winter birthdays 2016

Snuggling in their house as winter sets in Grace and Benjamin play with their six month old daughter, Ainsley, as they wait for the birth of their second child due in June.

They haven’t quite figured out how to do the sleeping arrangements, as the third bedroom is on the main floor. Grace feels it’s cruel to put Ainsley down there, especially since they decorated her room for her, but neither want the new baby on the main floor alone ether. They hope they can figure out it all out before the new baby arrives in six more months.

* * *

Lewis Huffman celebrates his eleventh birthday, and the ability to sign the papers to have his last name legally changed. He is changing his last name to Traver, to match his father, Zeke and the rest of his family.

His admiration for Super Heroes has given him the desire to fight crime someday, but with a badge instead of a cape. (And marry a Millett to give me millions of red haired babies…no, not really, well if they want to..)

Caitlyn and Aidan are joining their cousin Lewis in the sixth grade this fall, if Lewis’ name change didn’t peg them all as family, surely their noses would.

They are both still living with their mother, Meredith, but Caitlyn is hopeful that her Dad, Ethan will finally get his own place, like he promised so she can live with him.

In the mean time, she’s planning to make some new friends in High School, and eventually get that puppy she’s desperately wanted.

While her twin brother, Aidan doesn’t worry about too many things. It doesn’t matter to him where he lays down for bed at night, let alone what kind of career he’ll have someday. Sure, someday he thinks it might be nice to have a family, but he’s not thinking about any of that at the moment.

Lewis is: knowledge, LTW Chief of Police, and favorite color ala Apple Valley is orange. (Probably won’t always say favorite colors, but I am today since I just started doing it AV style for the newer sims that I haven’t already given colors to.) Chief of Police is fitting for him too, with his Fitness Hobby, and Crime Interest.

Caitlyn is: popularity, LTW 20 BFF, and favorite color is white. I put in the hack to halve that, but it doesn’t work for me… ??

Aidan is: fortune, LTW 6 Grandkids, and favorite color is black. Thought it was ironic that his twin sister rolled white, a little ying-yang thing.

The Travers have that same nose, Delaney used to have it as well before her ROS nose change, apparently no escaping it. It looks like a duck’s footprint. Zeke does not have the nose, so Lewis gets it from his Great Grandpa Peter.

As for Lewis name change, back in the day Simpe didn’t work for me, so I couldn’t change his last name. Now I can, but there are laws where I live with changing a child’s name past the first year. I know, I went through it when I changed my youngest’s name. So I made him wait until his teen years. Real reason for the change, I don’t want some random Huffman carrying on his genes through that last name. Why introduce a new name when I don’t have to.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2016

  1. I like how you did the name change as well. It’s always been so weird to me that the game gives the kid the mother’s last name when in reality, most of the time kids born to unwed parents get the father’s name (if he’s not being a douche at the time of the birth lol). I like that they all have the “Traver Nose”, it always makes me smile to see genetics pass down through a family.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I wish the game gave you a choice when they’re unwed. Zeke and Brynn had been married, but it crashed and next te I played she delivered and I forgot to redo the marriage.

      The Traver nose is definetky noticeable, curious if Vivienne or Cicely get it, I feel like Cicely will, she reminds me more of Lewis’ nose at that age.

  2. Oooh, I forgot Grace was pregnant! I’m excited all over again now, lol.

    I’ve been thinking of Lewis as a Traver all this time anyway! I like how you wrote it in to the story though. 🙂

    Aidan looks so much like Colin and Luca! I think Caitlyn probably does too (except different eyes) but the features look different on a girl. Those poor kids. I hope they can find a living arrangement they’re happy with.

    I love that Aidan rolled Fortune. Maybe he’ll be the polar opposite of his dad!

    1. Yes, Grace has gone and gotten herself “Irish” twins, this will be the last unless there’s a surprise down the road. Sort of hoping not, I can use a few families with only two.

      Aidan looks tons like Colin!! Very different personalities though. Luca and Caitlyn remind me of one another, I think they have a bit mire of Meredith in them. Though I can’t place what.

      I’m excited to see what Aidan does with his fortune aspiration as well. He’s a sport fanatic, so I think he’d be keen to try some sports out, will have to see if he’s a spectator sport fan or an avid player.

  3. It’s always exciting with transitions into teen. That’s when it’s really starting to show who you’ll become, I think. 🙂

    Huh, shows what cultural differences will do to your ideas of what goes on the game – in my country a child will always get the mother’s name if the parents aren’t married or decide otherwise. I’ve never thought about the different last name thing in the game before. (Of course, my husband and I have different last names as well although he’ll take my name if we have kids, or so he says. 🙂 )

    1. Thanks River, that is interesting that the wife keeps the name and kids tend to get the Mom’s name. It’s not like that at all in the US. I have a friend who gave her kids double last names, and skipped middle names, so they could easily just put it there if they wanted when they grew up.

      It is interesting how last names are handled in other countries, I confess I know very little about it out side of my own country.

  4. Looking forward to the new babies. And happy birthday to all your new teens!:)
    I like how you changed Lewis’ name. Does he have to pay a fee?
    Great update!:)

    1. Thanks coolkat, I’m looking forward to Grace’s baby too. I don’t care too much if her last name continues since this is the first set to even have it, but it might be kind of neat to have a “Mr. Andersen” in my game, outside of Benjamin, cause of course he already is. I still think two girls would be the most sweet though.

      I didn’t have Lewis pay a fee, it’s something that I do when I do taxes, so it’s noted in his Dad’s tax file when it comes around, and will come out of his deduction. I don’t necessarily load a sims home lot to age them up, so that’s why I do it this way.

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