looking at life

June 2016
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Kenzie Goss (53 years), Tyler Goss (51 years), Dean Goss (7 years),

narrated by: Kenzie

My sister-in-law asked my brother, Ethan for a divorce, and they are in the final stages right now. Sure, we’ve always thought Meredith was dreadful, but it’s shocking to my system nonetheless. It’s not so much that my brother is getting divorced, it’s the feeling that it could happen to anyone. They’ve been a couple for twenty-five years, since Cara was one, married for twenty-three of those years.

Ethan had took over parenting Cara, the same way that Tyler stepped into fatherhood for my Zeke. We all know that being step-parents is difficult work, and helps destroy marriages, but it’s shattering to my reality when a marriage is thrown away after so many years. At some point you feel safe in your marriage, and your partner, and this makes it seem like it’s never safe.

As much as we both feel badly for Ethan, we don’t think he’s innocent, and are exhausted with him coming over.

Tyler groans when the doorbell goes, but I try to be positive that he even rings the bell. He could just barge in, and it wouldn’t surprise me.

He’s unhappy staying with Colin and Luca. Neither of them are pleasant to him, he complains. Colin says that he needs to get off his butt and get a job. Which Ethan thinks is harsh, and that you can’t just find work when you’re fifty-five.

He does nothing but complain, and he not only drains me, he infuriates me. It’s all Meredith’s fault in his eyes, and his sons wanting him to pitch in for rent is just rude, he thinks. I can’t even imagine expecting Zeke or Lorelei to provide for me, especially when they are all so young themselves.

After my snapping, he’ll sulk off and find where Tyler went to hide. We aren’t big beer drinkers, but Ethan is, and he’s driving us to it.

Tyler knows that the troubles with Ethan’s marriage have been on my mind. It’s hard to watch a marriage become obsolete without applying that thought to your own. Their finalization is in two weeks, and Tyler decided we needed to get out of town. He didn’t want just any old trip up to the mountains, he was taking us to Asia.

I don’t think I could love this man more if I tried, he knows the way to solve problems, and keep me sane.

Leading up to the trip, we had to decide who would watch the house for us. Originally I asked my sister Delaney, but she’s got her hands full, not so much with Lizzie.

But with the three teenagers, most specifically Lauren and Meg.

This is Meg and Peter’s final year of high school this fall, which I can hardly believe, and Delaney told me how Meg wanted to place in an Advanced-Placement class. It requires the Principal’s approval, so they invited Bekah Grimsley over for dinner to discuss the kids’ education.

Jared thought the entire idea was bad, he still remembered their last meeting with Principal Grimsley when she told them that Peter shouldn’t even consider college.

She said that she should have trusted Jared’s instincts cause it didn’t go well at all.

First, Lauren belched loudly as she sat at the table, and started talking about how their parrot died and stunk real bad. But the final straw was when she got that look in her eye, and they knew it was going to be bad.

Needless to say, Bekah denied the kids Advanced-Placement courses, and Meg is devastated.

Even while I was visiting she was at the computer, and would randomly break down in tears.

I don’t know how Delaney manages raising all these kids. I had the luxury of raising mine practically one at a time, and I prefer that method immensely.

I’d never tell my sister, cause it’d be rude, but I think she’s absolutely nuts to have a child so late in life. I look at all the teens, and think how close she was to an empty house, full of peace and quiet and high cost college education bills. Instead she has little Lizzie gurgling on the floor, and she’s just beginning her journey in life.

In the end, it was Zeke who said he’d watch our home and feed the cat. He lives right near us, in the same neighborhood, and he insisted it wouldn’t be a big deal to swing by every other day. It’s all the cat needs anyway, she’s a good girl and won’t destroy furniture while we are out.

I’m going to really miss the twins while we are away, they are changing so much lately. Vivienne is a natural at talking these past few months, and is onto full sentences.

Cicely is more interested in doing things, and playing with animals. I keep telling them they should get a pet, but Morgan insists they don’t have the time to properly invest in one at the time being.

Originally I didn’t want to bother Zeke with watching our cat, and home, but Lorelei insisted she couldn’t handle the extra load. I understand seeing that she lives farther out, and doesn’t own a car.

I’ve always encouraged a strong feminist nature for my only daughter, but now that she’s twenty-three, I’d like her to have a relationship under her belt. She’s had dates and a boyfriend before, but I’m wanting her to have a long-term relationship. She doesn’t need to get married tomorrow, but a serious relationship is nearly as important as a good education.

Her roommate, Erin is dating my nephew Colin, and Lorelei said they had a bit of a falling out, but he’s coming on full force now. We both think it’s from Ethan living at Colin’s apartment. I swear, if Ethan forces Colin to rush into marriage just so he can avoid going back to his own apartment, I’ll do something fierce to my brother.

When I was growing up, our parents took all of us kids to Asia several times. I never got to do that with my kids, things were never ideal, and financially I’ve always struggled. It’s bittersweet to go now with Dean, but not with Zeke and Lorelei. While we could have used all of our savings to pay for everyone to go, it just wouldn’t have worked out this time anyway. Vivienne and Cicely are too little, Morgan is over-worked with the hospital’s on-going baby boom.

Dean was thrilled to go away for part of the summer. He can’t wait to go back to school in the fall and tell everyone he flew over an ocean, and visited another country.

He was a little too excited and Tyler had to reprimand him for jumping on the beds. This is one area that the two have the most conflict, it’s like Dean sips funny-giggle juice all day long, he’s constantly on the go, laughing, telling jokes. And Tyler has no sense of humor, he writes Non-Fiction for pity sake, he’s not an imaginative, fun-loving guy. He’s kind, caring, and provides well for his family, but silly isn’t his nature.

Dean’s a good boy though, and we can both recognize that in him, despite his inability to take anything seriously. I think it’s our advancing age that has made Tyler more of a lecturing type. Though he did lecture Lorelei quite a lot in her younger days too, so maybe I willed myself to forget all about it.

Sometimes I’d like him to let the serious part of him slide a little, and relax.

One of my goals for the trip was having everyone experience what I had as a young girl. We did the Tai-Chi early one morning. and it’s definitely not how I remembered it. My body groaned, and my shoulders actually made a grinding noise on some of the movements.

It must be my age, cause Dean picked it up right away and super fast. It’s as much a mind-exercise as it is physically, but Dean didn’t have any problems being quiet during the session. I envy him for his youth, and spry young mind.

My favorite piece of the trip was the final night, when I was little I’d watch my Mom rake the sand, and she’d talk to me about her childhood, growing up with Aunt Myra for a twin.

Dean was quiet, and allowed me to pass on this little tradition with him. We talked about my twin sister Delaney, and how we were always so opposite. Mom would say if one wanted to go outside, the other one would insist we all go in. She was very studious, and did well, and I was much more interested in boys. Which is how I got Zeke to begin with.

It was a nice ending to our first family vacation, I’m hoping we can take trips more frequently, as long as Tyler’s work continues to sell well, I don’t see why we can’t. It’s odd to think of as financially well-off, not buried in money by any means, but if we had to, we could pay for all of Dean’s college education without batting an eye, and that’s saying something.

Notes:Must be the divorce, cause Ethan came over every day that I played their household. He never visited like this before, he’s always been anti-social when it came to his sisters.

I loved seeing Colin dropping flowers off for Erin, I imagine him trying to escape his Dad hanging out at his pad. Ethan literally sleeps on their sofa right in the middle of the apartment.

Meg had the want to get into Private School, which is just advanced placement in my hood. She didn’t get it. It was her last chance as I like to do it before the new school year starts. I can’t believe that this will be her and Peter’s last year in high school!

Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “looking at life

  1. I love the picture with the kitty! So adorable…
    And I absolutely love this story!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, hope we continue reading each other! 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana for stopping by! The kitty puts up pretty well with the toddler girls, considering she’s never had to deal with toddlers before this.

  2. I love the advanced placement instead of private school, I do that in AV as well. Their trip seemed very nice, they really needed the break and to be out of town when everything “went down” with the divorce.

    ~Apple Valley

    1. Thanks Starr, the AP is the only way to fulfill private school wants and give the students a distinguished education, outside of building a private school to play. I think a private school could be fun, but that’s already what college is at any rate.

  3. Wow, it’s Meg and Peter’s last year as teens! I can’t believe it! Time really does fly!
    I think throwing food is a good impression when you have your headmaster over.

    I can imagine it being annoying that Ethan comes over all the time, and still doesn’t take responsability of things! I felt a little bad for him in the previous update, but he really should get a kick in the butt and do something about it!
    Awe at Colin dropping off flowers at his girlfriend’s door. He never was a huge fan of his father, so I would see him as the type of guy to escape the house when his dad is there all the time!

    They seemed to have had a nice trip! I’m glad they will be able to do those kind of things more often!

    1. I can’t believe they are going to be young adults soon!! It’s like, YAY I’m making progress in my hood! Sometimes it feels like time moves so slow, which it does, but doesn’t… I’m excited to see what Meg and Peter end up doing. I haven’t given them much thought for life after high school, mostly just snuck up on me!

      Ethan is kind of a pest. I’d like him to get a kick in the butt too, and become a responsible man for pity sake! I loved that I loaded the lot, and Colin was there dropping flowers!!! I guess he can be a sweet guy now and again!

      Thanks Tanja!

  4. I love the idea of advance placement! I’ve had sims with that private school want, but didn’t know how to add it in with me running my own schools! Ethan is going to drive everyone around him nuts isn’t he? He needs to take some responsibility in the demise of his marriage. Sure, Meredith is no saint, but it wasn’t all her either. And what kind of man doesn’t mind mooching off his kids? It is not their job to take care of him! I’m glad Kenzie and her family were able to get away for a while. I love when kids are the opposite of their parents :). Tyler is just going to have to loosen up a bit lol.

    1. I think Ethan will drive everyone crazy. His sisters are going to wish that Meredith had kept him, cause then he didn’t show up on their doorsteps uninvited.

      Dean is *very* opposite of his parents, he’s full playful, and almost full of nice. He’s just a sweet little goofball. And Tyler is so serious. They could learn from one another to lighten up/take things more seriously.

      Thanks Jennifer!

  5. Ha, I love that Ethan kept coming over. But I can understand Kenzie and Tyler getting annoyed with him. Sounds like he still needs to grow up a lot and stop expecting other people to take care of him without him giving something in return.

    I’m glad Kenzie, Tyler, and Dean got to take a vacation and get away for a while. It would be nice to have the entire family with them, but I’m sure a trip that far away with twin toddlers wouldn’t be much fun for Morgan and Zeke.

    I love the pictures at Delaney’s house. You can really see how crazy it is over there just by looking at what’s going on in the background, lol! But poor Meg. 😦 Lauren should have known she should be on her best behavior when the principal is visiting!

    1. Thanks Shana! I was glad that they could finally take a vacation. They’ve both had the want for quite some time, and financially were never able to afford it. I really hope to have them take a big giant family vacation when Vivienne and Cicely are children. I’d love to get them all together then, I think it’d be fun. Lewis and Dean as teens, and the girls.. it’s on my “hope-to-do” list!

      Delaney’s house is crazy! I’m glad it came across in the photos, cause it really is. I feel like I would have a headache if I was there. Meg even destroyed Peter’s portrait, I didn’t know they could do that! She got an evil look in her eye, and started her destruction. Delaney has some bratty, bratty kids!

      I had Bekah come over for dinner, and then after wards I had the real admission guy come over for admittance. And for whatever reason he wouldn’t eat his dinner! So they were denied. I don’t know if Bekah would have said no to Meg because of her sisters, but the Dean of Admission (game generated) is who decided in the end, game play wise.

  6. Geez, Ethan sure knows how to endear himself to people, doesn’t he? I don’t blame Kenzie and Tyler for getting annoyed with him. Hopefully, he’ll get a wake-up call soon and grow up a little.

    It feels very realistic that Kenzie would feel a little worried about her own marriage, after what happened with Ethan and Meredith. But it doesn’t seem like she has much cause for concern at the moment. Or at least, I hope not! They look like they’re in a completely different place.

    Can’t believe Meg and Peter are so old now, lol! Poor Meg! Her brother and sister weren’t too helpful with her attempt to get into those advanced placement classes! I was all ready to ask if your AP classes were what you call private school and it looks like I was right.

    That was a really sweet ending to their trip – some mother/son time for Kenzie and Dean.

    1. You know Carla, I’m really anxious to bump Ethan to elderhood. I want to know how long he has to live. I feel like it shouldn’t be a long life, cause he’s been such a bum! Like his quality of life/health can’t be that great. Who knows if the game will agree with me.

      I’m surprised at how old Meg and Peter are too. It’s really snuck up on me. When I go in my game sometime soon, I need to figure out what their best options are! I’ve completely ignored their future, thinking I had sometime. I really don’t!

      Thanks Carla for reading!

  7. Great idea to have the private school as AP.

    Ethan needs to grow up. For a man of 55 he really acts like an entitled child.

    Kenzie seems to have a great marriage. I’m sure a divorce isn’t on the horizon for them.

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