in the younger days

june 2015
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Zeke Traver (32 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (31 years), Lewis Huffman (9 years), Vivienne Russo-Traver (1 year), Cicely Russo-Traver (1 year)

narrated by: Morgan Russo-Traver

Zeke’s little sister, Lorelei graduated college this spring, and Kenzie threw a big party to celebrate. Lorelei is living with them until her roommate, Erin comes back to town. The twins pretty much adore her.

I’ve only met Kenzie’s twin sister, Delaney a handful of times, most of the visits have been as her doctor with this pregnancy. She is always asking questions, and trying to be the healthiest she can. Lorelei is really interested in everything pregnancy, if she had a husband, I think she’d already be trying to have one. Zeke doesn’t think so, but it is his baby sister, probably best for him to not think of it too much.

Lewis and Dean get kicked outside during the party to have a water balloon fight and stay out of the way. We talked to both the boys about how they are half-brothers when they were both going to the Grammar School. They seem to think it’s really cool, and brag about how no one else at school has their uncle that is also their half-brother.

We also go and visit my parents out in Millwood at least once a month. I know my parents would like us to visit more, but they are out of the way, and really there is only so much we can handle of them.

Of course Mom and Dad have accepted Zeke as much as I think they ever will, and they absolutely adore the girls. Instead of harping on me finding someone with a graduates degree, Mom harps Zeke about his parenting. He should discpline the girls, or he’s too hard on them, Lewis should know more, or be more calm, or speak two languages already. He just can’t win with my Mom.

It is nice getting out to my parent’s house and letting the kids run around. Our yard is rather small, and Kenzie lives right behind us, and her yard isn’t much better. Mom is bragging constantly at the hospital about the girls, and she’s more pleasurable to be around when one of our weekend visits is approaching.

Dad has been more calm now that he is looking at retiring from the military. We think he’s going to go stir crazy with Mom still working at the hospital, but he insists he’s ready to take it easy. I’m still not sure, I think he would benefit from a visit to their lake house instead.

The girls are quite spoiled by all their grandparents though, and I feel blessed that it’s all working out as nicely as it is. A few years ago, I didn’t know if Zeke would even settle down with me, or if my parents would ever be civil to him. Now we all can get together, though we can’t mix Mom with Kenzie yet. They still don’t see eye to eye on much of anything, except maybe the girls.

We’re falling into our summer routine, which is a little easier since I don’t have to worry about getting Lewis out the door in time for the bus. There were a few too many times this past year that he missed it entirely. Our nanny didn’t have any issue ether with adding Lewis to her charge, so it’s been an easy transition.

Zeke was working a second shift, but recently got promoted to a Technical Support Engineer, and now works a third shift. Instead of coming home late, he isn’t going in until 9:00pm, and coming home at 8:00 am. He helps me get the girls and Lewis fed, and ready, then he goes to sleep while the nanny cares for the kids.

I’m glad we can afford the nanny, but sometimes I think it’d be nice to have a Butler. Of course Zeke laughed at the idea, but he doesn’t realize how nice it would be, and we really could afford it if we looked at our budget better. For now though, we are just keeping things as they are.

Last month, I was promoted to head of my department, and with it got more responsibility, but lesser work hours. I like the diversity of my job though. It’s a nice break to see a teenager, who can tell me her problems, over a toddler who sometimes panics when I walk in the room. Though maternity will always be my favorite, I believe.

When I get home, the nanny is usually gone, and Zeke is playing with the girls.

Sometimes Caroline Welsh from work, comes over with her son, Alex. He’s three, but still plays well with the girls. I’m hoping once he starts preschool that him and Lewis can be buds, at least a little bit. At the moment, Lewis is more interested in his video games, then he is in the girls or Alex.

He’s still a handful, I hear that girls are easier at the younger age, and boys are easier as teens. I’m hoping that it’s true for Lewis. He reminds me of his father, and he’s about all the handful I need.

Zeke helps me get the girls down for bed at night, but he allows Lewis to stay up a little later.

Once Zeke leaves for work, then I have to nag at Lewis to get ready for bed. He’s nine years old, and every night there is a lecture for him to brush his teeth, put on his pajamas, and during the school year, get his homework done.

I look forward to weekends when we can sleep in and rest, while Lewis will sleep in, the girls don’t. I think Vivienne is the mastermind behind it, and that Cicely just follows the leader.

It never fails that they both come toddling into our room every weekend. I’m just grateful they aren’t trying to climb down the stairs, or get into messes.

Near the end of the month, Kenzie and Tyler offered to watch the kids, so we could use the coupon Lorelei gave us to eat at The Red Mill. If we came before five, we could get our meal half off.

Lewis was informed he needed to be helpful, and was forced to play outside with everyone else. We were told he did try and play with the girls.

But they just wanted us. Thankfully they accepted Kenzie and Tyler as adults.

I’m always impressed at how well Tyler does with the kids, he used to have such impatience with Lewis when I first met him. I don’t know if Dean softened him, or reminded him how much work kids really are, but he’s much better now.

We had a fabulous time eating out, and I told Zeke we could could skip the butler, if we could go up the mountains for a little weekend getaway. Some people don’t need a lot of time away as a couple, but I’m one girl who really does need the chance to reconnect with my husband.

It wasn’t hard to convince Zeke, he said we could save for it, as long as I bought something skimpy to wear underneath.

Notes:This was a good round for these two, Morgan got one promotion, and Zeke got two (one was a chance card). Sadly he went from second to first, then to third shift. But after this shift, I think that I made the rest of the career during daytime hours. Computer people work crazy hours though, so he just has to do his time.

Zeke rolled the want to flirt with Regina (though they aren’t friends). And John wanted to do some flirting… with Annie?!? So I think John is having a nervous breakdown, I blame the UFO abduction. Which I didn’t write in, but did happen to the poor bloke in game last round. When he got abducted, all the people in Millwood started getting fears or wants to be abducted too.

Morgan really did want to hire a Butler (my first sim to roll the want!) and she rolled the want to go on a vacation. So she definitely is feeling that she needs more help AND a vacation. Parenting twins and a step son, and being head of a department is no cake walk for Morgan.

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12 thoughts on “in the younger days

    1. She doesn’t have a ton, her parents do. But she isn’t hurting financially ether. She got a pretty nice little nest egg living alone with her doctor salary. Now that Zeke graduated from his adult classes and got a good job, he’s also bringing in a nice sum. They have no debt anymore ether. They are one of my eligible families to buy a cabin in the mountains if they wish, and I may have them do that next round. (Have to build a suitable one first!)

  1. Ah, poor Zeke! He really has the typical pushy mother-in-law with Regina, doesn’t he? It does seem like it’s at least mostly out of love though – she sure loves those kids! Definitely better than a few years’ back.

    I love that Dean and Lewis think their twisted family tree is cool! Lewis is too adorable in that family portrait too – you should frame that one!

    And oh my God, as if the picture of the twins climbing out of their crib wasn’t adorable enough, then there’s that picture of them both coming into their parents’ bedroom! Adorable!

    So Morgan’s a girl who likes her luxuries! That makes sense given what her upbringing must have been like, with her parents being so wealthy. Every time I get a Sim who wants to hire a butler, it’s some incredibly neat but poor Sim. Finn wanted to hire one when he and Victoria were in college with Declan!

    1. Thanks Carla! Regina definitely adores her grandbabies. She’s pretty sweet with them, rolled the want to teach them nursery rhyme, so I let her. And each of the girls rolled the want to sing nursery rhymes with Regina afterward.

      Dean and Lewis are goofballs together, definitely similar in personalities. I’m really glad they are so close. And now their backyards literally touch, so it’s not like they can’t hang out regularly.

      The twins are such handfuls! I couldn’t believe they both just upped and climbed out of bed. I was glad I actually caught it in a picture. I usually don’t.

      You are right, I should hang that picture up! I did their last family photo when Morgan was pregnant, but didn’t remember to do this one.

  2. I love the picture of the twins climbing out, too… and their cute pajamas! πŸ™‚ I’ve never managed to get a picture of a toddler doing that, never mind two of them.

    I had the same thing with all the people in my town rolling wants/fears about it, when one of my sims got abducted. I didn’t include it in my ‘realistic’ story, but it was definitely on everyone’s minds.

    1. I’ll admit I was pretty pleased capturing the twins doing that. I’ve sat and watched and watched tots before hoping they’ll climb out to no avail, then leave their room, and tada!

      It’s so funny that the sims just seem to know everything. Oh John got abducted! Now I’m afraid, though… I don’t technically know John. Gossiping pixels. πŸ˜‰

  3. I was just about to say I bet Morgan rolled a ‘hire a bulter’ want! I had my brokest sim in town roll that want, and I was like girl, please! Haha! This family seems really normal and stable… and cute! Those toddlers climbing out… adorable!

    I also liked the outing to the gparents and Morgan’s feelings about them.

    And talk about a skimpy dress! I was actually wondering, where did you get Morgan’s outfit?

    1. The family is doing good, I’m pretty happy about it. Now all Zeke needs is his inlaws liking him. Morgan lucked out, no one is more laid back than Kenzie in this town.

      haha Morgan’s dress is what she wore pre-Zeke. I like that color on her. πŸ™‚ Which outfit are you wondering about though for the WCIF? The dress or the purple sweater? I’ll have to look when I load the game. I’ve had both for a long while.

  4. Poor Zeke, I don’t think it’s easy to have Regina as your mother-in-law. It must be really hard to please her! But I’m happy the family found a way to keep everybody happy.

    I have to say that I absolutely love the view you get from Millwood from the different gardens.

    1. Thanks on the compliment! I’ve spent loads of time filling it all out and planning where everything goes. πŸ™‚

      Agreed, Regina wouldn’t be easy to please, and if I was Zeke, I’d be afraid of John too! They are the type of people who would intimidate me if I was thinking of joining the family. But it’s working out, and I’m glad. I give all the credit to the twins. πŸ™‚

  5. That family is really cute. They must be really busy with three kids, but they seem to handle it well. I hope Morgan and Zeke get to take a vacation together soon! They both deserve some time alone together. I think it’s great that their parents are so involved in the kids’ lives.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m going to build a cabin for this family for the N99 monthly challenge, so they’ll get a vacation! I’m looking forward to building it for them and playing their trip, when I get around to it. Morgan will have to wait a bit in the game before she gets to take off though.

      I really like that all the grandparents are involved too, they roll so many wants for the twins, and Kenzie does the same for Lewis too. It’s very sweet. They roll more wants for the grandkids than some of my parents roll for their own children.

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