some more intentions

october 2015
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Oliver McCarthy (18 years)

narrated by: Oliver

I moved into the dorms at the end of August, it’s weird not seeing my family or Paloma every day. We talk all the time though, she usually calls after school lets out.

If the car is available, she’ll drive downtown to spend the evening with me as well. Her Mom has been pretty cool about letting her stay out til Quiet Time begins at 10pm which mean she doesn’t get home until close to 11 with the drive.

She has to check in each time she’s here to visit, and Paige knows her by sight now. I worry about her driving so much just to visit me, but I don’t have a vehicle of my own, and the bus system to Millwood is nearly offensive with it’s lack of stops. Once in the morning, and once in the evening, only useful for those that work in the city.

She’s always in a bright mood when she first arrives, she can’t wait to start at Eastborough next fall. Sometimes we talk about the more serious issue of her affording to attend, but usually, we just ignore the fact that her family struggles to pay their mortgage.

Much of the time though I’m separated from my family and Paloma. My roommate, Lance is a pretty good guy, he isn’t in the room much, but he provided a sofa and tv that I can use as I please. Which means, I only have to leave my room for class if I wanted it to be that way.

He gives me a hard time about writing my term paper, and needing to lighten up some. But I don’t’ take it to heart, he has a full ride scholarship. Unlike me, I only have this year paid in full, after this, it’s up to my grants and loans to get through my education. I realize if me and Paloma get married someday, as she has planned, that we will start off with some heavy debt.

Contrary to Lance’s belief though, I don’t spend my whole life in the room, being anti-social. Isaac is a sophomore, and we never stopped being friends when he moved to college, so we hang out regularly. He’s still dating Elise, on and off again. I guess it’s getting more serious now that they are adults though. He told me that she wants them to get married, maybe this summer, and he doesn’t think it’s such a bad idea.

I still remember when she flirted with me outside of his house though a year ago. She makes me uncomfortable, half of the time I feel like she’s got her eye on me or something. When me and Isaac shoot hoops, it sounds like she cheers louder for me than Isaac.

She hasn’t made any recent moves though, so I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I’m finding college more difficult than high school, it’s not something that is going to beat me, but it definitely takes focus.

I’ve never drank coffee in my entire life, but now I’m addicted to the little cappuccino machines outside lecture rooms.

Everywhere I look, there are people sleeping in the library, goofing off outside, and just not putting much effort into their classwork. And they all seem fine. It’s definitely new to me, to have to work hard to succeed, to not have girls falling all over me when I walk by. I was definitely an average fish in a small pond back in high school, and here, I’m just an average fish in a big pond.

I try to get all my work done so the weekends are free, I like to go home and spend time with the boys. I feel bad for Julius and Elias now that I’m gone. I miss the chaos that all my siblings bring to the mix.

The boys have tons to fill me in on about their week and all the dramas of Grammar School. They make me miss those easy days of learning cursive and catching butterflies.

Mom is giving me a complex though, she keeps asking about my activity at college, and if I’m staying away from all the fried food in the cafeteria. She says I look fine now, just tired, and maybe a little heavier.

I’m not any heavier, and her making me salads is making me feel fat. So I wish she’d stop worrying. But at least she seems to be doing well. She was smiling most of my visit, and even checked in with Marta down at Zoe-Gen to see how business was going and was pleased with Marta’s response. She told me to not worry, that financially she is doing well.

I didn’t see my Dad the entire visit, it was a Saturday so I don’t know where he was off to since the Lab is closed on the weekends. I didn’t ask much about it though, he’s usually gone, and Mom was in a good mood.

During the week, Isaac and myself decided to visit with my sister Emma. She lives in South Port, so there isn’t any issue taking a bus to see her, and Chris is a good guy. I don’t know him well, but I like him enough.

Our Grandma and Grandpa arranged for an apartment for Emma to move into after Chaz was born. Grandma Mandy couldn’t stand the idea of her great-grandson living in squalor. Their new apartment is great, newly renovated, a playground, only families can live in it and the rent is affordable.

Emma seems to be adjusting with the new baby. I can’t believe I’m an uncle though. It seems odd having a 3 year old sister, and a newborn nephew. Grace is having her baby in the summer, and it just shows how much things are changing. Me in college, and my big sisters with kids. I could probably talk Paloma out of college if I married her and gave her babies.

But I’m no where near ready to handle babies. So she just has to wait. I’m not sure when or even if, I’ll ever ask her to marry me. All I know at this point, is that I want to be a teacher someday, and that is my main priority.

I think Isaac should put his focus more on academics too. Emma’s best friend, Lorelei is the date gone bad that he told me about. “The tiny girl who threw like a man,” were his exact words. He never called her again, and didn’t expect to find her at Emma’s house while we played some video games.

She’s never been the quiet type, and asked him pretty forwardly why he didn’t call. I don’t know if she was being serious, or just jesting with him, but he got all flushed, and started stuttering.

We were all glad when they took out into the hall, but only Isaac came back in. He told me later that Lorelei tried to kiss him, and he told her that he was seeing Elise, and then she made an excuse to go home. I hope that she doesn’t tell my sister, I don’t want Emma to punch me because Isaac never called Lorelei back.

Notes: The dorm is filled with my playable NPC’s, Henry and Meme Popper, Paige (Peter’s ex), and Isaac. Isaac and Elise both rolled the want to get engaged, but I’m making them wait, a bit. See what else happens!

Lorelei wasn’t impressed with Issac on her date, but a few months pass, and suddenly she has wants to flirt, and appreciate Isaac. He rejected her, poor thing, she was pretty distressed over it. A little irony, cause in high school he was quite smitten with Lorelei, but she wasn’t interested at all.

Last update with my old terrain, got Sim City, just tweaking the new terrain before I begin redoing it all, again. Looking good though, so no more *sad* from me. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “some more intentions

  1. Very good update. I never relized how much Oliver looks like his sister Grace, but I noticed it from his side profile.

    I like the little fish big pong quote. I’m sure he won’t feel that way for long. I like that he’s taking his studies so well but he needs to get out have some fun. College is about fun too!

    Can’t wait to see your new Millwood. I was SC4 to do over Riverdale, since I know what I want, I just can’t find it. Maybe I will buy the game and see. How much longer do you have to go before we get a look-see?

    1. Thanks Asha! Oliver, Grace, and Emma all look a lot a like, I didn’t notice about Oliver until he aged to YA. I’ve suspected their could be some possible freak-clone work at play here. But never confirmed it.

      SC4 was really cheap at amazon, I think like 10 dollars? Which is more than some places, I’m sure. I did not shop around cause I was already ordering from Amazon and that gave me free shipping. 🙂

      I’ll post pictures once I get some real progress, hoping this week… or Monday. I have my basic terrain finished, but it needs tweaking by a few big things. Trying to cheat it back into “God-Mode” so I can lower some terrain. I’m

  2. It’s nice to see that Paloma and Oliver have worked out a shedule, but I think it will be easier on the both of them once Paloma starts college as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that her parents will be able to pay for it.

    Funny how sims can change when they grow up, just look at Lorelei, first no interest in Isaac and now she’s kind of bummed he has a girlfriend…. sometimes sims are juts like human, only a small part but still 🙂

    I’m liking what I’ve seen of Emma and Chris’ place, it looks like a good place to raise a child. And I’m so relieved that Emma is accepting little Chaz and motherhood overall!

    I’m really excited to see the new Millwood! I can’t wait to see pictures!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tanja! I agree, sims can have some human characteristics, especially with fickle little pixel hearts. She has a few potential playable npc’s out there to hook up with, it’s just whether she ever notices them. Isaac would have been nice, cause he’s pretty cute, and has a whole family, two little brothers, parents, and his family has a great house out in Millwood. So it would have been easier for me.

      I’m glad you like Emma’s place, it was hard for me to decorate it. I downloaded the apartment complex and thought it looked great for them. And then I wanted the interior to be neutral and recently renovated (Cause Mandy/George really did give money to Emma/Chris for this place), and they wouldn’t want a run down home for Chaz. It’s only half decorated at this point, I’ll do more when I play their house.

  3. Ha, we had that *exact* coffee machine at our uni! I didn’t start drinking coffee until after I graduated though, oddly enough! Anyway…

    Yay, Oliver! I like his college look. I do hope Paloma can afford to go next year. Even if she and Oliver don’t stay together, it’ll be good for her.

    Good to check in with Emma and Chris and baby Chas! Their new apartment looks great! It’s still “them” but a classier version, lol.

    Poor Lorelei. I guess Isaac is getting his own back now! Oh well…I’m sure they’ll both find the person who’s perfect for them sooner or later.

    1. Thanks Carla! We had those coffee machines too, I never used them before. The only coffee I drank back then was at Panera Bread, during study groups.

      I like Oliver’s college look too, I do think he looks so much like his sisters, and had a hard time finding a hair that suited him both in look and personality.

      I’m glad you think Emma’s apartment fits, I had a hard time decorating it. None of their previous items made the move with them. I thought I had them in Chris’ inventory, but forgot the game had crashed before I saved. So I moved them out at a later reboot, and lost everything.

      Question for you, if you don’t mind. Would you mind telling me how you are doing your education for the teachers in your college? I want to follow your suit, with the student teaching. It’s Oliver’s LTW, so I’m planning to have him try and achieve it, but want it to be more fun like yours is.

      1. Well, this is what I’m planning on doing with Veronica – she has the LTW to become Education Minister.

        In her junior and senior years of college, she’ll do student teaching. Seeing she’ll do it over the two years, that means we’ll see her in a primary and a high school update.

        Once she graduates, she’ll enter the education career (assuming a job is available) and start her Master’s (hopefully – Caleb and Cara aren’t rich!). That will last two years and cost $8000. During that time, she’ll have to write two novels, which I’m using as stand-ins for a thesis or dissertations. Some of my other post-grad degree programs have other things the Sim needs to do but I haven’t thought of anything specific for education, apart from the student teaching during undergrad.

        LOL, is that even what you wanted to know?

        1. That’s exactly what I was wondering. Thank you! I didn’t know if it was During masters or college. And if you’d come up with anything for the masters.

          I like the idea of the novel instead of just articles for this. My sims get too many skills too fast.

          I might do the student teaching longer. I’m not sure. How long do people student teach? I know in school we had those that just watched. And then we had the ones that stayed an entire semester and actually taught us while the teacher would step out.

          1. Well, my student teaching was spread out over my final two years of uni (I’m talking undergrad, to be clear – I didn’t do post-grad), so that’s what I’m going on. But here at least, it depends on what uni you go to and what specific program you’re doing at the uni. So I think there’s a lot of wriggle room for you to adjust things to how you like it and still have it be realistic.

            Because all my student teaching was in the last two years, I didn’t do an observation prac. I sat up the back and watched for maybe two days and then I was expected to jump into the fray and start teaching. Other unis had their first and second year students do longer observational pracs – a couple of weeks at a time, maybe. By the third year, no matter what uni or program you were from, you would be teaching, as opposed to just observing.

            We weren’t allowed to be left alone with the students – you had to be fully qualified for that. The supervising teachers sometimes did it anyway, but technically, it wasn’t “legal”.

            This all almost definitely varies by region but I hope it helps anyway!

    1. Thanks Nikki. 🙂 Oliver is definitely a thinker, probably a little bit of an over-thinker, and definitely plans better than his parents ever did.

      As for his Dad, he’s really gone a lot. When Grace was in college, he was always there playing cards with the college ladies. And I’m not sure where he was at during this particular visit, I have the hack that they stay gone after going to community lots, and so he wasn’t home at all.

  4. Thank you Carla! That is helpful! I can’t nest anymore comments, but didn’t want to say thanks for letting me pick your brain.

    I think I’ll have my college teachers, do an observation their sophomore year, and then student teach their last two years. I’m looking forward to Oliver’s education!

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