summer 2016 birthdays

June 2016

Mrs. Miriam Dwyer has been trying to do her job well teaching the younger primary students, and is making her rounds on the final day of school when her water breaks.

It’s not until evening that the twins make their arrival, and Miriam and Marcus welcome their twins.

Asher and Shira Dwyer. They’ll have to make the nursery a nice gender neutral one since they have one of each, and aren’t sure what they’ll do about bedrooms once they are older. Currently they live and take care of Miriam’s elder mother, Angela in a tiny three bedroom house.

* * *

Also due in June is Grace and Benjamin. They’ve been told it could be overdue, since this is their first, and Benjamin tries to make Grace as comfortable as possible.

He has been preparing the dinners for the past few weeks, and doing all he can while still working his long hours at the firehouse.

There is no clear sign with her water breaking to let Grace know she needs to head into the hospital. Benjamin decides it’s time when Grace is contracting to the point that he can’t finish a sentence of encouragement.

It’s the middle of the night, and they don’t want to disturb family and friends so they don’t call anyone. They walk the halls, and pause between contractions, and look at the other newborns in the nursery. They are in awe and a little disbelief that soon their own little one will be taking up a place in there.

Grace begin pushing around 5am, and it’s still continuing as the sun begins to rise an hour later.

At half past 6, they welcome their first child, a little girl.

They had a boy name decided on for years, and for some reason they just believed they would have a son first just for this simple fact.

Two days in the hospital, and they try different names out on their daughter, but none seem perfect enough for their princess.

They leave the hospital with their daughter, without a name. They are required to return the paperwork on her official name in seven days after her birth, and in the mean time they have her down as “Baby Andersen.”

Family and friends call with their suggestions, many encourage them to name their daughter after them, Mandy, Nicole or maybe a variant, Nicoline. Benjamin may be picky, but even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t name his daughter after his mother-in-law.

On their second morning home, Grace goes to pick up their daughter from her crib, when a name comes to her mind. She used to like the name, but had forgotten completely about it.

She lays her down on their bed, and she suggests the name to Benjamin. He let’s it roll of his tongue a few times, concerned a little that it may be kind of sing-songy. But when they say the name to her, she lets out a little gurgle, and they know that this is her name.

After many days of struggle, they call their family and friends to introduce their daughter, Ainsley Andersen.

(I know, I know, babies look the same, but I can.not help it! I have to take pictures, I’m neurotic, it’s okay.)

* * *

Caroline Welsh requested first shift for the duration of this pregnancy and with her seniority she was given just that. Ideally, she hoped to have family dinners, and spend more time with Alex and Reed.

It turned out that only Alex could be home in the evenings, being only four he didn’t really have any choice how he spent his time. He wasn’t exactly thrilled to have to share his toys with a baby, but Caroline assured him it’d be at least a year before he had to really worry about that, and even then it wouldn’t be his video games anyway.

With some horror and bewilderment, he’d sometimes touch his Mom’s stomach to try and feel the baby kick. All his Mom’s friends made such a big deal about feeling it, that he wanted to see what the big deal was. But when the baby did finally kick his hand, his Mom wasn’t paying any attention, just staring off at the floor boards with an empty half-smile.

* * *

Paloma Creelman didn’t make the cut for college, she doesn’t want to be bitter. Her boyfriend, Oliver is home for the summer, and she wants to make the best of their time together.

It’s hard though when she has to work at the country restaurant down the road, and her only choice for her work outfit is hair net or pony tail.

She serves each customer while holding onto her new dream… getting her own apartment, and getting the heck out of Millwood.

My back up girl name for Grace was Chloe! But Carla just named a pnpc with that name, plus I have a lot of C names (I never knew I liked that letter all that much.) So I forced myself to move on, and it took more than a day, but I’m quite happy with the choice. She has her Grandpa George’s eye color, and I absolutely adore her!

Paloma aged up and immediately rolled the want to move out. I locked it, and aim to fulfill that for her when I can. She’s working at where Tim celebrated his fortieth birthday. It’s a country cafe with an outdoor roller rink. Big point, she can walk to work, and works morning crowd so she’s home when Linny gets off the bus. Isn’t she cute though!?!? She looks much like her Dad except for her mouth, totally from her Mom and Grandma Abby.

I’ve always thought of Miriam and her family to be of a Jewish heritage, and I wanted them to use that name style. I really like the name Shoshanna and Shira, but they had a boy and a girl, so I went with Asher.

And pic spam! My grammar school kept crashing, I really, really wanted Miriam to teach whilst pregnant with twins, but alas, it didn’t work. Here’s their spring school portrait, Alex, Lily-Mae, and Ella start school in the fall, as such aren’t pictured. Student Enrollment List, also thought Lewis and gang were moving on, not quite though.

And little Ainsley’s nursery. Their home is a colonial style with wood, and a sort of old world charm, and I wanted that for the nursery. They ran out of money, so it’s not 100% complete, which is normal for a baby that is only a few days old.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “summer 2016 birthdays

  1. I love the little nursery 🙂
    Mine are usually the base game ones with the an-na recolors.

    Yay, boy/girl twins! I love it when it isn’t same gendered!

    I’m jewish and I don’t know anyone named Asher, lol. It’s a nice name though 😀

    1. Thanks Flit, you know I wasn’t sure if it was a big Jewish name ether, I’ve never seen one myself. It was on the “American Jewish” list, maybe a little more free in their Jewish names? The other ones I liked for a boy were all sort of similar to some other names I have in my game.

      I like boy girl twins too, I like the same gender ones as well though. Really I just like twins. 😀

  2. Welcome to the new babies! I love the name Ainsley Andersen, it has a nice flow to it. 🙂

    I hope Paloma gets her wish to move out soon. Poor girl’s been through a lot of disappointments.

    1. Thanks Shana, I like the flow of Ainsley Andersen too. I was wanting to do an A name, since I have a shortage of them, but most were too.. hmm redundant? Sounded kind of mushed together.

      I am going to have Paloma move into Hazels apartment once she gets enough money saved up. I’m specifically putting half her paychecks into her savings account, at least, and once she gets the rent, and some extra for furniture, she’s outta there.

  3. The nursery is beautiful and I love how you wrote in their indesicion concerning the name, I taught a student who’s legal name was Infant because her parents never returned to do the paperwork.

    ~Apple Valley

    1. Thanks Starr, that is so funny that you had a student with that name! Years ago I noticed there were quite a few “Baby” and variants on it’s big list, and had to find out more. Realized that most were those that couldn’t decide!

      Thanks on the nursery, I’ve had that set in my game for quite some time, but never used it cause I didn’t have a dresser that matched it. So for Ainsley, I went back to TSR and got the dresser for it.

  4. Welcome to the little ones!
    I absolutely adore that picture of Grace, Benjamin and the little Ainsley on the bed! That’s such a cute picture!
    The nurserey looks great!
    I like Paloma, and I hope she can make her dreams come true, even though she wasn’t able to go to university.

    1. Thanks Tanja, I adore that picture too! I took a billion photos of them at all different angles. It reminds me of the time when mine were that small, many mornings were spent that way! I hope things go well for Paloma too, here’s hoping for good luck for her!

  5. How cute is Marcus in the picture with the twins? What a proud papa!

    Awesome shots of Ainsley’s birth. I love the one that looks like Grace is grabbing onto Ben’s arm. I wouldn’t have minded if you’d used Chloe, by the way but I’m glad you’ve got a name you’re happy with. What a lucky girl she is, with that pretty nursery!

    Paloma is super pretty but I knew she would be! 😉 You have so many great restaurants. You make me want to have a diner like that now, with those old school uniforms!

    1. Thanks Carla, I didn’t think you’d be full of hatred if I used it, but I wanted to try and find something that wasn’t also a “C” letter. I’ve got 7 C’s, 8 M’s, and 11 L’s. I wanted to spread some alphabet love.

      You know, I wasn’t sure how cute Paloma would be, just cause her Dad was a townie, and not the cutest on the block, but she’s really turned out nicely! I do have a ton of restaurants, they are my favorite to play, and are just so fun for me. And I plan to eventually (hope to anyway) have Paloma open a little bakery, which will be yet another.

    1. Thanks Asha, I’m hoping thing go better too. I’m looking forward to playing her household again and see how she fares with saving money to get her own place, and all that good stuff.

  6. Poloma really is a cutie! I love all the stories surrounding each birth, I built a hospital and only used it in one update so far! I love how much thought went into Ainsley’s name, and I love that name btw. If I ever have any kids, that one is definitely a possiblity 🙂

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I really like playing the hospital. Each time I have multiple births I get a bit of a panic… how am I going to write this up!? And then I just work my way through it. I really like the name Ainsley too, it was on my short list at one point, but the husband said no. I kept crossing it off my list for them cause I thought the A-A might be too much, but it turned out nicely, imo, for this name.

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