deserve this

september 2016
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Benjamin Andersen (29 years), Grace Andersen (26 years), Ainsley Andersen (3 months)

narrated by: Grace

Mom and Dad invited us over for a grill out on Labor Day weekend. Originally, Mom wanted to throw it in honor of Emma and Chris getting hitched, but they said they already had plans.

It was nice seeing Oliver, he’s such a goofball of a little brother. He’s lucky that Paloma thinks all his geeky, sci-fi talk is adorable.

We were all upset for Paloma when she didn’t make it into college, I know that I thought the two might break up, but they seem to be going strong still. It’s a relief to me and Mom, we both really adore Paloma, and think of her as family.

Lily was the only little kid that hung out with the adults, she is in love with Ainsley. She sees me all the time, so I’m not a novelty to her, but Oliver surely is. She always wants to show him how she can roll on the ground, or tell him about the worms they use to fish in the pond. He’s a good brother, always gives her attention.

The rest of the big kids entertained themselves in the yard, away from the adults. I remember when it was me and Emma making our own clique, with Violet-Adele, and Oliver tagging along.

I had tried avoiding being alone with Mom for most of the afternoon, but she had Ainsley inside when I was cleaning up the dishes. She was hurt that Emma didn’t come, and feels that she’s deliberately keeping Chaz away from her.

It was awkward, because I knew that Emma was avoiding Mom and Dad. I don’t want to be in the middle of it, so I just shrug my shoulders over it. I’ve been telling Emma for the past few months that Mom is trying to get everything together, and seems to be doing well. In the past, she never would have invited us all over, but this was all her idea. I prefer to think people can change for the good, and accept them for who they are in the meantime. Emma doesn’t see it that way.

Back at home, Benjamin takes care of Ainsley’s bedtime bath. He works nights a lot, so he insists on taking over all nightly duties when he is here. I actually physically miss her while he does the baths, and he’s always sending me off to relax or catch up on email.

With a little bottle, and a rock in the chair, he has her fast asleep.

Once Ainsley is asleep, Benjamin will read his magazine, and I’ll do some browsing on the stylist websites. I’m always trying to bring the latest looks into my Salon.

We only do our own thing for a little while, and usually end up snuggling and talking somewhere. Lately it’s been out on the porch, before winter moves in. I had been thinking since Ainsley was just a few weeks old that I’d like her to have a sibling she can be close to, like I am with Emma.

I was wary of bringing it up to Benjamin, he’s much more of a planner than I am, and usually requires a significant amount of time to pass before any big decisions are made. But I asked anyway if we could try for another one, and have the kids be one year apart. Our own little “Irish twins” I suggested.

He actually agreed, as long as this was the completion of our family. He thought two was a good number, and much more manageable than my family’s seven kids. I agreed, plus I really love our home and we only have three bedrooms.

I want to continue to do well with my Salon. It’s difficult enough with me and Emma busy with our own kid, I had to hire another person to help, and split the management shift with Emma. I don’t want to be my Mother and require the help of everyone else to help raise my kids; I think I can manage Salon Sisters and two children.

Emma didn’t like the idea of hiring, and I think that’s why she doesn’t like Joslyn. She isn’t mean, just downright indifferent.

I really like her though, she’s pretty funny, and she’s decent cutting hair. I need someone else to run a salon chair when Emma is at home with Chaz. If we want to have more hours open, we need the help.

At the end of the month, I did a big sale for “Back to School” and had Oliver’s help with putting pamphlets up all over campus. It worked great, we really had a big crowd that kept coming all day Saturday.

I think Emma was glad at this point that we hired Joslyn, cause there were people waiting outside to get the discount.

It’s a juggle to make sure that we are spending enough with Ainsley, with one another, and still doing our own things. I wake up early to get in a morning jog, while Benjamin gets himself ready for work. It’s my time I get to spend with my own thoughts, and Murphy. He’s been my jogging partner for nine years, and is getting up there in age now.

When I get back home, we trade off, and Benjamin heads into the fire station.

If I have the day off, I usually meet up with Rebecca down at Hamilton Park. The great thing about living in Millwood is that we can walk pretty much everywhere, Ainsley enjoys taking walks in her stroller.

Rebecca shared that her and Quint decided they weren’t going to try for another baby. She admits that she hasn’t recovered from the miscarriage, and it sounded silly to her own years, because it’s been two years. Dr. Russo-Traver says there is a higher risk of complication for her though, and she says that she can’t take that risk again.

Quint mentioned the idea of adopting, just putting their information in with Kenzie down at Social Services, an seeing where the chips fall.

I’m happy for them and the possibility of this happening. I think Scarlett would make a great big sister, with some time. She is interested in Ainsley, and while I don’t think she’ll ever be as doting as Lily is, she seems to like her well enough. I imagine with her own brother or sister, she would be more attached.

They have an interview with Kenzie in October to see if they want to adopt locally or internationally. They haven’t decided on that one yet, Quint is concerned with a birth mom trying to butt in, but Rebecca likes the idea of helping a child from here.

I was anxious to fill Benjamin in with everything when he got home from one of his long shifts, but when he came home he found me a mess in the kitchen. It seems unfair that someone as kind as Rebecca can’t have a child on her own, while there are others in the world that have more than they can handle.

He tried giving me a hug, and I had to push him away cause he smelled like metal from the tanks at work. I ran to the upstairs bathroom, and threw up my lunch from earlier.

Benjamin came in once the sobbing, and vomiting had stopped, and sat on the floor against the door.

“So, does this mean we’re having another baby?”

I nodded meekly, suddenly feeling very tired, and hormonal. We were going to have another baby, and suddenly it seemed wrong to make Ainsley share us so soon in life. Not to mention that it came so easily, how many babies had Rebecca seen born since she started trying for her second baby.

Yep, baby number 2 due in June, when Ainsley turns 1. They TFB on their own, and I love it! I think it fits perfectly that Grace would want them close together, like her and Emma. They are only one year apart too. IFS is 2 for each of them, so other than an oopsy, this will be it for them.

Rebecca lost her baby in fall 2014, and since then, four playables have been born, five if you count Alex’s. Which is 3 babies in Rebecca’s circle of friends, Ainsley, Molly, and Roman. They will not TFB, but they both have the want. Rebecca has had the adoption bubble above her head a few times, and so that’s the direction they’ll go. When? Not too sure.

I loved seeing Oliver and Paloma together at the party, she sure does like her boyfriend. She was always smiling fondly at him. She had googly eyes for Ainsley too, and I could just imagine her thinking, one of these might be nice… then Ainsley threw up on Paloma, just to remind her to not have any kids too soon!

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “deserve this

  1. That’s a pretty big step for Nicole, to invite the family over. But things have been distant with this family for so long and Emma clearly isn’t ready to move on quite yet. I wonder if Nicole is sincere or if Emma is right about her. :\ I hope Nicole is actually trying to make some changes; it’s sweet of Grace to take her at her word.

    I’m so glad Benjamin and Grace have Ainsley now (and having another!) They both seem so happy with her.

    I can understand why Rebecca would be nervous about another pregnancy, after the way her last one ended. I hope adoption works out well for her and Quint.

    LOL, so Paloma = not quite ready for babies! That’s a good thing, I think!

    1. I have to do Nicole’s family update next. I hate that I didn’t pay attention and have so much McCarthy here at the end, but I think her changes might be genuine! She rolled the want to be friends with Emma, a first. And to do the Parenting Book. And the want to throw a party (which I took for Emma, but also family). She also wants to retire, which I’ve never seen in a 40-something year old before! And isn’t happening. She’s stuck with Zoe-Gen (all my business owners are in the business owner career).

      These two are constantly snuggling with Ainsley, she is never down. I had Grace put her in the swing, and five seconds later, Benjamin came in the room to pick her up. They are too cute, and so opposite than Emma and Chris. I imagine at a playground, Ben/Grace would run to Ainsley if she fell, and Emma would say to Chaz, “quit being a baby, you’re fine.” Tough love! lol

      Thanks Carla!

  2. Wow, another baby(ies). So exciting. It’s interesting to hear Oliver’s family discuss Paloma. I do feel a bit bad for Rebecca and the baby issue, but adoption will be exciting for them.

    ~Apple Valley

    1. Thanks Starr, I’m excited for the adoption with Rebecca too. It wasn’t until she had those bubbles that I got my little light bulb. I’m excited for them to have another baby too, I’m hoping it’s a girl! Though I have no girl names at all. I’ll have to start preparing for that, so I don’t spend days without one.

      Paloma has known the McCarthys for a very long time, since childhood, since she’s always been friends with Oliver. She’s friends with everyone or nearly at this point. She’s even friends with George, Oliver’s Grandpa.

  3. LOL @ Paloma with the baby! I’m glad she and Oliver are sticking it out still, even though she didn’t make it into college with him.

    And yay for another baby!!! Though I can understand her conflicted feelings about it, up against what Rebecca’s been through.

    I don’t think I ever got a chance to say, but I love the name Ainsley! So pretty! 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura, I like the name too. One of my daughters is an Aislyn, so DH nixed Ainsley.

      I love that Ainsley threw up on Paloma, she needs to remember to not have a baby even though she’s legally an adult. Rebecca makes all her friends feel uncomfortable poor thing. Grace and Hazel just keep popping them out, while Rebecca has only Scarlett, who is 7 now! I didn’t expect such a huge gap there.

  4. I’m so happy they are going to have another baby! It’s nice both kids will be as close in age as Grace and Emma are, I hope they will have such a strong band as well.

    It’s good to see Oliver and Paloma sticking it out, I hope they can manage when they all have their own things in life, that will be very different since Paloma will be starting a career and Oliver will still be in college.

    It seems like Nicole is changing, but it seems like Emma isn’t ready for that yet, maybe later …

    1. I hope the two will have a close bond too! Watch they are opposites and don’t get along at all! But I doubt that would happen. I’m not sure where to put the new baby, I guess in Grace’s room, cause the third bedroom is on the main floor, and it seems wrong to put a baby on the main floor alone! The master bedroom is giant, so plenty of space.

      I like Paloma and Oliver together too, I want to play their update to see how it’s all working for them, just having an issue with scheduling it all out.

      For Nicole to change, Emma would likely require a lot of time. Grace is much more forgiving than Emma is. If you could roll to have people eaten by the cowplant without being enemies, I think she’d give her Mom a quick kick into one. 😉

      Thanks Tanja!

  5. I like the family dynamics very much in this.

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while but it’s the first time I comment, so um, hi. 🙂

    1. Hi River’s Bend! Thanks for the comment! It’s always nice to see a comment from a new poster! 😀 McCarthy’s are one of my favorites too, which is good, since there is so many of them! It’d take a certain fondness to even consider breeding all these kids! lol

  6. Grace is doing really well for herself. I’m sure that it seems scary now to have another baby so close to their first but they’ll get a handle on it.

    Good for Paloma and Oliver . I hope they make it.

    1. I am curious how things work out with Oliver and Paloma, and if they do make it. I’m looking forward to playing their respective households, and seeing how they are doing.

      I’m excited for how well things are going for Grace too, and their new baby.


  7. LOL! Good job, Ainsley, teach Paloma that she doesn’t need any babies for several years! 😉

    I’m glad Nicole is trying to reach out to her kids and mend relationships. I hope maybe eventually Emma can come around and at least let Chaz have a relationship with his grandparents. I can understand her hurt feelings with them though and Emma doesn’t seem willing to forgive easily, so Nicole may be too late in her changed attitude.

    Aw, another baby! Grace and Benjamin are doing so well with their careers and handling parenthood. I’m sure they’ll adjust to having another baby around without too many problems. They’re such a sweet little family. 🙂

    1. Thanks Shana, I hope that things can mend with Emma and Nicole at some point too. Sometimes becoming a parent helps with this, but sometimes it has the opposite affect.

      I think another baby will be sweet for Grace and Benjamin as well. As long as they stop at two, I’m okay with them having them close together. They don’t make well enough money, not yet anyway, and their house isn’t big enough for them to pop out kids like Nicole. And I love their house, so they aren’t allowed to outgrow it, lol.

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