Millwood: A Quaint Little Town

Millwood’s new terrain, it’s based off the previous terrain, but larger and more intricate. I did it this way with a few of my own modifications, because I’d already designed lots to it.

I have spaces I need to fill in, over time, when I’m not worn out of building.

click to view enlarged, labeled photo

*apologizes in advance, forgot to take pictures after I put Annie’s duplex down*

Park District is the prize of the community, bringing in people from South Port just to swim in the clean pools, and play on the equipment. An entire square is devoted to a fishing pond, picnic area, swimming pool, and Hamilton Park which boasts a large play area for children to expand their wings, and a shelter for Mom’s to catch up.

Hemlock Lane offers families large yards and room for expansion (all are 2×3), with space between each neighbor.

*a view from the Millett’s homestead*

While these homes offer space, they cost less than their smaller counterparts in South Port, and boast lower tax rates to boot.

The North part of town, has homes for families just starting, as well as two duplexes for those not ready to purchase a home. Each house in this section has little to no property, and costs less than 20,000, many for less than 15,000.

And that is Millwood, based on small towns out in WA, and the small town my Mom moved to when I graduated high school. I needed street lights with banners, and made these, then painstakingly put them down, on every single lot (except Finn’s and the other lone house out in the country, cause they don’t get ’em.)

I may or may not change them out, so I have the file handy to just replace! Go me, ways to be lazy but still accomplish the look I want!

And my sweet reward, oh how nice they look at night, lit up.

Thank you Maxis, for making these light up at night on different lots, so I could forgive myself for spending over an hour putting these lights down.

After all my effort, I’ve also been rewarded with a great running game. No crashes at all. And a billion pregnancies, 7 babies to be precise!! Neglect playing pnpc, and put regular players in a bin, and suddenly I got a revolt on my hands, “Oh I will get knocked up, and show that Maisie!” Well they succeeded. But it’s my game, and I’m spreading a few of them out, cause like heck, will have ten kids in the same grade!

Regular updates starting again on Monday, likely with Luca and Colin Traver, and their adjustment after their bro-friend, Chris Holmes has moved away, which means, I can play with baby Chaz a little.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Millwood: A Quaint Little Town

  1. It looks wonderful! Seeing your recent posts have made me want to redecorate LaQuest a bit. But right now I’m too busy with school and work to get a chance to play much let alone decorate anything :(. And the night view of the street lights, beautiful!!! Millwood looks really great Maisie!

    1. Thanks Jennifer!! I was so glad the streetlights lit up at night, ahh, I can’t express my happiness over that silly thing! I hope when things slow down, maybe spring break? You can have time to redecorate a bit in your hood, if it’s something you want to get done. It is a TIME suck for sure! I’m no where near done, haven’t put down any building deco at all.

  2. This looks fantastic! I feel like Jennifer – I’m all inspired now. The night view looks great – very suburban and quaint. Actually, all the views looking down the streets are fantastic.

    I love your banners/flags and Hamilton Park is just so adorable.

    Spreading the babies out is a good idea! Those Sims will just have to deal with their morning sickness until you’re ready, lol!

    1. Thanks Carla! I’m so glad I was able to pull of suburban and quaint, I’m so not a suburban gal. lol I pull heavily from my Mom’s town for this one, which always fascinates me, everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows everyone’s business!

      Hamilton Park was a downloaded lot that I enlarged, and added to, it’s based on the local park I take my kids. haha yes they will deal with their morning sickness! Serves them right.

      Sad thing is that Rebecca was my hopeful to get pregnant this round, she and Quint still have the want, but refuse to TFB. I’ve brought them on a few lots, and they NEVER TFB. And now I don’t want to anymore. Maybe they’ll just have Scarlett, cause the school system is going to break. 😉

  3. Those are the lights that I have populated within my pending updated hood. Seeing yours gave me the inspiration to recolor them for the LC. I’m still constructing my new hood, which had more to do with better city planning rather than gameplay issues. I’m still on the commercial district, although I did work on the in-hood uni that is located within the base hood, then I’ll be onto the residential areas.

    I agree; it’s very long work.

  4. Oooh Maisie this looks fantastic!! And the view from the lots is great! I could almost picture myself walking around in Millwood!
    I’ve used the same street lights in SimsVile, but without the banners, they always look good, and I like the banner you’ve made for them!
    The night view is as great the view during the day!
    Oh hell, I love it all! 🙂

  5. I really, really wish you could come and redo my hood. LOL Riverdale needs you. Millwood is looking great! No, better than great, Awesome! And I love your lamps. I wish it had dawned on me to recolor those lamps. I think once I get my game up and running to where I want it once again, I’m going to try my hand at recoloring those too! So, thanks for the idea.

    Can’t wait for your new updates. I think I’ve been missing them. lol

  6. Thanks Tanja and Asha! 🙂

    The night view is one of my favorites too!

    I would totally redo your hood Asha if you wanted to come and organize my downloads! LOL No problem on the lamp idea, can’t wait to see your recolors. I always loved them, but hated when they didn’t match on different lots (seasons), and I love my downtown area irl with their pretty banners!

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