Lot Tour: Gamer Career Lot

I posted this at N99, but I really hate that my blog is just sitting here neglected, one day shy of a whole month! Gah, moving really sucks the life out of a blog, eh?

So this is a blatant copy and paste:


I’m supposed to be packing, and doing nothing more, but I confess that I became rather obsessed with my gamer career lot, and finishing it. Now my husband has already moved down, so that leaves me alone at night, and no one to talk out loud to but my cats, and my sims. So I’ve enlisted Marshal Krouse, a pnpc (he usually house sits for me when I build a house, to test functionality) to give a tour. He’s obliged, only because my social is so low. It’d embarrass him to see me cry, he’s rather shy.

Now see he’s a little sleepy, and running late. He thinks, hey I’m a gamer, why do I need to be at the office at 8 am…

Giving him some privacy to shower, we hop over to his office. See it’s a new gaming corporation, and they are in the process of releasing their first game… Ooh the nerves and excitement! So they rent the office and share it with the recording studio. This comes in handy when they have to record the voices of the characters.

The far entrance is for “Slayground” business only, unlike the Recording Studio that has it’s clientele use the main aka generic entrance. This makes Marshal feel special.

He’s a little embarrassed I’m snapping another picture of him, he’s just rather cute though, and I can’t help myself.

Slayground’s office entrance, even a place to sit if you find yourself here, and no one to serve you, awfully likely as there is no receptionist yet.

The poster on the back wall is their main character for the game soon to be released… Apocalypse. He’s pretty excited about this very non-generic video game name, when I asked if it was similar at all to Gears of War or Halo, he turned rather red and upset. I don’t know why, Gears is a good game. *shrug*

The testing room is all prepared, Apocalypse will be releasing for both PC and Xbox 360, this means a lot more effort goes into the game, he’s heard of awfuly buggy games released from EA, and he plans to trump them. Sure, Marshal, good luck with that bugless video game release.. but hey, he can dream right?

And hey, old pizza, I won’t even tell you how long that’s been sitting on the counter! Now the gamers probably won’t mind, they wanna play, they can eat when they get home!

Outside of the small Slayground entrance is the main entry way and waiting space for those that are here for non-gamer events.

The staircase, this took the designer (who is very loveable, or so Marshal says.) a very long time! Building staircases without coffee = more error than necessary. But hey, Marshal was kind enough to test that they can hold the weight of a sim, and lo, he didn’t fall through them!

Before going up though, we should check out the bathrooms, well one is really all we need to peek in. Let’s do the ladies, cause it’s a known fact that girls are cleaner than boys. Except for Marshal of course, he’s a perfect gentleman, and quite neat. He’d really rather we didn’t discuss his bathroom habits though, so moving along.

Now that was really.. interesting. Sure! But I am excited to have some sort of bathroom scandal, let’s hope someone delivers. That’s why I made it an actual room! My bathrooms are usually closets.

Upstairs you will find the Recording Studio, and more importantly, Slayground’s Headquarters, this is where the magic happens.

Marshal is up here, and wondering why I make him wear an employee pass with an arched door entrance. I told him it makes him feel important, and he grinned sheepishly, and got back to work. (Shamelessly stole idea from Carla.)

There’s only two employees currently, and this is where their meetings are held. They have two posters of their video game, and are pretty geeked that I put in effort to surf Deviant for some masterfully created Apocalypse type art. And even created a logo all by myself, just for him. It’d be cruel to say I did this for Erin, another pnpc… wouldn’t it? It’d be like having a favorite step child that barely gets attention as it is.

The large poster, this is the setting of the world. I explained the premise of this story to my own son, and he was anxious if I would actually create it… um no, Mommy isn’t wicked smart, video game techie, sorry! Now play your Lego Jonsey while Mommy talks to her sims again.

The office corner, there’s three desks, the other coworker went missing, and never came back. I really think Marshal forgot who his second hire was supposed to be… hmmm who was it?!

When designing the office, Marshal’s biggest request was FUN, and not pink, but really, when have I ever decorated an office in pink?

Even Erin has kept the pink to a bare minimum, she rather enjoys purple instead.

The arcade, and some files for that important stuff they have to save for taxes and what-have-you.

That’s all for Slayground, moving to the opposite side of the building, we find the recording studio. Marshal is a little put out that I didn’t get a picture of the comic book covers, they are vintage, and he’s rather proud to have these on display. My apologies!

This is where Jude will get to record his albums, so we can actually believe he does music. And any voice actors for the gaming industry, or cartoons, can use this room as well.

I used the shiny floor, cause it’s been in game for years, literal years people! And I’ve *never* used it. Sure I’ve put it down, then immediately put it away, and I forced myself to use it or lose it. So it’s shiny in here, purty floor.

And that’s all there is to this lot. It has an empty space below the recording studio, available for lease, but so far no bidders.

Thanks for looking!! 😀 I have already taken the pictures here for Luca & Cole’s update (which isn’t until after the Siew household), but I had it loaded, and really, really wanted to play it. Now I need to make grown up calls, like hey, give us electricity, and well, water might be good too. My husband will be here tomorrow, and I need to do a mad dash to get back on schedule, seeing as I invested too much time into building this, shhh!

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14 thoughts on “Lot Tour: Gamer Career Lot

  1. OMG I love this! It’s a very well constructed lot. And I loved shy Marshal as well :). Building lots for some of my careers has been on my to do list for a very long time lol. Hopefully seeing this and some others will kick my butt into gear. Love the recording studio as well!

  2. Oh and I forgot to add that I love all the game pictures you created, they look amazing. I surf deviant art all the time for pics for my Kayla Coners to paint for her studio.

  3. I came to look at your amazing lot here as well, because I couldn’t resist another peek! It’s seriously so awesome. I’m loading the game today to do that decorating challenge at N99, so maybe I’ll do some building as well. You’ve inspired me!

  4. Wow! This is beautiful! I hate building and decorating, and I pretty much suck at any type of design. Plus, Im much too lazy and self critical. Is that enough excuses to get you to consider putting it up for download!? Pleeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeee???

    1. We were posting at the same time, I’m glad you like it, but it’s got a load of cc in it, I wouldn’t even know where to begin checking for it, and with moving, I just wouldn’t have the time, sorry.

  5. Thank you everyone!!

    Jennifer, I’d love to have all the career lots, I really have to be in the mood for it to even begin to think of starting one though. They are the type of lots I want to have in my game, but some of them are more work than I wanna invest. Thanks about the posters for the game, I had a heck of a time with the items that aren’t from the game, like the leaning promo poster, I ended up just copying over one of the originals in the end, cause I knew it’d work and I was sick of trying! Same for the badge. No matter how I tried to clone them, I wasn’t getting them to show in the game.

    Rosa, I agree, Marshal is pretty adorable! I’d like to have him marry a playable, but so far he has his own ideas.

    Carla, aww I’m so excited to inspire! I get inspired by you all the time, it’s nice to give some of that mojo back! Looking forward to seeing your decorating challenge, I’m assuming it’s the one room one in the new forum. I’m a bit behind the times, looking forward to unpacking, and getting back into a schedule and participating at N99 again.

  6. Great lot. You added a lot of little touches that make it really come together. I adore the look of your neighborhood as well, it’s so well mapped out. Very nice looking sim too! Thanks for sharing your lot tour!

  7. This lot is amazing, Maisie. I want to work there. The PCs and Xboxs are too much.I love the studio too. Ugh, your creative decorating skills make me just a tad jealous.

  8. Thank you everyone! Choco, worry not, I have those that have mad skillz that make me a bit green. Savannah, I actually think I might have downloaded him myself sometime ago, so it wouldn’t be right to set up him for download again.

  9. It’s okay Maisie! As soon as I posted that comment, I thought to myself: wait- maybe I do want to build! I tried to delete the comment, but it wouldn’t let me, so I just left it there. Thank you for giving me the kick in the butt I needed! 🙂

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