real wasn’t my plan

july 2015
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Lorelei Goss (22 years), Erin Louie (22 years)

narrated by Lorelei

After graduating, I moved back home temporarily. Erin was going to be my roommate, but had to get things settled back at home before she could move out here permanently. It gave me time to find an affordable, two bedroom apartment to rent. Which wasn’t as easy as I had originally thought it would be. Most were one bedrooms, and the others that had multiple rooms were intended for families, and cost too much.

I did end up finding the perfect place on the corner of Frontier and Rutherford. Just a few blocks from The Red Mill, and most importantly, it had two bedrooms, and didn’t cost a fortune.

It was all set up that we could move in on July 15th, in the meantime I just enjoyed myself at home. Dad sold another book, this time it was a real Best Seller, raking in over $12,000 in royalties. When Mom came home, and Dad told her, she started crying uncontrollably. She’s always inspired all of us to go for our dreams, and that anything was possible, and Dad has written many books, but this is the first time it was such a hit.

We are all really proud of him. Dad wants to take a vacation this winter to a beach in the southern hemisphere, he thinks it’d be the perfect escape. I volunteered to keep Dean with me if they go through with it. I don’t think they have ever gone away just the two of them. When Dad met Mom she already had a very volatile Zeke to handle.

It’s nice being back home, my parents don’t have strict rules to abide by. I do help Dean pick up the dinner dishes, we just have a mutual respect for everyone and the shared spaces, that it makes living at home a pleasure.

I’ll miss having Dean at hand to play, and toss the football with.

But in the end, I’m really excited for my own place. I won’t have to live in the living room, and have no personal space. I understand why my parents bought another two bedroom home, but it’s made it a little difficult to get privacy in the evenings.

This spring I went to The Red Mill to speak with Eric about hiring me back as a server. I wasn’t trying to usurp Eva, but Eric fired her and promoted me to assistant manager.

Now I have to do Eva’s job, and it’s not easy. She had this post for years, and I feel incredibly guilty over the entire ordeal.

Eric is wanting me to take over management of it, and has even talked of selling me the business. He has his nightclub that he wants to make as successful as this one. I’m pretty baffled over it, I will admit that my lifetime dream is to be a business entrepreneur, and owning The Red Mill would be a huge jump start to my success.

In the meantime, I’m just focusing on learning all the skills this business requires.

When I guessed that Erin and my cousin, Colin were dating, I had been correct. They didn’t keep in touch much while we were finishing our senior year, but once we moved into our new apartment, he was over all the time. Luca usually came too, and generally lots of booze was involved.

I don’t have anything against my cousins, but they are messy slobs, and I’m the opposite. Add to it that Luca can’t hold his liquor, and it’s just not cool.

I like to suggest we head out, usually we just walk to Shortstack Pancake House, it’s right on the corner. None of us own vehicles, and they don’t sell alcohol which makes it the perfect place to hang out.

My cousin Luca seemed to be getting a crush on the server, Nadia, which I was relieved about. He’s spent too much time hung up on Meme, for pity sake he was the one to break up with her. If he didn’t want to do it, he shouldn’t have!

One night, when he went off to use to the bathroom, and Colin went out to smoke, I decided to approach her. I thought it was in the best interest of my cousin, and if she wasn’t interested then I wouldn’t have to even tell him.

She wasn’t uninterested per say, she just said that she was busy with work, and had a toddler son at home. Reading her body language, I think she likes Luca too.

I told Luca as we were leaving, and I think he might try himself next time.

At the apartment, it’s been difficult for Erin to get a job. She’s certain that any job not in her major, will destroy her chances for a good career in the future. She wants to be involved in the creation of video games, and I don’t think waiting tables or working at the gas station would ruin the chance of that; she’s certain it would.

As long as she pays her share of the rent, I don’t worry about it.

It’s always me though that has to go get the groceries. Mostly it’s her fear of the city. She’s from a rural town back in the midwest, and she’s terrified she’s going to get mugged. I grew up downtown, it doesn’t bother me at all.

She’s really lousy with laundry too. I have to wear black dresses for work, and only have a few of them, so when she did the wash and threw my satin dress in with the towels, I had a panic attack. I called my Mom for reassurance, and I think it made Erin feel horrible.

It’s not as much fun as I thought it would be, having Erin as a roommate. Part of it is that she is dating Colin, he’s always over, which makes it difficult for me and Erin to just hang out. I feel like a third wheel in my own home.

I could do without all the kissing too, and I don’t feel that I’m a prude.

So I spend time in my bedroom, reading business books. Most are about how to start a successful business, and how to decide what is needed in my current market. I made myself the goal to have my first business started before I turn thirty, and I hope these books are as helpful as they seem to be.

During the day, I usually take my nephew, Lewis down to the community center. He gets bored being cooped up with the nanny and the twins. I don’t get the feeling that he loves having toddlers in the home, but I tell him it’ll get better when they are a little older.

One rainy afternoon, we went inside the Community Center to play a board game, when Isaiah Gavigan sat down across from me. He used to hit on me in high school. It was incredibly awkward the way he smiled at me across the table.

He’s in college now, going to be a sophomore this fall, and wanted to catch up sometime. I wasn’t really feeling it, we weren’t friends back in high school. But I agreed, I’m not really in the position to be picky.

I agreed we could catch up, and met him at the Promenade le Jardin. He told me how his mother opened Mini Sprout, and he has a new baby brother. I was most interested in the fact that Eva had been hired there, and a little piece of my guilt ebbed away. At least I knew her girls weren’t out in Millwood starving to death.

The entire conversation of the “date” ended in five minutes; I tried to save the afternoon with some football. I’m pretty decent at it, since my big brother, Zeke has been throwing it at my head since I was a tot. Still, I’ve never seen a grown man behave this way to one of my tosses.

He made me feel like an amazon ape woman, and I’m barely five feet tall. He seemed kind of pissed off over the entire thing, which I didn’t understand. Though, if he had been an interesting person to talk to, I may have enjoyed his sort of smoldering look he gave me.

Instead I just feigned innocence, and made an excuse that I had to go into work early.

I may not have men falling head over heels for me, but I definitely feel confident enough in myself to not settle for that. Without a doubt, I need a man who is not afraid of a football, at the very least.

My sister-in-law, Morgan encouraged me to check out the Old Town Gardens, she said that her friend, Hazel frequented there, and always needed a good gardener to give a hand. It’s just a public owned garden, only a handful of people bother gardening there, and sometimes your fruit gets stolen.

I decided to check into it, and found Hazel there with her children. I began coming regularly after the first visit, her kids are well-behaved, and she’s very pregnant. She shouldn’t be out in the sun as much as she is, but she confessed she gets lonely at home with her husband touring.

So I keep her company, and we split the harvests, and I don’t have to worry about finding a boyfriend anytime soon, or if Colin is wearing clothes while sitting on my sofa.

Notes: Lorelei is BFF with her cousins, Luca and Colin, but she did seem a bit miffed at all the messes they made. She was constantly cleaning up their beer bottles, and dirty dishes, while everyone else partied.

I’m pretty pleased that Colin and Erin have hooked up. I didn’t have anyone planned for him, and didn’t even “know” Erin, she just ended up being a dormie that Lorelei immediately made friends with! It’s worked out so nicely.

She wants to own 5 businesses, not sure what she will open/buy. Any ideas?

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10 thoughts on “real wasn’t my plan

  1. Wow, she’s very ambitious. Considering her hobby is sports-I’d say a sports pub or even a gym or recreation field. I don’t know her interests though, I use that when deciding businesses to open as well. She could always start an arcade with her roommate and if she like gardening, then a produce stand perhaps.

    1. Ooh I didn’t consider what she may “be interested” in opening! I was just thinking, what my hood could use, haha. But YES! Most definitely sports something.

      Her top conversation (8 points and up):

      So definitely something with sports and entertainment. A pub like Applebees (but locally owned) could be pretty nifty! Arcade could be sweet too. I have one in the game, but never use it. I don’t like the actual lot, haha.

      Thank you for the ideas! I have a good starting point!

  2. I think the sports pub or gym would be a great idea! She is a very ambitious sim isn’t she? I feel bad for her, room mates can suck sometimes. I stayed with my bestfriend when we were in undergrad in the dorms and I vowed never to live with her again lol. It was the only way to save the friendship! Hope she finds a nice guy.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I agree sometimes its best to not live with friends! It mostly stems from neatness too, irl and in the case of Lorelei and Erin. I was really looking forward to these two rooming up, and a little surprised that it wasn’t as smooth right off the bat as I hoped. I’m still hopeful they’ll be able to be good roommates, I don’t want to move Lorelei and she can’t afford it… so she’ll just have to deal. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m so envious of your laundromat!!! πŸ˜€ What an amazing detail! I love the shot of it on the street corner too.

    Lorelei is so adorable and little! I loved the scene where she was throwing football with Isaiah. He’s a cutie. I keep hoping one of my girls will hook up with him in my hood, but no takers so far. Maybe Lorelei can date him to humor me for a bit, lol! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I’m really pleased with laundromat too. I’ve been wanting one for a long while, and finally got around to building it with Moghughson’s business/apt hack.

      Isaiah has good chemistry with Eva! But she’s in her forties, and I’m pretty sure she’s not interested in going there! But maybe she will! πŸ˜‰ She’s quite a bit shy, so I don’t see her being a cougar, but hey, I’ve been surprised by sims before!

      As for Lorelei and Isaiah, they didn’t end the date on a good note, they couldn’t even talk to one another without getting huffy.

  4. I can see Lorelei owning a sports bar! She’s got some experience with the Red Mill, so that would work out in her favour as well.

    It’s bit of a bummer for her that living with Erin isn’t as fun as it’s cracked up to be. They need to lay down some ground rules, #1 being “keep it in the bedroom”, lol!

    I wonder if having a football pegged at his head will turn Isaiah off, or if he’s going to keep pursuing Lorelei. He’s pretty cute. πŸ˜‰ Although it’s good that Lorelei is not going to settle. Just enjoy being single until the right guy comes along.

    And off topic, but I just realised how much Lorelei looks like Tyler, at least in the nose area! She’s definitely her father’s daughter!

    1. I can completely see the sports bar now too! I’m so excited that it was suggested! I think I’ll leave Red Mill to Eric, I like that he’s “always” on the lot, so I don’t have to load it. (crash issues leaving lots a lot). Yes Erin should keep it in the bedroom, and put away her dishes. I can imagine Lorelei laying down some laws to her cousins too, they’re pretty close.

      I hope Lorelei will find someone, she does have good chemistry out there, none with playables, that I can think of. I haven’t checked in a while, she’s young enough that I’m not too concerned.

      She does look like Tyler! She’s a good mix of Kenzie’s Aunt Myra from the side, but Tyler in coloring and in the front/cheeks. I took a picture of her next to Myra sometime back and was really surprised at the similarities, I’ve always took her as a mini-tyler.

  5. I liked this! There’s nothing better than new adults taking on the world, lol!

    That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, a two bedroom apartment with a roommate, so it was fun (and a little nerve wracking) to see Lorelai and Erin’s adventures.

    I really hope she can open up restaurants! I was touched by her how concerned she was that she had “taken” Eva’s job!

    Anyway, how’d you do the shot of Lorelai walking home with the groceries and handbag? That was sick!

    And I liked the number of community lots they visited, that must of been a lot of hard work!

  6. First, that street shot is to die for. OMG

    Lorelai is really growing up. New apartment, budding career and when it comes probably a budding romance.

    I’m not surprised living with Erin is harder than she thought. It’s hard to find the perfect roommate even if you think your friends will work.

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