winter 2015 birthdays

december 2015
narrated by Benjamin Andersen

We bought our first home, and that was my requirement before we started our family. I didn’t expect Grace to get pregnant on the first try, but should have known that fertility runs in her family after Nicole had Lily-Mae at thirty-nine.

I tend to keep my opinion to myself when it comes to Grace and her family. When Grace opened Salon Sisters and went into business with Emma, I didn’t think it was the wisest choice, but I knew Grace could handle it. With the budding business, she still babysat Lily-Mae for free. Nicole whined enough about her own obligations to Zoe-Gen, that Grace felt guilty and accepted.

I work long hours at the firehouse, and if Grace is happy, then I don’t have any reason to complain. At least until now.

I’m concerned at the amount of responsibility she has taken on, and with the pregnancy, I feel it’s too much. She has Zilla, Julius, and Elias over most days after school.

She insists that she is perfectly capable, but we both know that the boys are rowdy. Given that it’s unseasonably cold, they aren’t outside enough to wear them down.

Add to it, that Murphy has bitten Zilla three times now, and we are both concerned that he will bite the new baby.

Grace can’t discuss the idea of not having Murphy around, she’s working hard to train him that biting is not allowed, but he’s always been snappy. She makes Zilla feed him treats in hopes that it encourages him to behave, but we both know that the new baby won’t be able to force feed Murphy treats.

On my days off, she tries to have Nicole take her own kids, so we can spend time together. She’s usually too exhausted to do more than have dinner with me by the time evening rolls around.

She’s moved our dinner time to five o’clock, and she’s asleep on the sofa before six. She always promises she’s going to stay up and watch a movie with me, but she never makes it.

When the baby does arrive this summer, I hope that Nicole will take responsibility for her own kids. I don’t want to get in an argument with Grace over it, but I don’t want her continuing at this pace with our own son or daughter in the home.

* * *

This past fall, Grammar school teacher Miriam Dennis married Metro Hospital’s own, Dr. Marcus Dwyer in her mother’s backyard. Both in their thirties, they didn’t want to wait to begin their family.

Friend of the couple, Dr. Russo-Traver gets the privilege of informing the couple that they are expecting, and it’s twins.

Suffice to say, Miriam was a little surprised, she didn’t expect to be completing her family in the first attempt.

She is also due in summer.

This is two of my pregnant girls, I have others, but they are on hold. I didn’t have Miriam TFB, she and another couple did it autonomously at the wedding, but the other couple will be due in fall I believe. I keep changing my mind, and really it doesn’t matter.

I’m looking forward to spring birthdays, Lily-Mae and Ella Carver will age to child. No matter how many kids Nicole/Finn have, they all look really similar, and Lily-Mae looks a lot like Grace/Emma… so I imagine she won’t be too thrilling. But I’m excited for Ella!

Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “winter 2015 birthdays

  1. I’m just so excited for Grace! I can’t wait for the little baby! I’m not sure if I want them to have a girl or a boy. But that’s up to the game. Hee, hee, hee.

    And like Ben, I hope Nicole takes ove rthe care for her kids or find someone else. Having a new baby in the home, and being a first time mom is hard enought, then pile on some bigger kids. Not a goo dmix!

    1. Thanks Asha! I’m pretty undecided too, with my preference for them. I have a boy name, but no girl name… so maybe a boy? I do think it’d be sweet if Chaz and a boy cousin could grow up together. That could be fun. I’m a little bummed that the baby will have black hair. I may change Benjamin’s recessive gene after this one, and see what they get… I’m conflicted on it.

      I need to look at Nicole’s finances to see if she can afford a nanny. Right now I use the babysitting hack, that allows Grace to come and watch the kids when I play Nicole’s house, but in my mind, the kids go to Grace’s house, which is why I play it that way. Nicole and Finn might not be my poorest 3 cause they have a lot of real estate, but they are cash strapped.

      I’m thinking of making over all my dormies that I didn’t painfully delete, and having Nicole rake up some money with that, a sale of some sort, “holiday” sale maybe, since it’s the holidays in my game. That would give her a boost of money.

      Then pop over to Grace’s salon and give them makeovers there too. Spread some wealth.

  2. I’m so happy Grace is finally going to be a mum! She’s wanted it for so long and I think those are the people who really should be parents. Meanwhile, she’s sure keeping herself busy during her pregnancy. No wonder she’s zonked out on the couch by 6pm!

    I’m excited to see all these babies be born. 😀

    1. Thanks Carla, I agree that those that really want something, it’s always great when they finally get it. I’m looking forward to their baby, and seeing what skintone he/she has, and Miriam is such a pretty sim, imo, I really like her, so I’m excited to see her twins too. I really wanted someone to marry her, but no one did, and her and Marcus just fell in love.

  3. Congratulations Grace and Benjamin! I hope Grace is able to make time for herself during the pregnancy. It sounds like she’s really stretching herself thin looking after her little brothers and sisters. Hopefully when her baby comes, her mom will take more responsibility for her own kids.

  4. That sounds like a lot of work on Grace’s end. I feel tired for her and I’m not even pregnant or have children (mine or others) running around. That’s a strong woman, you have to admire that.

    1. Thanks Choco! I get tired with all the work Grace does too. I would like her to learn how to say “no” to her parents. She bends over for her Mom, but does her Mom do it in return? Not so much… I adore Grace, I do not care for Nicole too much, bad Mom that one. 😉

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