fall birthdays 2016

September 2016
Violet-Adele’s previous update/next update

It had been difficult in the beginning, juggling Caroline, and Violet-Adele. Everything seemed to becoming to a head, a collision where he would have to make a choice. But then summer arrived, and somewhere in that season, they had found a balance. They walked the tight rope of immoral wrongdoings, and he stood in the role as the reserved father, and distant husband.

It had been simple enough, Caroline wasn’t interested in being intimate, she felt overweight and unattractive. With Alex, he had encouraged her to feel more desirable, but this time he left her to herself.

Easier, everything seemed to be becoming much easier. The thought of leaving Caroline, and splitting weekends, didn’t seem such a horrible fate if there was Vi to warm his bed. She never one mentioned anything permanent between them, there was an unspoken rule: Never mention Caroline.

Did it mean something that she didn’t press for him to leave his wife? He didn’t allow himself to dwell on it.

It was the end of a fall afternoon that reality made an overdue appearance.

They had spent the few hours before dusk down at the beach, he had picked up a pizza for them to share for a late lunch, and they’d watched the ferry boats go to and fro.

It was now as they were heading back to their separate vehicles, hers a loaner from her company in Paris, that his cell phone beeped.

She encouraged him to ignore the voice mail, he usually did. Kissing him, and flirting, using her feminine ways to get her point across. He usually always did what she desired, but this time it felt different. It was Caroline, she didn’t usually leave a message. She was working her shift at the hospital for another hour, there was no reason for her to call.

Save one.

Her voice was annoyed, she’d tried reaching him at the toy store. The question of why he wasn’t working, and hadn’t been there for hours was there, but not asked. She had to know, he felt sure that she had to know the reason for his unexplainable absence. She was being admitted, Alex was playing over at Lewis’ house, the baby was on the way.

“She’s having the baby.” He answered the question in her eyes. Another life was on the way, or already here, the message was two hours old. It wasn’t enough having one child depend solely on them, she had wanted two, and the weight of this unknown child burdened him more than he expected. “I have to go.”

Stuttering, and stumbling behind him, she tried to come up with some words to say, or affirmation that they would meet up again soon. But he didn’t answer anything straight, just said that he didn’t know, as he got in his car and left.

He had to take the ferry back to South Port, he considered calling to check with the hospital, but he didn’t have an answer on why he’d been out of contact for such a long period. So he waited, sitting in his car, while many of the others had gone on to the deck.

When he arrived at the hospital, all the staff congratulated him on sight, large, happy smiles all around. Caroline was beloved here, he used to come for her lunch shift before Alex, but only one time since then. They were friendly, and bright for him, because they loved her.

The baby had arrived, shortly after the message had been left, even Alex was here already, brought over by Zeke.

“It’s a girl.” She was shy, and out of breath a little, as she held his innocent daughter out for their son to see. Alex didn’t want a sister, Reed didn’t want another child, but here was Alex, happily talking to his new sister, accepting her openly. “Do you want to hold her?”

“Not yet.” He held up his hands, “I’m dirty, need to wash my hands first,” he shuffled to the sink behind him, meticulously washing his hands, between each finger, at the tip of each nail. He could feel her gaze on him, and he forced his concentration to stay on his hands. When there was no more ways to wash, he reluctantly moved to the paper towels. “So, Molly then?”

“If that’s alright. I’ve already been calling her that for the past hour, but if you’ve changed your mind….”

“No, Molly is fine. It fits.” He held his arms out, and Caroline carefully passed Molly to him. A dusting of black hair covered her forehead, and she couldn’t weigh more than seven pounds, but the little, sleepy bundle felt much heavier.

* * *

A few other little ones are celebrating birthdays, Delaney and Jared’s youngest, Lizzie is turning one.

She looks very much like her older sister, Meg, and has her Grandpa Peter’s nose.

Hazel and Jude’s youngest, and last baby, Roman turns one as well.

He very much resembles his big sister, Bea and Dad, but with his Mom’s blond hair.

Notes:I really like Roman! I was very excited to age him up and see, and I hadn’t snuck a peak at him so it was a complete surprise!
Lizzie is just adorable as heck too! I swear, Jared and Delaney make very pretty daughters. I think she looks a lot like Meg already.

I’m excited that Reed had a daughter, it seemed very fitting to me for a few reasons. First, the “ideal” family is one of each, and now he has that. The appearance, of a happy, complete family, that many want, and he now has. Second, many men fall helplessly in love with their little princesses, and I’d like to see if Reed can do that. He is not *friends* with Alex, the kid annoys him, truly. But Molly… I can see him falling in love and complete devotion to her…

Violet-Adele’s previous update/next update

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22 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2016

  1. Ahh Reed… I hope he’ll love Molly, as well as Alex because having a favorite kid is never good.

    I am seriously in love with the second picture! It’s so amazing, I don’t have words to describe how amazing it is!

    Roman is so cute, he’s like a male Bea πŸ˜›

    1. Thanks Flit, I do hope that Reed can relate to Alex, especially since he’s older. I know that some guys don’t do well with little babies. Thanks on the picture, some of the photos make me wish I could move in myself. Roman is definitely a male Bea!

    1. Thanks Starr, Reed thinks Caroline knows, I’m going to go into her story a little bit in the next round to what she really thinks about everything.

  2. This whole thing with Violet-Adele spells trouble! And I just have a feeling that if Caroline finds out and ends things, Violet-Adele is going to get flaky and leave poor Reed with lots of regrets……hopefully I’m wrong! Roman is definitely a cutie πŸ™‚

    1. I worry about Vi flaking out too. She’s had him once… and dumped him… I would really hate for Reed to leave Caroline and his family to be with her, and have her leave him to go back to Paris, or for another man. That wouldn’t be good.

  3. Reed has a little girl. I’m with you, I think this will be the game changer. I can’t wait to see what comes of his new little girl. And does Caroline really suspect that he’s stepin’ out on her?

    1. Thanks Asha, I’ll be doing Caroline’s pov in the next round, and what she thinks is really going on. I do think Molly has the potential to really change things, looking forward to playing their household sometime soonish to see how things do change. Reed has had the constant fear of getting caught cheating, and always one romantic want for Caroline and two for Vi. I’m wanting to see if Molly changes any of that.

  4. Awww, I love the babies! πŸ˜€
    Btw, this is such a great job – I really liked those couple of posts I’ve had a chance to read. I also love photos of the city, wonderful job!
    Hoping you’ll come visit my blog! πŸ˜‰

  5. I wonder what will happen now, now that Caroline suspects something…

    Anyway, I hope Reed can love both his children, though seeing a man totally in love with his daughter is so sweet!! But it wouldn’t be fair if Reed wouldn’t want to make an efford for his son.

    I love both, Lizzie and Ramon! I can’t wait to see them grow up!

    1. I’m looking forward to Roman and Lizzie growing up too. And I agree, it’s pretty sweet when a Daddy has a little princess to dote on. I’m anxious to see what Molly looks like when she becomes a toddler, Alex is really quite a good mix of the two, and I wonder if she will be the same.

      Thanks Tanja!

  6. Lizzie and Roman are both adorable. Lizzie looks just like her big sister and I love that Roman looks like his dad with his mom’s hair. πŸ™‚

    Oh, Reed. He has some things to answer for and I’m sure Caroline now knows he’s doing something behind her back since it took him so long to get there. I worry that Violet-Adele might change her mind if Reed does decide to leave Caroline, that maybe reality will hit her and scare her off again.

    1. I was way geeked that Roman had blond hair, and how cute Lizzie turned out. Her brother Peter isn’t the cutest guy in this community, and she had a chance in getting those same genes.

      I worry about Violet-Adele changing her mind just the same. She’s such a fickle character, it fit when ROS had her change her aspiration, cause she used to be a family sim, and had no wants until she had her mid-twenties freak out, and rolled multiple engagement wants.

      Thanks Shana!

  7. Roman and Lizzie are both adorable! I hope Lizzie doesn’t give her parents as much trouble as her older siblings have!

    As for Violet-Adele and Reed, I smell lots and lots of trouble there! Interesting that Jennifer brought up Vi possibly getting flaky if Reed and Caroline split, because I didn’t actually think of that. What first crossed my mind was that if Reed is as enchanted with his daughter as so many men become, will he still want to leave Caroline? This will be really interesting to watch play out.

    1. I think it’d be best for Delaney and Jared if Lizzie turned out to be much more mellow than her big sisters. Their advanced age would do better I imagine if she was mild mannered. At the same time, they really spoil their kids, and people tend to be even more lax with subsequent children, especially the baby of the family.

      I’ve been thinking the same, with Reed maybe not wanting to throw in the towel, especially after Vi already had dumped him. But he’s so smitten with Vi, for so many years now, I don’t know what he’ll end up doing.

      Thanks Carla!

      1. Oh, I didn’t think about Delaney and Jared being older parents! Yeah, a more mellow kid would be nice. Araminta and Henry ended up with Elspeth, LOL!

        1. I hope that they both have more time than poor Henry did. I’m nervous about aging them, but also anxious, cause I just wanna know already!

  8. What cute children your sims produce. It’s always nice to see the genes start to shape on toddlers.

    Reed seemed a little resentful when thinking about the children he wasn’t quite ready for. Maybe it was just him thinking but that’s the hint that I got. I wonder how long Caroline is going to hold her tongue if she does suspect anything. Will Reed take advantage of the first few weeks of the baby’s time at home? I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    1. Thanks! I like aging to toddlers to see who they look the most like. The McCarthy’s have such strong genes, I anticipate all of Emma, Grace, and Oliver’s kids looking very similar!

      Reed had a fear of baby, so he was definitely not on board “want” wise for another one. Off the top of my head I can’t recall if Reed had the want for Alex, but he doesn’t get along with him now.

  9. Oh my, this situation is just a mess all around! So it seems they’ve pushed forward then. I can’t wait to see if or how the new baby changes his outlook on the situation.

    I feel worst for the poor baby, I think. It’s not her fault being born into unfortunate timing, and I hope neither of her parents make her feel slighted for that, no matter how their romantic lives end up going.

    Very symbolic and foreboding, when he was washing his hands and said, “I’m dirty.”

    1. “Very symbolic and foreboding, when he was washing his hands and said, β€œI’m dirty.””

      I heart you.

      Just saying. πŸ˜‰

      I feel the worst for Molly too, and Alex as well. But Molly to be born into this time frame, at least Alex could think his parents were in love at the time, which they were. Stinking Violet-Adele, always making things messy for everyone around her.

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