London Family

complicating conditions

september 2015
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Cole London (52 years), Lucy London (52 years), Alice London (13 years), Itzel London (7 years), Milo London (5 years)
previous update: spring 2014

narrated by: Alice

Mom arrived home from work, and told all of us that we were moving. Dad is running for Mayor, and since no one is going against him, they are pretty sure he will win the election. Mom wants to live in the subdivision, Audubon Shore, and without even consulting with us kids, visited a house, and bid. We’ve only lived in this house for five years, but Mom insists that is a perfectly acceptable amount of time, and she doesn’t want to hear anything more about it.

Now we live away from my the Grimsley’s, which I’ve never done in my entire life. It feels like too much change, Dad being a mayor, and now living on the prestigious Snowy Owl Lane. And to add to it, Mom hired a butler. She insisted she couldn’t run the household without someone, especially with her duties as principal and becoming the wife of the Mayor.

It’s not a bad house though, and we didn’t even have a backyard before and now we have access to the ocean.

There’s a walkout basement, and Dad set it up as his office. People can go straight to his office, and there is even a small waiting area. He’s seeing some of his clients here, and is planning to fulfill as much of his mayor duties here as possible. I know this was to appease Mom, she’s been anxious for him to spend more time at home, and I think this is his attempt to console her concerns.

He does a free consultation for certain cases, most of the time it’s about laws with separation or divorce. He says that most of the time they don’t go through with it, most of the time he thinks it’s the kids. I thought he meant, that people stayed married for their kids, but he said it’s more to do with sharing them, and the idea of another step parent eventually joining the picture.

After he told me that I kept an eye on my own parents a bit to make sure they weren’t just settling with one another, and I’m pretty positive they are happy together. Seeing the law cases my Dad deals with though has definitely turned me off on joining in law field, as well as marrying young. Statistically, it just doesn’t work out, and Dad has ingrained that into our minds since a young age.

The biggest plus of moving down here, is that Lauren lives just a block away. Her family is pretty nice, but it’s a little loud with her newborn sister, Lizzie.

And her big brother, Peter is always acting cheesy around me, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

So we usually hang out upstairs in Lauren’s bedroom that she shares with Meg. Her sister is usually working at Pizza Palace, so we don’t see her too often. It is kind of cool to hang out with her though when she is home, I don’t have any friends that are juniors.

Sometimes we can talk Peter into driving us downtown to Mixed Tape, usually he sticks around so he doesn’t have to waste gas to come back out for us.

He asked me to dance one of the times, and I accepted. It isn’t a hidden fact that I’ve crushed on Oliver for a long time, most of my junior high life to be exact. But he isn’t here anymore, and it felt nice to have a boy actually ask me to dance. I don’t believe Oliver ever said more than two words to me.

Over the weekend, I had Lauren and Julia stay the night so we could talk boys, and dissect the entire afternoon spent with Peter. Lauren thought the whole conversation was a little gross, and Julia was mostly upset that she had missed out on the fun. She whined how living in Millwood meant her teenage life was close to ruin, which none of us could disagree with.

Whenever the schedule is open, Mom invites Bekah over with her clan. It works nicely that we are all friends with one another, except Milo. It’s not that he isn’t friends with Willa but she’s just closer to Itzel.

Dad was running late down at the courthouse, and by the time he arrived, the pizza was already here and we were almost finished eating.

Tim is looking forward to having some pull for the Police Department, with the soon-to-be new Mayor. He thinks Mayor Steele hasn’t really taken care of the men on the force, and is filling Dad with ideas for improvement.

I hadn’t told Lainey about Peter asking me to dance, and I felt badly about it. She sometimes likes him, and she thought that he might like her back when we all went camping with our Dads. But it was two years ago, I reasoned with myself. If she really liked him, then she should have made moves. Or more importantly, if he was interested in her, then he would have made moves like he did with me.

She distracted herself by playing with Holden for a minute, I could tell she was thinking it over, and I apologized a few times while I waited for her real response. In the end though, she said it was ok. Without me even saying it first, she mentioned that if he had liked her, he would have at least passed her a note in the halls.

I feel conflicted over it all. Relief that Lainey is ok with me dancing with Peter, but kind of weirded out that a boy might like me. I haven’t been a little kid in a few years, but it still feels weird to see a woman form really filling in, and for a boy to notice me at all.

I definitely want to have a large household full of babies when I grow up, but I want to be an actress too, perform on the live stage, and babies get in the way of that. Plus to get caught up with a boy at only thirteen, who is sixteen, it just seems like something my Dad wouldn’t approve of.

I decide against saying anything about the dancing at Mixed Tape, because there really isn’t a reason to mention it, I decide.

Mom and Dad go out whenever they get the chance, Dad says it’s important for Mom. It means that I’m left in charge, and I don’t mind it. We usually watch television for the first part of the night, while they get ready to leave.

Then hang out in my room that I share with Itzel later on in the night. It feels creepy to be on the main floor while home alone. In the city, there was always people around, including Bekah and Lainey next door. But out here, there are woods, and boats on the dock that make groaning noises. I don’t like all the big windows and the darkness that surrounds our home.

Itzel is a pretty great little sister, she didn’t warm up to us for a long time, but she’s just like any other kid these days. Sometimes I wish that someone was closer in age to me, but I don’t mind how they look up to me ether. Sometimes we play “house” and I like pretending that I’m their Mom. Poor Milo though, he doesn’t enjoy the times when we are just talking about things. He stays with us, cause the rest of the house is empty, but he doesn’t enjoy himself.

After the weekend, we were all back to work and school. Mom drops me off on her way to the Grammar School with Milo and Itzel. Dad leaves before any of us have even had breakfast, so he drives alone. There’s no way I’m interested in sitting at school for an hour.

Principal Grimsley gave us a group project, so I spent the first part of the morning in the library with Lauren and Julia. We were able to talk whilst we appeared to be busy working on our research.

Lauren said that Peter had asked what class I take before lunch and my last class of the day. Which we all thought was a sign that he liked me. But at lunch he didn’t seem interested in anything I had to say, he spent most of his time listening to Lainey who was sitting across from him.

I felt embarrassed for making such a big deal out of the dancing, maybe he did like Lainey, after all she was a whole grade ahead of me. Maybe he just asked me to dance cause he felt sorry for me.

By the time the final bell rang, I was feeling ready to be home, when he was waiting by my locker. He definitely seemed to like me then.

He asked me to be his girlfriend right there in the hall. I accepted, embarrassed that people were walking by, and that my cheeks felt hot, and then he kissed me.

Unfortunately that happened right as Principal Grimsley came out of the library. She didn’t say anything, but she definitely saw it, I was certain.

But when Mom came home, she made dinner, and watched the little kids do their homework, and didn’t say one word. So maybe Principal Grimsley had just seen the end of it, the hug part.

I should have known though, Mom wouldn’t talk about it until Dad was home. As soon as he walked in the door, she went onto the deck to speak in private, and they sent the kids to their bedrooms to play.

They sat me down, and laid on how they were disappointed in my behavior, how come I didn’t tell them about this boy, and who was this boy? Mom seemed hurt about the entire ordeal, like she wanted in on the boy talk. Dad said that I was most assuredly not seeing a sixteen year old junior, and that boys only have one thing on their minds.

So I was allowed to date Peter for roughly five hours, and then they banned me from it. I called Lauren to tell her, to pass it on to Peter, and that I’d talk to him about during lunch the next day. Then I went up to my room to lay down, I’m not generally dishonest, and I wasn’t sure if Peter was someone I wanted to be dishonest about. I had a lot of thinking to do, cause if I was going to continue seeing him, which I had decided wouldn’t be hard since Lauren was my friend, and he lived a block away, then I had to really like him. I couldn’t just like him a little. I just didn’t know yet where my feelings landed. But it sure was one heck of a kiss.

Notes: Peter has been wanting to go steady (with anyone) since Paige broke up with him. Things went quicker with these two than I anticipated, Alice’s first kiss was completely missed by me! I’m a little concerned that Cole’s opinion of 16 year old boys may be true with Peter, but maybe he just really wanted to kiss her, and doesn’t want to go further yet.

They moved cause I’ve been wanting to play this house, and got a butler, cause I’ve never played one.

I’ve been having issues having South Port and Millwood on one terrain (too much memory being used), so I’m splitting them up (sad). Since I love my terrain I edited the crap out of, and since I can’t find any others that I love… I decided to make my own! So once my copy of Sim City arrives, I’ll be busy working on that, and rearranging everything. I intend to post some updates of that progress, and hoping to get another update in before I begin that feat. I’m excited (and a lot sad) about getting a new terrain, I really do adore the one I’m using.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “complicating conditions”

  1. Wow, she handled that in such a mature manner, it makes me a bit sad that her parents laid into her so harshly. Sometimes parents are tougher on the “good” ones…I guess it makes them think that their words produce action, unlike their words with the “bad” ones.

    1. Thanks Starr! I think Alice gets a lot of her father’s wisdom, Lucy and Alice were un-posed in that last picture, she really did seem upset with that entire thing. Which I wouldn’t be impressed with it ether, if I had a 13 year old kissing unknown 11th grader in school halls! Eeek!

  2. Alice really is very mature and that struck me throughout the whole thing actually, not only in the way she handled the Peter situation. She’s got her career all mapped out and has even thought about how babies might affect that. That’s a smart kid!

    But obviously, still a kid. Her parents were harsh on her but they are right that it’s something she should have run by them first. Especially seeing she had at least an inkling that they wouldn’t approve.

    I also just wanted to say how much I loved every single room you featured in this update. The new house looks amazing! I would have killed for a room like Alice’s when I was her age…hey, even now!

    1. Thanks Carla, I figure Alice has had a lifetime with her father and his lectures, and his wisdom, she seems sensible to learn from him. She’s a nice, girl, and really adores her parents. Her LTW is acting, which I think she’d be perfect for some Broadway style plays, and her Ideal Family Size (via Starr’s Method) is 10 kids! So she’ll have to find a balance in there (plus no guy in my hood wants that many!).

      Thanks about all the rooms, I had great fun decorating it all, and trying to use more expensive pieces of furniture that I download for “someday” but never use! I wouldn’t mind a room like hers ether, I’ve been wanting to do a black and white room for someone, and thought Alice would be perfect for the bold colors.

      Haha and I just realized that I posted one of the pictures twice. And I even proofread! Oi!! Little sleep makes me oblivious, clearly!

  3. Boo to her parents. Man, but then again, I wouldn’t want my 13 yr. old dating a 16 yr. old. I actually had a friend, we were in 6th grade and 13, and her boyfriend was 17 or 18, not to mention back and fourth in jail. Her mom even agreed to them dating. But she got her checked out every 6 months just to make sure she was still “pure”. I was so happy when they broke up.

    I can’t wait to see how Alice handles this who dating thing. Wonderful read!

    I love the new house from what I see. And the views! Wow!

    I know what you mean about your terrain. I love the one I’m using for Riverdale’s main hood, but I really wish I could have basements. Since the terrain is so low all my basements flood.

    1. Thanks Asha, and um yah I wouldn’t want the situation your friend had with a jail kid! Yikes! That’s too much for a young girl. I think Alice’s parents have her best interest in heart.

      Thanks about their new home, when I make a new terrain, I need to make beach lots so this can go down again. Bummer about your terrain flooding, I never use basements, a few houses have them but I only store cheats in them lol.

  4. Wow, Alice really knows what she wants from her life, and looks at it with a very mature view. There aren’s a lot of teens who think that way, especially not at that age!

    I absolutely LOVE their new house!! I like the view we’s gotten from the interior and also from the surroundings! Did you build it yourself?

    Peter and Alice, wow, that really was fast, but so sweet 🙂 I’m glad she didn’t hurt Lainey’s feelings with it, it would have been sad if she would have lost a friend because of a boy.

    So sad to hear about your hood! But I’m looking forward to seeing your new hood. I’m jealous of you for doing it yourself, I could never bring up the patience for it! (and my opy of Sim City 4 is broken…)

    1. Thanks Tanja for commenting. 🙂 Yeah, most of my teens don’t think that way, Hadley is a few years older and is no where near that, and Julia is sweet as could be, but still not logically inclined.

      Thanks about their new home, I did not build it actually. It’s a tropical house from MTS (I’ve had it in my game for over a year now, so I don’t know *who* made it). I edited it and a bunch of other beach houses to be cabin’ish style.

      You could try no cd to run your sim city 4. I’ve never done it before (hence me buying the game!) hopefully I have the patience! haha.

  5. I think Alice is a bit young for a boyfriend but I still feel bad for her. Relationships can be exciting. Have to give a high five to Alice because she’s way mature, another teen would have thrown a fit about the whole thing.

    I like the new house a lot. I know what you mean about there being a house you just want to play.

    1. Thanks Heredon for reading and about the house! I agree that Alice is young for a boyfriend, at least a serious one. I love this house! I’m making sure my new terrain can handle this lot, and the other shore ones in Audubon, cause they are all quite gorgeous.

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