tone Cicely has, it’s easy to not notice that.

    Can’t wait to meet all these babies!

  2. Best wishes to Lorelei. I still remember her first day in the dorm which reminded me of the ‘good old days’ of living in a college dormitory. Her profile says she is populariy, so what’s she doign with a flour sack baby?

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Apple, I’m almost to the play session where Emma can have her baby finally. But it’s still a few updates away.

    Carla, I agree that the twins look remarkably like Morgan, very similar really for twins that are clearly not identical. I think they have different eye shapes/noses, and that may be all. They have different personality signs, but they are both complete goofballs.

    lepifera, Lorelei in college reminded me of my time there too! I’ve been trying to build up the college scene, and am having a horrible time remembering details. Or at least details that are useful for building. You know for Lorelei, thanks for pointing that out! I had a few sims that got the “jump bug” aka lost their aspirations, and I went off memory, thinking I *knew* what they were. I’ll have to go in and change Lorelei back, which will be good, cause she only “wants” 1 kid via Apple’s Ideal Family size, and I didn’t think “family” really fit her.

    1. Isn’t she though? I just think she’s such a pretty, feminine looking girl. I’m really pleased with how she’s aged up, a good mix of both her parents. Her profile looks a lot like her Great Aunt Myra, which I thought was neat when I realized that a bit ago.

      I have Emma’s birth next to play (two updates left to write still), but I’m going home to my Dad’s for Christmas, and won’t get to begin busting through the baby boom! I’m soo anxious to begin!

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