Darling Family, Grimsley Family

days to come

november 2016
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Charlie Grimsley (31 years), Cara (26 years), Rachael (10 years), Lulu (6 years), Jake (3 years)

narrated by: Cara

We didn’t exactly plan for Jake, and it’s just been a matter of time before we could no longer have him in our bedroom. When we bought this two bedroom house, we thought that we would be complete with Rachael and Lulu, and the girls could easily share the second bedroom. We looked at other houses, but we just weren’t able to make a jump to a larger house, until now.

Charlie and his brother, Tim get bored on patrol and tend to waste a few dollars picking up lotto tickets while they get their late night snacks. And we actually won!

Charlie couldn’t wait to tell me the news, and we started looking for a new house immediately. $60,000 is a lot of dough to buy a nice house, especially out in Millwood. It didn’t take long to find the perfect house, located a block away. We won’t be across the street from the park anymore, but we will be across from the pool, which is next door to the park.

Lulu was excited for the move, and was even more motivated to help me get the house clean. She’s always been much more helpful, even without asking, than Rachael ever has.

As excited as Lulu was for a new house, Rachael was the exact opposite. She loves her bedroom, and insists the new room won’t be as great as this one, and now Scarlett won’t live kitty corner anymore, they’ll be a whole block away. I don’t think she will care as much after her birthday in the spring, she’ll be eleven, and not as interested in toys. Scarlett has always been more of Lulu’s friend, since they are the same age to begin with.

The only time she perked up was when we briefly looked at a house in South Port. She would love to live next to her best friend, Lewis again. The price of the property, plus higher property tax had us change our minds immediately. She’d have to work on Lewis’ parents to get them to move out to Millwood if she wants to live by Lewis again.

The easiest for the move is Jake, we are getting him a big boy bed, and he’ll have his own bedroom. He’s pretty excited about it, for as much as he can understand. When he was very little, he fussed much of the time, but thankfully, he’s a much happier boy as he gets older.

No sooner that we had moved into our house, and barely unpacked a thing, and my mother showed up to harass me. I think she’s a fool to have divorced Ethan, who is going to take care of her when she’s old? I’m not intending on ever sharing a house with her again, and I don’t think Colin or Luca would be ether, and that’s only if they can get rid of Dad bumming at their small apartment. I told them to not let him move in, that he’d be a leech and never leave.

Of course, Mom wanted a piece of the pie, she’s stressed living on her small library salary, which I pointed out, she’s been living on for years. Then she threw in my face how she raised me, and helped when I was a pregnant teen with Rachael, which I reminded her, that she kicked me out to live with Ethan’s Mom Milla.

She didn’t have any case to try and weasel a share of our new lotto winnings, plus with the house, and new furnishings, it wasn’t like we were exactly rolling in the dough. She was fuming, I thought she might actually slap me, but she didn’t. I’m not sure how I would have responded to that, not well I’m sure. I kicked her out of the house after that, and told her to not bother coming back around.

Other than drama with Mom, things are relatively well. Charlie is still working the night shift, patrolling the streets with Tim, which makes him available to care for Jake during the day.

He was a little frazzled to put it nicely when Jake was really young, but since he’s much happier, it’s made Charlie more confident in his Dad skills once again. Nothing like a colicky baby to crush any esteem there is in parenting abilities.

As well as his schedule worked in the beginning, I’ve been looking forward to Jake starting school in the fall, and was hopeful that Charlie might find a day shift down at the station. It seems our cards are really falling into place, cause Charlie shared one evening after work, that he was offered a promotion to Desk Sergeant.

He has the position, and the Chief is willing to let him begin when Jake starts school. His shift will now be first shift, and will get home at 4:00, which is just one hour after I get home. I’m beyond grateful for our good fortune as of late.

The only real struggle now is getting the girls to continuously do well in school. We’ve basically bribed Rachael to get good grades so she can ice skate each winter. It makes the off season a little hard though, since she can always weasel the grade back up before the first snow fall. Lulu struggles as well, but it’s not lack of motivation per say, she just takes longer to grasp the information, but she’s very determined to do well.

If I can get both girls to sit down right off the bus, it usually means a less stressful evening for me with dinner, and Jake to care for.

It’s been such a warm autumn, that the girls are trying to fly through their homework so they can go outside and play. Scarlett has been given permission to walk the block, down to our house if she sees the girls outside playing. I think that this has helped with the transition. They no longer share a bus stop though, but at least they can still play.

I’m a little wary of Rachael becoming a pre-teen in a few months, never been a parent to one before, and my teen years yielded Rachael. I’m not sure I could handle becoming a Grandma at thirty or something. Charlie thinks these fears are silly, and that we’ve raised her better than that. It’s true that we parent different than I was raised, but I still know boys can be pretty convincing.

I enjoy my young Rachel, that plays, and whoops, and hollers over silly things. I’ll miss that when she’s into boys, and make up. I’m sure there will be perks to that age though, things I don’t know about, there was when she became a big girl too.

I wish that Rebecca was in this same place as me, so we could talk about it together. Instead she’s planning to adopt, and really hopeful about it from their meetings with their social worker. I couldn’t imagine getting my hopes up that someone would give me their baby, and then still have the chance to change their mind. I’m done with my family too, so I can’t really share in conversation over being in that same place ether.

I wish them well which goes without saying, and that the process goes smooth for them. I’d hate for her to end up on the news in some wild court case over the custody of a baby, which is all I think of when I think of adoption. The odds aren’t really in favor of that though, which I figured.

The social worker is thinking it could be as early as spring or summer that they have a baby, that is if they find someone knocked up, who doesn’t want to be. It’s unfortunate that it came to this for Rebecca, and I’m a little concerned with the hope there is about a baby being born unwanted, so they can raise it. Guess I’m not one to ever consider adoption.

As it is, I’m looking forward to this stretch of life, of raising the kids I have, without adding more. Charlie is such a good Dad, and makes sure to take time on the weekend to spend with the girls.

Once fall arrives, he’ll be home every evening, and we won’t have to juggle quite as much to have family time. It’ll be nice to have someone help wrestle three kids into doing homework, and getting dinner on the table in a timely manner.

Charlie got the ROS to win the lottery, $60,000 bought these guys a nice brand new house.

Lulu is my only sim that autonomously studies for skills on Monique’s computer, apparently she’s not studying the right subjects, she can’t go past the B (which she’s really mad about when she gets off that bus!).

Cara never had the luxury of just having a baby or even wanting a baby, they all were just forced on her with ROS x2, and Inteen flavor pack. So I don’t think she really relates to just wanting one so badly, she just always got one without effort.

Here’s a little map of their old house and new. Millwood has a Park and Recreation Square, for all the needs of the community. It’s nicer, newer, cleaner, than anything offered in South Port. The empty lot, is actually a water tank, but doesn’t show up in hood view. I want to see if I can fix that, but haven’t yet.

Thanks for reading!

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18 thoughts on “days to come”

  1. Everytime I read about Ethan and his wife’s parenting skills, I want to hug my parents. Their children, especially the oldest, really hate them. That’s exciting that big lotto win, I wish my upcoming ROS was as exciting, all I rolled was a bunch of deaths-I never roll deaths and now I have three to look forward to ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    ~Apple Valley

    1. Aww bummer on the death rolls! I was anxious to roll this round, and ended up with a death one myself, only one though. I might have rerolled if I got more than one death. The lotto win was a fun one, I’m happy for this family, they were one of my poorest, and just ziplined right up there to “middle” class I suppose. Thanks!

  2. I need to win the lotto like that! I love this little family, and I’m glad Cara doesn’t parent the way her parents did! It’s always a toss up with people from really dsyfunctional families. Either they work really hard at doing the opposite for their kids or they accept it and repeat the behavior on their own kids. Three kids at 26, wow! I’m 26 now and I don’t even have one! I couldn’t imagine 3! I’m interesting in seeing a teen Rachael, I’m sure she’ll be fine she has great parents.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I’d love to win the lotto too! Cara doesn’t parent the same way, but if Colin or Luca might? You are right that some work hard to be the opposite, and others just give in to it. I know 3 kids at 26 is a lot! I always think Cara is older, since she’s been doing the Mom-gig for quite a long while now. I’m very excited for teen Rachael!!

    1. Thanks Asha, I’m glad things are going well for this family too. It’ll be fun playing Jake as a school boy (fall), and Rachael as a teen(spring), their whole family is getting big changes in 2017! Looking forward to playing that!

  3. Aw, I love the dysfunctional family drama, it’s always fun to watch them all argue it out in fiction and you don’t have to be a part of it IRL. I also sort of like Meredith. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks River’s Bend, yes it’s much more fun to read about drama than experience it, that is for sure. You might be the only one that likes Meredith, I have a hard time liking her myself. Nicole McCarthy isn’t always the best mother, but I get her, Meredith has some qualities that I don’t really get, and just aren’t nice.

  4. Man, is there a family that deserves a lottery win more than this one?! How amazing! That’s a gorgeous house they bought too. Is that one you built? Everything’s falling into place for them. Charlie’s promotion was a stroke of good luck too. Day shift and a lot safer too.

    ” I think sheโ€™s a fool to have divorced Ethan, who is going to take care of her when sheโ€™s old?”

    Um, probably not Ethan anyway, Cara! But I’m glad Cara stood up for herself with her mum, although it’s very sad that things have to be like that between them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I can’t believe Rachael is so big now! Crazy! This family is growing up so fast.

    And I didn’t even know Sims could autonomously study skills on Monique’s computer. I’m going to have to watch out for that!

    1. LOL Yes Ethan wouldn’t be providing anything, but some company, which is more than Cara intends to do. I did build the house, and I was glad I had someone who could move in to it. When I went to play their house, I just didn’t want to invest mony into fixing it up, like I ihad originally intended, plus they had Jake, and only two bedrooms. So they got to move in. It’s a little sparse, but I’m excited for them to fill it up!

      They can study autonomously, but it has to be turned on. It’s under “Study Skills.” Rachael has never studied on her own, but little Lulu does whenever I’m not telling her to do something. Future knowledge, I dare say.

      I can’t believe Rachael will be a teen, I wish I had a picture of her father, I’d like to compare him to her, and a picture of Lewis’ Mom too! I just aged Lewis up, and I can’t remember his Mom’s feature’s well enough. Such a bummer!

      Thanks Carla!!

  5. I’m so glad this family won the lottery! It seemed like they really were in need of a new house! Their house looks great by they, and seems to be having everything this family needs!

    It’s always sad when things go wrong between parents and their children, and so it’s sad for Cara and her mother as well. It seems like it wont be possible to let these 2 ever get closer again. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    As Carla I didn’t know sims would autonomously study skills one Monique’s computer! I’ll learn something new every day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. They were definitely in need of a bigger house, plus nicer! Their other one was a fixer-upper, and I didn’t want to spend the time/money fixing it up! I don’t know if Meredith and Cara would get closer, neither have that many nice points, but for whatever reason, Cara is more nice generally, just not to her Mom. She does butt heads with Rachael though, she did this round, and possibly every round before this one as well, I can remember a time or two off the top of my head. But they are “friends” so hopefully they can keep it that way.

      You have to have the Study Skills turned on, and then some sims will study on their own. Most of mine don’t do it, but Lulu always does.

      Thanks Tanja!

  6. Thanks for the tip on autonomous study – I saw the option on the computer but never understood what it did.

    The lottery ROS turned out really well – it’s good to see something positive when the majority of ROS rolls seem to create drama and disaster! Their new house looks great, and they really needed it, too.

    1. Thanks Jane, I like when ROS is good too and especially to sims that can use the money! If Myra had won this it wouldn’t even be a big deal. I really like their new house too, I was tired of their old one for sure, and it didn’t fit their style nor their family. I hope you have fun with the autonomous studying, most of mine don’t use it, and so I really like it when one does!

  7. Meredith makes me want to slap her each and every time. She is just so frustrating.

    How awesome is it for Charlie and Cara that they won the lottery when they really needed it. Good for them and their new house looks really cute.

    1. Haha Nikki, yes Meredith is slappable. She was just a pnpc before Ethan married her, and I think I’ll make her that again, but can’t until after the kids age up, since Ethan isn’t in any place to have custody. Luca and Colin have no space for Ethan, let alone the kids.

      I have a few households that could use the lottery well, and these two were at the top! I didn’t think they wanted to continue sharing their room with Jake, nor did I think teen Rachael would want to share with Lulu and Jake! Just no space.

  8. Winning the lotto came at a prefect time fore them. Now, there is enough room for little Jake to have his own space. I know it must have been frustrating for Charlie and Cara with Jake in their room.

    I love their new little house. It looks so quaint, just like a family home. And the pictures of the kids playing are too cute. I love the one with Scarlett skipping down the street. The lighting makes me what to install the lighting mod.

    1. Thanks Monique, most definitely add the lighting mod! I love how pretty it all is. The lighting in the fall, and how it changes during the day. It could be a really nice day, and then it’s a little hazy (like my school update, the first picture with all the students), it got like that suddenly, like some clouds moved in!) Love that! You install it, and you will wonder how you ever played without it!

      Charlie and Cara were lucky that they worked opposite shifts, so they didn’t get a lot of alone time anyway, Cara and Jake were the only ones sleeping in there most of the night, and Charlie didnt’ come home until something like 2? I can’t remember his old schedule. Now with everyone in school, and beds, and first shift, it will be very nice to get their nooky time in the bedroom, without worrying about a toddler.

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