Longfellow Elementary

wheels on the bus

mid-november 2016
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Principal: Lucy London, Lower-Level Teacher: Miriam Dennis
Student Enrollment

narrated by Lucy

We are about to pass the torch of our large Grade 5 kids over to Bekah at the High School. These seven students are going to become the majority of the students in the building, and she has no idea what she’s in for. She thinks I’m a saint for being able to do these lower levels, and I feel the same for her with the hormone driven high schoolers.

I will miss a few of the students though, and I know I’ll be checking in on them through Bekah to see how they are adjusting. Lewis and Rachael are two of those students.

As much as I enjoy Caitlyn and her brother Aidan, I won’t miss their family turmoil. It’s hard for me to disconnect and not bring this baggage home. They get dropped off late to school regularly this year, and it’s a hard situation.

I don’t want to punish an innocent child, but Caitlyn’s been sassy when I ask about her tardiness. It’s not her fault if her parents can’t get her to the bus on time, and I’m not punishing her for that. I just want her to know there is an adult she can talk to.

It will be hard saying goodbye to these students, they don’t always stay in their seat, but they are good students. They work hard, and pass their grades, and don’t run in the halls.

Miriam has been doing better since the birth of her twins, I don’t think that Asher and Shira are the reason for this change though.

I sent letters home with all the lower level students that we needed a parent volunteer for the year, and only had one response. Leah Millett was the only one that was available, thankfully she signed up for the whole year. Hazel McCarthy said she’d be game once her youngest Roman starts kindergarten, but that won’t be for a few more years.

It’s Leah that I give credit to when it comes to Miriam doing better with her students.

She’s able to divide her attention with the students that are struggling with learning their basics. It’s mostly kindergartener Bea and preschooler Lily that are requiring more teaching.

I also benefit from Leah’s presence, she’s another adult to help wrangle these students together during recess. The big kids know the rules, and while aren’t perfect, it’s more difficult with the littlest bunch. They are more impulsive, and lack the control that the big kids have. Alex Welsh and Ella Carver are two that butt heads.

To be fair, Ella isn’t starting any strife, I’m finding Alex is a very difficult child for anyone to get along with. I’m not sure if it’s because he has a new baby sister, or if this is just his personality. I hope Ella doesn’t take it personal.

We haven’t had any fights since I nipped it in the bud with Linny.

Now it’s mostly playing with the kids, and being sympathetic when they hurt themselves going down the slide.

Scarlett has become much more chatty with the news that her parents are going to be adopting. She’s very excited to have a new little brother or sister, though they don’t have a prospective baby at this point in the game. So she usually wants Miriam or Leah to push her, and just be there to listen to her prattle on and on.

I’m quite excited to have my best friend, Bekah’s daughter Willa in my grade next year, she’s such a kind girl, and very sweet with her little cousin Lulu.

The worst part of the day lately has been lunch hour. I’ve allowed Miriam to lead the lower level students into cafeteria first, the preschoolers seemed to get overwhelmed with all the other students in the line first.

That doesn’t change the fact that we are over populated with students for our cafeteria though. Riley Gray got sick, and I had to call her Mom, Barbara in to pick her up, and I was actually a little glad.

It meant that we didn’t have to cram so badly to have our lunch. After my fifth graders move on, the teachers will be allowed to sit with the students again.

I just worry that Riley might have got other students sick with her cold too, that or Julius was wanting to skip out and go home too. It’s hard to tell with Julius. Ether way I wasn’t impressed that Linny kept laughing at him, made it hard to tell if he was coughing as a joke, or if she was being mean again.

Ella seems persistent in lunch to make a friendship with Alex, it’d be best for Alex if he’d make a friend, and I know Ella could use one too. Although Ella has been playing with Lily, and it doesn’t require anywhere near the amount of effort as Alex does.

After school, Miriam has been giving violin lessons to Lewis for a few years now, he’s doing quite well with it. Unfortunately we have no other students interested in taking music, and he’s leaving us this year. I have an inkling that Bea may want to test it out when she’s a little older, there is music in her house with Jude, and she already has an ear for it.

No doubt, next year will bring many changes, and as much as I look forward to sitting down for lunch hour, I’m really going to miss some of these kids.

Ack, this took ages to get up. I’ll be on vacation next week, but I have Winter Birthdays going up Monday with Lewis, Caitlyn and Aidan aging to teen.

I’ve wanted to use the “Playground Monitor” from the Education field to basically be parents that help out at the school. And with Danielle’s link to the Job Stopinator, I now can do that. I want it for stay at home moms or moms that own businesses, like Hazel.

There are so many students that I couldn’t possibly give them all a cameo. It will be much more manageable next update, they only gain Jake Grimsley, and while the high-school is only losing Meg and Peter, my high-school is significantly lacking in students, so it should be all good.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “wheels on the bus”

  1. So many students! It is definitely hard to touch on everyone when you have so many kids. I think it’s cute that Ella is still trying to be friends with Alex despite his bad attitude lol. My heart breaks for Caitlyn and Aidan though :/

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I thought it was pretty cute with Ella. She gets along with Lily just fine, but she kept sitting by Alex, and trying to talk and play with him, and he’s just a little finicky kid! Which I love too of course, cause he’s not just a run of the mill boy. I’m worried for Caitlyn and Aidan in their tweens now myself, I’m not sure how their story is going to go.

  2. You have a lot of students and did an amazing job at telling their stories, it seemed just like a regular day at school with sick sims, late students and a little bit of trouble and some learning thrown in as well.

    ~Apple Valley

    1. Thanks starr, I was actually a little happy when Riley got sick, cause I was two chairs short for the kids! So sending them home, meant that all the other students at least could sit and eat. I’m not adding on to the building, I just did that, and it wouldn’t be realistic to keep adding to the cafeteria.

  3. “She thinks I’m a saint for being able to do these lower levels, and I feel the same for her with the hormone driven high schoolers.”

    I always have this same conversation with my high school teacher friend!

    Poor Caitlyn and Aidan. Their home life has never been very stable but with the divorce, it must be even worse right now. No wonder Caitlyn talks back – she hasn’t got much of an example.

    You always have the best school ideas. I love Leah volunteering at the school. Not a day goes by where I don’t have a parent in the room, so you’d think I would have thought of it as well!

    That picture of Bea writing is so adorable. I love her more and more every time I see her.

    1. That’s funny Carla that you have that conversation, it seems like a completely normal thing to discuss too with teachers of different grades. I worry about Caitlyn, she’s always been rather quiet and shy, but she’s kind of rude now. Which I haven’t really seen in her before, I imagine her aspiration is really low with the divorce though.

      Thanks on the volunteer idea! I’ll totally swap you the firehouse visit with the volunteering parent idea. 🙂 Together we make our schools kick butt!

      Bea is too cute, I agree! She’s my favorite child sim ever I do declare.

  4. Just caught up with your blog, and I really love it.:) Although, I have to admit I was a little sad when I realized I couldn’t keep on reading. I guess I’m just gonna have to be patient, and wait for you to update..:/

    I’ve always loved school updates. The kids are all so cute. I think Bea and Lily though.

    Great idea! Whenever I see those kind of things I say: Now, why couldn’t I have thought of that?!

    Please come and check out my blog: http://www.rockycove.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks coolkat, Bea and Lily are two cuties I agree. I’m constantly seeing ideas on blogs and thinking, Oohh good idea! It’s one thing I really love about the community, it’s always adding new elements to the game to keep it interesting. Updates will be a little slow, doing the vacation gig for 10 days with no simming, so after the birthday post on Monday, I don’t have anything else ready.

      Thanks for stopping by, I’ll check out your blog too!

  5. Whew, that’s a lot of kids. Great for the lower school that they’ll be leaving soon but that might just spell out trouble for the upper school when they age up. I want to see what happens with Caitlyn and Aiden when they get older. I’d like to think that it will get better but they’re about to be hormonal little things.

    1. It is a lot of kids! I still have other kids in the hood that I don’t play at all (they are my daughters), in the past I include them in the school to help fill it, but I don’t need any help with that anymore! I hope that Caitlyn and Aidan find good ways to express themselves as teens too, and don’t get into trouble. Things went all downhill with their older brother Colin when he was a teen, here’s hoping it doesn’t happen with these two, cause Colin literally hates his father.

      Thanks Choco!

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