spring 2016 birthdays

march 2016

Grace begins her third trimester, just as her littlest sister, Lily-Mae turns four.

Everyone marvels at how much Lily looks like her big sister, and expects Baby Andersen to take after Grace just the same, except with Benjamin’s black hair. Only three more months to go before they find out if they are right.

Nicole is relieved that she survived these past years with their surprise pregnancy. She will be back to focusing on Zoe-Gen Bridal now full-time, and Benjamin is relieved because Grace won’t be expected to babysit quite as often once fall arrives.

Also with a birthday this March is Ella Carver. She’s not eager to begin school, she doesn’t really get excited about much of anything, at least that’s how it seems to Annie.

Owner of Mini Sprout, Mary Gavigan’s youngest son, Ezra turns one this spring. She still has a few years to go before he’s off to school, and she can put her main focus back on her business. Her oldest son, Isaiah is currently in college and requires large sums for his education, with his little brother, Isaac just a few years behind.

The family is pretty positive that he takes after Isaiah.

Caroline and Reed Welsh’s son, Alex turns four, and they are expecting their second child in the fall.

Caroline had to bring Alex with to her appointment, since his Dad forgot to come home for his lunch hour to watch the little guy. Caroline isn’t looking forward to juggling pregnancy fatigue, being a nurse, and taking care of Alex, but she’s happy that she will only have one child to worry about daycare for once Alex begins kindergarten.

Miriam finds herself heading into the hospital with pre-term contractions, she’s only just begun her third trimester. Her husband, Dr. Marcus Dwyer is not letting her know how worried he really is over the ordeal.

Dr. Russo-Traver checks her in for observation, and to try and stop the contractions.

Marcus knows the risks of twins born at twenty-seven weeks, but he’s trying to not worry Miriam, so he keeps the knowledge to himself. He reassures himself that if the babies did come early, they should be fine with just a longer hospital stay than a full-term baby.

Miriam almost lost the twins, I was going to just have her birth them if it came to that. She’s not going to miscarry them, enough twins are born before full-term irl, so these can be too. Why I didn’t go through with it? Didn’t have good outfits loaded for hospital/twins, and didn’t want to reload the game.

I am d-o-n-e traveling until mid-May! Thank goodness! So I can get back to reading blogs, playing my game, and updating. I am utterly spent with all this traveling, and have been missing sims across the board!

I’m rearranging the schedule, so I can get some time to play, and some point I need to delete all hairs (keep pooklet ones), and get that mess cleaned up. But not yet! I want to play!

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16 thoughts on “spring 2016 birthdays

  1. Lily Mae is so cute! I have to remind myself to use that hair more often 🙂

    Glad Miriam didn’t lose the twins. I hate miscarriages in the sims, they always make me so sad…

    1. Thanks Flit! I’ve never used this hair, and decided it was the perfect one for a little blondie girl. She looked too sweet in this one to not use it.

      Miscarriages in the sims makes me sad too. 😦 I have a love/hate relationship with that flavor pack, but I’d never remove it, cause it can add so much to a character. Sometimes though I just don’t like when it happens, like it did with Rebecca Siew. They still won’t TFB autonomously. And I’ve tried! (Like each time I play, I pop them onto the lot to see if they will TFB).

  2. Awwwww so many cuties! Lily-Mae is adorable! Ezra does look a lot like Isaiah already. I’m glad Miriam didn’t lose the twins, that would have been horrible.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I had reset the pacifier, or however they word it, but man, I think that Ezra really looks like his big brother! Time will tell, they shouldn’t be clones, but I’m a tad worried over it. At least he’s cute. The middle brother, Isaac isn’t very cute.

    1. She did the motions, and then it said it was a close call and to do bed rest. Thank goodness. I would have exited without saving had she lost them. I don’t generally like to do miscarriages with playable npc’s cause it’s more of a “story” and I like to keep those for my main characters.

  3. Oh, Lily-Mae is so sweet! Has she got the same nose as Grace? It looks a little different but it’s hard to tell.

    Annie, Ezra and Alex are all cuties as well. I love Ezra’s perfect little mouth!

    I’m so glad Miriam’s twins are okay! I don’t know if it’s just my imagination but it always seems like twin pregnancies are more motive-intensive on a Sim than regular pregnancies.

    And I’m also glad you’re getting some to rest for a while, before you have to go travelling again. It’s so wearing!

    1. Thanks Carla, I’m 99% sure that both Grace and Lily have the same nose. Oliver, Emma, Grace, and Lily have it, and I just realized that I have no clue who that nose originates from. Maybe Mandy/Finn. Looking at profile pictures I’m thinking they have that same duck foot shape. How odd, I always assumed it was from Nicole, but hers doesn’t have that duck foot shape. Shows how much I’ve inspected the McCarthy look on this particular family.

      Lily-Mae is cute though! I was pretty unimpressed with Nicole for having another one, but she seems like she can be some fun. 🙂 Ezra is a cutie, poor Alex got his Mom’s chin, a trait I find weak in males, but a trait I’m happy to see in the game! Ella reminds me of Matt’s other kiddos, Jett and Flint for sure.

      It is wearing traveling all the time, packing, unpacking, laundry… I enjoy winters, nice and slow. 🙂

  4. Welcome back! Aw, Lily-Mae looks so much like her big sister. All the kids are so cute. And I’m glad that Miriam didn’t lose the twins!

  5. Thanks Nikki! I’m pretty happy with how these all aged up, I have lots of kids aging to teen once winter hits in the hood again, and am really anxious for that! Lots of big birthdays this “year” in the game.

  6. Good Gracious, Maisie, how adorable looks the little Lilt-Mae! She’s a real little Miss Sunshine! But I love also the depressed look of Ella. She must be a very interesting little girl. All your Sims look gorgeous, actually! *swoon*

    1. Aww thanks Sandy!! It’s so nice to “see” you over here, thank you for the compliment on my sims. I agree that Lily-Mae just looks like a big sunshine girl! Ella not so much, she’s much more drab and dreary, poor thing. I actually picked the name Ella for her because I was hoping she would be a spot of sunshine to her Mom. But she didn’t turn out that way at all. I’m so excited you stopped by! 😀

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