fall 2015 birthdays

Labor Day weekend kicks off with two deliveries, Delaney and Jared Schehl come into Metro Hospital first.

Several hours later, they welcome their third daughter, Elizabeth Schehl, Lizzie for short. She has her daddy’s green eyes, and black hair.

Hazel and Jude welcome their second son, Roman Woodfolk to the family. He has his Daddy’s bright eyes, and Mommy’s blond hair.

Bea is really excited about having another baby brother, though she was hoping for a little sister to play dolls with.

A weekend event has been planned for Labor Day weekend, with much of the McCarthy clan invited to celebrate the birth of Chaz, Roman, and Bea’s fourth birthday.

She’s the only big kid at the party, but Grandma Mandy gives her enough attention that she isn’t bored with all the grown up talk and baby gushing.

Grace and Benjamin use this family gathering to share their news, that they are expecting their first child in the summer. Bea put her request in early for a little girl cousin.

The complete Woodfolk family portrait.

And Miss Bea’s four year old picture.

I adore little Bea, I’m excited she’s off to school, but I’m a little sad she isn’t a cute little pig-tailed toddler anymore. I really favor my Woodfolk family, their portrait isn’t perfect, but they rarely are in real life.

I’m excited that Delaney and Jared had another little girl, they have such pretty daughters. It’ll be odd having them age to senior while she’s still a child though…

And Grace and Ben expecting isn’t any surprise, it’s only one baby, I was curious if she would get twins since her brothers, Julius and Elias are twins, but no dice.

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8 thoughts on “fall 2015 birthdays

    1. Thanks for commenting, Starr! 🙂 She might, I’m hoping Grace has a boy though. It’d be sweet for her and Emma to both have boys only 9 months apart, they’ll even be in the same class. Plus I have a heavy dominance of girls, so it never hurts to get some boys into the mix.

  1. New babies! Yay! I love the name Roman for Hazel and Jude – it seems to really fit their style. But I can’t believe Bea is so big now! She is even more adorable now, if that’s possible.

    And a big YAY for Benjamin and Grace! Grace especially must be so excited – she’s wanted a baby for so long!

    1. Thanks Carla! I had such a difficult time deciding on one name. I had SO many that I thought would be perfect for this little family, but decided on Roman, a favorite of mine. It feels like I must be playing faster since Bea is a child now, but I don’t know if that’s true.

      I think Grace and Benjamin are super thrilled, I’m excited I can decorate a nursery for them in their new house. So far their new house only has the kitchen done, haha, so I have a lot to decorate actually.

  2. YAY! I’ so excited that they are pregnant! Can’t wait for the baby!

    Bea is super cute. I love her! But it is sad watching your favorite children are growing up and getting out there in life. 😦

    1. Thanks Asha for commenting! I’m excited for Grace’s baby too, the only real bummer is that Benjamin was a townie, so they will have all black haired babies, just like her sister Emma, with Chris. I like my little blonde McCarthy girls.

      It is a bit sad watching them grow up, but I am looking forward to playing her in grammar school and seeing how she does with other kids. She was a bit of a scaredy-cat as a toddler.

  3. Bea really is a cute girl! I think she’s going to break some hearts when she grows up!

    I’m happy for Benjamin and Grace! She wanted a baby so much, so I’m really happy it’s finally happening for them too!

    Welcome Lizzie and Roman!

    1. Thanks Tanja! Bea might break some hearts, all these younger kids have lots of choices for heartbreaking, which I’m very anxious for!

      I’m excited for Grace and Benjamin too, can’t wait to see what they have and it looks like!

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