Round 5 Summary and Round 6 ROS

Round 5 Summary

Round 5 Index here.

Millwood & South Port Census here.

Births: 4 (Chaz Holmes, Lizzie Schehl, Roman Woodfolk, and Ainsley Andersen)
(pnpc births – Asher & Shira Dwyer, and Molly Welsh)

Deaths: 0

Engagements: 0

Marriages: 1 (Emma and Chris Holmes)

Break-ups: 2 (Hadley Millett and Isaac Gavigan : break-up, Ethan Traver and Meredith Traver : divorced)

High School Graduations: 2 (Oliver McCarthy and Paloma Creelman)

College Graduations: 1 (Lorelei Goss)

New residents: 1 (Chris Holmes)

Total population: 76 (32 boys, 44 girls) (+6 growth)

Babies: 1
Toddlers: 8
Children: 18
Teens: 7
College: 1
Adults: 33
Elders: 8

Round 6 ROS

  • City Reclaims Land: 24 Hours to move to a new lot, take any and all items in your inventory as you want. (Really? Hrm. I’m over the upset now, but still.)
  • Depression: Lose 5100 asp points everyday for 3 days (this will work good)
  • Large Lottery Win: $60,000 (they will be quite pleased)
  • Death by Drowning: Should have waited after that cheeseburger to go for that swim! (*sigh*)
  • Make it happen! Pursue your biggest want! (I hope it’s something interesting! Not buy a car or new tv)
  • Serious Self Doubt: Change Aspiration for 1 year. You may keep the new aspiration or change it back later. (I can make it work, curious on the chemistry of this change though)

Thank you EVERYONE for taking the time to read my little blog, and leaving comments! I love sharing these pieces with you, and in return, having the chance to read about your sims. It’s such a fun community! Mid-June will be my two year anniversary of running this blog, I wish I could do time faster here, in nearly 2 real life years we have done eight years in Millwood. I will likely forget about the anniversary when it rolls around, we will be vacationing at the capital, squee! But I want to at least acknowledge that it will be nearly 2 years!

Thank you again everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Round 5 Summary and Round 6 ROS

  1. I can’t wait to see them either. Well, I’m dreading the death by drowning one, while simultaneously being desperate to know who it is!

    How are you going to remove aspiration points? I’ve never had to do that.

    1. mmhmm the drowning one got quite a response from me! I jumped out of my seat and rushed over to tell my husband about it, cause I couldn’t share here. Of course he did not get upset appropriately. “Aren’t you in charge if you do these things?” hmph!

      With the aspiration points, I’m just going to use Insim, and bottom it out. I believe I’ve had to do it before, but maybe not while I blogged. My only purpose for rolling points is if it’s a large amount I bottom it out, if it’s not a lot, Ill just make it red.

      1. LOL, non-Simmers just don’t understand!

        Oh and whoops, I also wanted to say happy anniversary! Two years is a great milestone – I don’t think I did anything for my second anniversary but I’m planning something for the third this year. 🙂

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