pure summer

august 2015
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Norma Millett (62 years), Merrill Millett (61 years), Grant Millett (38 years), Leah Millett (36 years), Hadley Millett (14 years), Julia Millett (12 years), Simon Millett (5 years)

narrated by: Leah Millett

It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks, Hadley will begin high school. It’s just around the corner when she’ll be getting her driving license; it doesn’t help that her good friend, Meg already has hers. It’s still new having Hadley picked up by her friends, instead of her friends’ parents.

The only real good thing about the entire thing, is that Meg works and can’t come by all that frequently. It’s given Hadley more free time off the phone, that she has begun to hang out with Julia more. I like seeing the girls become closer.

Merrill and Norma decided to invest some of their profits into real estate, and purchased a cabin in the mountains. As much as I dislike the outdoors, I was excited to have some time to spend with my family without all the other social obligations. Julia asked the men if her friend Alice could come with, and they agreed.

Other than the last weekend of our trip though, it was just our family, and the in-laws. As much as Norma gets under my last nerve, she was kind enough to give the master bedroom to me and Grant. To say that we needed some alone time to reconnect would be an understatement.

I’m not certain what gets me down, but it happens regular enough. I watch the kids grow, but feel disconnected most days. Then there’s Grant, always busy with his activities, or the Northern Moose, and Merrill is great, but Norma undermines me. It’s exhausting.

Grant isn’t satisfied with our three children, he wants more. Despite the simple fact that I can no longer have children. He thinks adoption is something we should look into, and I’m not interested in the least.

Norma and Merrill are both on board for adoption, even though Norma was never pleased that we didn’t have a son first and call our family quits. She doesn’t like Simon, I’m positive she blames me for him turning out eccentric. If we adopted, than there is no piece of me in the equation, so surely he would be a better grandson.

She always wanted a grandson to run the Northern Moose when Merrill was too old to help Grant any longer. Hadley wanted this more than anything when she was a young girl, but now she has set her sights on becoming a doctor. I couldn’t be prouder of her ambition, her grades have improved, and I’d love to see one of my children break out of this house.

It’s clear though that Simon has no interest in running the family business. He likes to watch television, read about astronomy, and catch bugs. He is in first grade this fall, and he says he already knows he wants to be a scientist or astronaut when he grows up. All weak things in the eyes of Norma.

Norma was cruel to Julia, but she seems to like her better now that Simon is here. If I had the ability to have another child, maybe she’d like Simon more than that one. It’s given me and Simon a stronger bond though, while the family goes hiking we stay behind. It’s chilly in the mountains, even in the summer, and he practices reading one of his favorite storybooks.

Many times I feel that the girls are closer to Norma than myself. Julia isn’t a tom boy in any way, but she’s become such good friends with Hadley, that she spends most of her time with her.

If I could talk Grant into buying our own home, I know I’d be happier. Part of me isn’t certain though if the girls would even move with us, they are beyond close with their father, but they also are close with the grandparents. Every time I’ve tried bringing it up though he is not interested.

One night for dinner, Norma sent Grant to find Simon. None of us knew exactly where he took off to, but Norma knew she would be displeased with it.

Grant knew where to find him though, out in the front looking for beetles. He wants to set up a display to show his class, and has spent most of his free time devoted to this feat. Grant seems exasperated at Simon from time to time, but I don’t believe he has any ill feelings towards him like Norma does.

Merrill is usually gone like Grant, but during the vacation, he spent time playing board games with him. One night he told me that of all the things Simon was or wasn’t, he was without a doubt the smartest little kid he’d ever met.

It was very sweet of Merrill to say, I even noticed him spending more time with him, and inviting him along with his walks.
We all went down to the Harbor Lookout, and Simon spent most of his time with his Grandpa.

Earlier in the day we had all clamored up the stairs to get the view of the lake. It was stunning, but the stairwell was cramped, and the viewing deck wasn’t much roomier.

Overall though, I was glad that Merrill and Norma had invested in the vacation home. Everyone had a nice time, and the home is bigger than the house back in Millwood, so there is plenty of space to when we need some. Most of all though, I just enjoy listening to the kids up in their room, talking about boys, and Simon interjecting with his thoughts on the cycles of the moon.

On our last weekend there, Cole London dropped off his daughter, Alice, and Julia was beyond thrilled.

With those two, it’s nothing but girlish squeals and giggles. But it makes Hadley jealous, all of her friends had jobs and couldn’t come up.

I’ve learned from my own childhood, that three girls do not mix well, and mine don’t break that trend. Hadley was pushing Julia’s buttons, and swapping between being nice to Alice, to downright rude.

A few times I had to send her away from the girls so there could be peace, I attempted to get Hadley to play a game with me, but she wouldn’t have it. Norma made her a cake to brighten her spirits, which of course made Hadley pleased.

It did feel good to finally get back home to Millwood though I would miss the fireplace in my bedroom. The men, and Hadley were back to the Northern Moose to make up lost sales for the past week.

Hadley said they were beyond busy for a Monday, lots coming in for tents and supplies for Labor Day weekend. She even said that Oliver McCarthy came in with an old classmate, Henry Popper. I think Hadley found Henry cute, cause she had a shy smile about the corner of her lips when she told me about him.

As much as I enjoy summer, I am glad when the school bus pulls up on the last Thursday of the month, and when he comes by again in the afternoon. The routine of the kids in school, the men and Norma at the shop, and myself home with Blue is a nice routine.

Notes: The Millett’s got the cabin I built for the N99 project, tour here.

I don’t know what I’ll do with Leah, she isn’t very happy much of the time, but she loves Grant, and he loves her. Both the girls like Norma more than Leah, which has to sting a lot. Of all the “unmanly” kids there is in my game, Simon is one of them, he’s only high in neat/nice, science hobby, and all his conversation topics make Norma livid. He rolls lots of wants that are knowledge based, and I’m thinking his career will eventually be something in science, which is not the Northern Moose.

A few extra pics:

Julia is not a tomboy at all, she gets schooled by Hadley on the log roll. Which Hadley is really excited about!

And wussy Simon even beats Julia…

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10 thoughts on “pure summer

  1. I like Simon a lot, however I don’t care for Norma. Perhaps I don’t know enough about her and why she responds the way she does, but she irks me. She’s beyond blessed and yet it seems like having a “manly” man to take over the store is the most important thing for her.

    1. Thanks for commenting Starr! I think that Norma is just stuck in old gender roles, and her and Leah just have nothing in common at all. She might like Leah better if they didn’t live in the same household, but I don’t see that happening at all. I considered it this round, but Grant enjoys his parents company.

      I like Simon too! He’s such an odd fit for this family, no one has science for their hobbies, and no one is as nice/neat as him at all.

  2. I agree with Starr. I’m not liking Norma. I mean, what’s with her wanting this brut of a grandson to run the family business? Can’t a brainy man do the same thing? And I find it funny the the girls like their grandmother more over their mother. I feel bad that they can’t move out into their own home. With a woman like Norma as a mil I wouldn’t want to live with her either. UGH! lol

    1. Thanks for commenting Asha! I think in time that she’d settle for Simon to run the business, but I don’t think Simon will have any interest at all. He rolls all knowledge wants and television wants, haha. I don’t see him interested in selling camping gear or hunting supplies.

      Norma can be nice when she wants to be, I’m surprised Julia likes her more now though, cause Norma didn’t like Julia for the longest time, just like she doesn’t care for Simon. I think Leah should have realized she was marrying a Mama’s boy, and decided then if she could handle living with them until they kick it.. well with Norma, Merrill is perfectly harmless.

      Norma and Hadley are *very* similar in their bossy, demanding ways.

  3. Aw, poor Simon! He sounds like an awesome kid; it’s a shame his grandma can’t see that. He kind of reminds me of my Finn. He’s a Science Sim too, and maxed out in nice and neat.

    It makes sense that Leah would be closer to him in light of that, seeing she’s not so fond of Norma.

    I didn’t recognise it until you said but I can see where Hadley gets her obstinance from now! Julia got Norma’s looks and Hadley got her personality!

    1. Thanks Carla for commenting! 🙂

      Ooh he is like your Finn! Nothing like my Finn, haha. Hadley is just like her grandma, which makes sense why Leah isn’t very close with her ether. I think their relationship panel is about a 60, which is really low in my hood for parents.. unless it’s Meredith/Ethan, they have low scores too.

      I wish there were more options for science sims to do! It’s mostly the stars and ant collection, right? or am I missing something. Though bugs are for nature, he rolled the want, and I personally feel that bugs are science related too.

      1. They can also watch the Weather Channel for Science enthusiasm. But no, there’s not much to do for Science Sims. They could have at least made that deco microscope functional!

        I’ve always thought bugs would have fit in well with Science as well. I have some of my Science Sims collect bugs anyway.

  4. How awful for your own grandmother to not like you. I’ve had that happen to me, except my brother is the oldest, so he’s favored by both my mother and father’s mother. I know Simon is young but is there a chance that he feels the resentment from his grandmother? He seems to be a sweetheart but kids have tendency to pick these up pretty quickly.

  5. Simon sounds great and I can’t see how being an astronaut is considered wimpy. Norma needs to get her head looked at.

    I hope Leah figures out what’s getting to her. Maybe she needs a new hobby or an outlet that will take her out of the stress of the household.

    1. Thanks for reading Heredon! That’s a good idea about Leah getting a new hobby or outlet. I’m going to check into that and see if I can find something to catch her fancy when I play her household the next time.

      Simon as an astronaut would be too cute! I do believe I’m hoping he rolls that LTW or rolls something uncareer related, cause I haven’t had an astronaut in the game since TS1!

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